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  1. Hi 2 weeks ago I noticed our 11 month old Samsung Microwave oven had rather large cracks and a big hole in the roof lining. First thought was "this can not be good". Rang the retailer we bought it from, was told to take it to the approved repairer, who promptly agreed it definately could not be fixed, and sent a report to Samsung stating just that. Today, 2 weeks later, and after numerous phone calls, here I am, waiting for a "case manager" to call me back and let me know how they plan to honour the 2 yr warranty. Just a heads up for everyone who has a microwave oven with anything other th
  2. Hi Paul Just love the name "My Fish Farm" Jan
  3. Hi Anthony Nasty, nasty way ( not to mention inhumane) way for animals to die. Watched this little gem one night last week on the 7.30 report. And it is happening in this country. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2012-06-19/disturbing-footage-prompts-calls-for-duck-farming/4080436?section=business When the heck are we ever going to learn that we do not have to farm animals in a cruel way just to feed the general public. Problem with Pepes ducks is that they advertise their ducks are "raised as nature intended" not likely! Pay close attention to the contract farmer who only supplies water via nip
  4. Hi Paul To paraphrase our 2 little boys "you're most welcome" Jan
  5. Hey Paul Great idea, no more big outlays for us. Best of luck, hope you sell heaps. Jan
  6. Hi This morning the last of our ducks ( except 5 waiting to be picked up) and our 7 aged layers went off to become soup or stir fry, the last of the quail have gone as well. I find it very difficult to part with animals I have tended on a daily basis for years. The girls had stopped laying quite a few weeks ago now, and if they hadn't gone with the man today, we would have had to put the plucking machine into action ourselves very soon. Oh well, onward and upward, we are approx 6 weeks from pushing the earthworks here to completion ( thats if it ever stops raining long enough) and Gary has
  7. Hi Reg Can I please come and live at your house? Gary cooks a really good omelete ( not often enough I might add) makes great fried rice and stirfry, but I would love to live in a house where someone else is the enthusiastic amateur. If you won't have me, maybe Shane can adopt me!!! ( no more old work boot recipes Shane) Jan
  8. We have grown beetroot and carrots in our systems in clay pebbles.They are quite expensive and are sold under various names such as hydroton/ canna. EG has come up with a really unique way to integrate other growing media in his systems. (lot to learn from him) Another way to go about growing root crops is to build yourself a wicking bed or 2 and use your fish water to water them. We have 2 round wicking beds, 2 round raised dirt beds and various other ways of growing plants including an NFT (hydro) system. Not everything is suited to a single way of growing. Do what works best for you. G
  9. Hey guys Has it occured to anyone else that this thread about Shane,s old worn out boots has had 250+ views? Are we a desperate lot or not?LOL:biggrin:
  10. Hi Anthony You are truly an unwell unit, had me right up to the meal at the end. Jan
  11. Shane Please when you save up, send me $17, there is a really good workwear supplier just up the road from here and they sell CAT work socks in a 5 pack. You are beginning to sound a little Oliver Twist- ish. If it wasn't for the expensive new Blundstones even I would feel sorry for you.LOL Jan
  12. Hi Shane Much easier way to stretch new shoes/boots is to fill a work sock with rice you have soaked in water for for about 15mins, shove it into the boot leave for 24 hrs. The rice will expand and stretch the leather. Of course if you still have a little of the young lad in you, there is nothing that will give you more hours of fun than squelching aound in wet boots making rude noises. My 3 yr old grandson thinks walking around in wet boots is hilarious."Look grandma I make f..t noises" Jan
  13. Hi For Hallam to deny he physically threatened Paul is a blatant lie. I heard it all on speaker phone first hand. Paul said he would get his brothers to look after his family while he was away. He definately spoke about knocking on Pauls front door, said he knew where he lived, and he was not trying to be friendly, he was absolutely screaming into the phone about people trying to ruin his business, and how it wasn't working because he had a container load of components ready to go to the US, 160 raft beds ready for dispatch to the Northern Territory, another 30 raft beds ready to go to a rea
  14. Hi Shane Geez Louise, talk about getting your moneys worth out of a pair of boots. Looks like you literally wore the bum right out of them. Jan To use an old Aussie saying, the "aren't feet, they are yards"
  15. Hi Can someone please explain the anomalies in the advertising Mr Hallam is doing for his upcoming super duper course at Greenbank. First a direct lift from his sales page reads: Aquaponics for Profit . The Complete Course This training event will carry world first training information, the very latest in commercial Aquaponics knowledge. Are you ready to join the farming revolution?. Press the "Buy Now" button to part with a few measly dollars and it comes up with this: Aquaponics FloMedia - 4 Day Farm Workshop - Brisbane - Please reserve my place at the Practical Aquaponics FloMedi
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