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    I am new to gardening in general and am hungry for knowledge. My current garden has fed me a few times and want that to become regular so I am expanding.
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    Sustainable food system

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  1. I made a pump screen out of the fine mesh material that is used to make window screens for your home. It works fine keeping fish out of my pump.
  2. Martz! I am new here as well! There are many intelligent individuals here well versed in well, just about anything that I can think of relating to aquaponics. don't have a system together as of yet but I am slowly accumulating things to put one together. I live in Louisiana where you can grow just about anything so my garden is flourishing and I am very excited about adding some meat to the mix. Chuck
  3. I have uploaded a couple of images of what I was thinking about building. The wind would turn the shaft that powers the compressor which in turn would build pressure in the tank. The air pressure in the tank would be released, as slowly as possible but with enough volume to supply the fish with adequate oxygen, via a pressure relief valve. Not sure how much wind be required to keep the tank filled with enough positive pressure to keep the system working but when I build it, I will make sure to post updates and pictures.
  4. I have put a lot of thought into this over the last week or so and will have a prototype built, hopefully, in the not too distant future. I am planning on using wind power to turn a compressor to fill an air tank. Then properly regulated I should have a decent amount of compressed air. On the not so windy days I will use solar power. I am a big dreamer and tinkerer....
  5. I certainly feel welcome and I have already learned a lot. There are some truly inspiring people here.
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    I am a mechanical designer by trade so in my spare time I model and design things that I would like to build.
  7. baldchuck7


    Early stages of my food production.
  8. I didn't realize there were that many varieties of figs... How happy would figs be in south Louisiana?
  9. Would you happen to be related to or know a Lynn Fritz? He lives pretty close to Denver...
  10. Hello everyone! I was introduced to this site, last night, by a very knowledgeable guy that has supplied me with an extremely generous amount of items to help me get started with my aquaponics setup. I am looking forward to meeting like minded individuals that want to keep their families fed and safe with this crazy increase in food prices. I hope you all are healthy safe and warm and I am excited about getting to know a bunch of new people....
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