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  1. Anyone in this general area looking to tribe-up? York, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Gettysburg...
  2. Thanks! I am skimming them now...
  3. Welcome friend!!! I'm pretty new to this forum as well, and Have found the information to be extremely valuable!
  4. Has anyone ever dabbled in Aeroponics? I saw some interesting stuff on YouTube about growing potatoes via this method, and the only real downside I could see (besides the setup, which for some of us who love a challenge is a benefit) would be the misters/sprayers clogging up with solids/debris...
  5. I've used the U siphon on a smaller basement system I had, and it was flawless. I was actually kind of expecting some tinkering to be needed to get it to engage and break, but, to my surprise, within 3 cycles, I had the perfect flow... The only downside I found, was that it took up more space in the grow bed than a traditional Bell would, but was mucking around with the idea of using an external box for it...
  6. Hi all - I was curious what method you use to dispatch your fish, when the time comes. I have been reading on the iki Jime (probably spelled wrong) method. Or, the simple 'brain spike.' That seems to me more humane than just wanging them on the head... Thanks in advance.
  7. Maybe I should have rephrased that... To say that I may not be able to afford the cost of shipping a small quantity to PA...
  8. I don't think they would ship or deliver to me on the East Coast (US)... But, those trout eggs... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  9. I was/am also dubious of that claim, but, from my experiences, they did produce pretty well, with minimal input... We were hoping to grow them to a size big enough to eat... but the system at that time wasn't large enough...
  10. Has anyone tried having these little cloners in their systems? We ran a few of them in our indoor system a while back, and they seemed to really thrive. And when they had their offspring, the fish had a bonanza of free food...
  11. We haven't decided on what fish, yet. Had a smaller proof of concept in the basement for about a year with just pet store goldfish for a while, before finding a local source of hybrid striped bass (whom is not out of business, dammit) and no supplemental heat. Worked OK, but, we are looking at a much larger, more commercial-ish system... and are still doing our due diligence... #cheers!
  12. These are the exact same ones we use in the horse troughs...
  13. What are the best heaters for an unheated hoop-house style greenhouse? I am referring to water heaters, not air/space heaters. I was hoping to heat the tank, and have that act as a thermal mass... Thanks!
  14. I was thinking of putting it under, as well. But, the tank is full at present, and I think it has a somewhat 'waffled' underbelly...
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