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  1. Yes, still available. If you want them alive, need to figure out how to capture them safely as they are in an in-ground swimming pool.
  2. We have to move soon. I have many Silver Perch which I have grown over the past few years. First batch in 2008 and second batch in 2010. Also Tandanus catfish in 2010. I do not know how many of these I have. I also have 6 very large Gold fish. Video taken Nov, 2012: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RD4pvaDwnQQ Happy to entertain some offers to buy these from me. I live in the Templestowe area in Victoria.
  3. Hi! Tobacco leaves from my next door neighbour. It was from a wild plant. These silvers have had all sorts of "food" in the past. During the past few summers, they seem to love eating peaches the most. They will also eat carrots (the end bits which my wife cut off from cooking), and most leafy vegetables. Not sure why they would not eat apples. Interesting that they seem to eat the fruits and vegetable during warmer months and will not touch them during winter months although they eat some pellets all year round. Happy to say that the silvers are eating again. We went away for a week and no feeding for the week while we were away. I have had the silvers for more than 5 years now (the 1st batch, from AquaBlueSeafoods.com.au). I introduced the 2nd batch almost 2 years ago (from Glenwaters Native Fish, VIC). Of the 2 suppliers, the fingerlings from Glenwaters are much better in quality (consistent in size as advertised). I am guessing that the larger silvers are around 35cms. The smaller ones are probably around 18cms. I know it is time to eat them. Need to buy myself a fishing rod. The silvers eat throughout winter, although not as much as during warmer months. That is why I was surprised when they stopped eating totally for around 3 weeks. During winter months, I feed them with approx. 5 - 10 handfuls of pellets (basically, as much as they would eat within 10 minutes). In summer months, I go though a 20-kg bag of pellets every 3-4 weeks (again, whatever they eat within 10 mins). I usually feed them once a day in the morning. I also have some Tandanus catfish. Quite a few died over the winter and currently, most of them look "sick" even though their appetite seem to be good. They have small white spots all over the body. The ones that died over winter suffered from white muscous-like fungus. They die quite quickly once they get the mucousy fungus. I have noticed these white spots for many weeks already. Only lost 1 catfish so far. They may have come from the trouts I introduced 3 months ago. Strangely, other fish do not seem to have these white spots (I also have some gold fish in the pool). Video of my trout, you can see the silvers in the background: You can also see my other videos including one 3 years ago when I had some trouts, with one that I finally ate when it was approx 58cms! (YouTube Wey2Go Channel) My setup is not an Aquaponics setup as I do not have any grow beds. These fish are in my back yard swimming pool. Approx 30,000 litres. I have a tank approx 400litres growing some plants in it with water being pumped through it all the time. Also running 2 other biological filters with a 72-watt UV in one of the filters. I had some water lilies but plants do not survive in the pool anymore. The silvers tear through them within minutes. I have also tested running protein-skimmers with some success. Under the right conditions, I have successfully skimmed 3 - 4 litres of thick yucky skimmate per day. Interesting to note that most effective time of the day for skimmers is during the change of temperature (early morning and early evening). Not sure why. Even the manufacturer of the skimmer was surprised to hear that I managed to skim anything from a "fresh" water pool. My pool water is not totally fresh as I top-up with approx 20kgs (over a few weeks during winter time) every year. Regular water top-up is done when required due to evaporation loss and also from flushing the filters.
  4. Hi! I am not sure why my Silver Perch stopped feeding during the past few days. Water temperature is warming up. During midday, around 18 degrees C. They were feeding well over the past few weeks. Now, they tend to group at the sides of the pond, near the surface level. If I go near, they will go deep. I imagine that if oxygen level is low, they will gather near where the water splashes back into the pond. However, they seem to group closer to the water intake of the pump/filter. Only events I can think of over the past week are: - drowning of another blue-tongue lizard in the pond (anybody has any idea how to discourage these lizards from getting drowned?); - fed some silverbeet leaves and tobbaco leaves (my neighbour said they are tobacco but I am not familiar with it). They were all eaten (did not actually see them being eaten but all gone from the pond). Water is still clear and clean. Fish seem to be swimming well. Have not tested water. Other fish in the pond are Catfish (Tandanus), Gold Fish and Rainbow trout. Catfish still eating normally (they do not eat much compare to rainbow and silvers). Rainbow trout also eating a lot less. I am feeding them the Lucky Star 8mm floating feed purchased from Grobest. Any ideas appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  5. I also had snails problem until I introduced the native cat fish (Tandanus). Don't see them at all in the pond now. Only a few in the filter box.
  6. Talking about RDF and Sieve, it has crossed my mind that the Nexus from Evolution Aqua with "The Answer" is like a cross between a RDF and Sieve. Sure, the Nexus/Answer does not remove solids from the column of water as quickly as the RDF but cost to implement something like The Answer is a lot cheaper and simpler than a RDF. See: http://www.cascadekoi.com/Koi/EvolutionAquaAnswer.aspx
  7. At my parents' place, the bees decided to make a hive in the wall cavity (outer wall brick, inner wall plasterboard). Their entry/exit points are via the vent holes on the outer wall brick. Is there any way to "persuade" the bees to move away without totally killing all of them? If killing them is the only option, what is the best way of doing it since there is no way of reaching the hive without dismantling half the plasterboard wall. And I am only guessing that it could be reached that way.
  8. See: http://www.grist.org/article/2010-09-20-why-is-the-fda-about-to-rubber-stamp-ge-salmon http://www.aquabounty.com/products/products-295.aspx Quote taken from one of the articles: "But according to the most recent evidence, the Frankenfish could contain higher levels of the cancer causing promoting hormone IGF-1, require more anti biotic and higher levels of life threatening allergens."
  9. Black paint will lose more heat too. It will heat up fast if it is direct sun light and cools faster at night. I still think a great idea is to find a way to harvest waste flue heat from your home central heater. If you stand next to your gas central heater when it is going, you will feel lots of waste heat still being lost through flue gas. Cover to reduce evaporation is a great idea.
  10. Yes, everyone tell me that. I need to find out a way to fish or catch only the bigger ones and leave the smaller ones alone. Any idea? Use a certain size fish hooks? Also, wonder how large can I grow the Silvers in the pool?
  11. Fish still swimming in the swimming pool. Check out the latest video at: Video showing the Silver Perch eating flower petals from a nearby peach tree.
  12. As nice as the Nexus Eazy Pod is, I think we are still paying way too much in Australia for many items. I have contacted a seller in UK sometime ago, they quoted me delivery for a pallet to Australia from him at £150, approx. AUD$240. He is selling Nexus Eazy Pod for £349, approx. AUD$540. Total: AUD$780. I think you can put on at least 5 Eazy Pod in a pallet, so average cost is down to AUD$588 each. Add GST 10% AUD$58.80, Add Customs Clearance etc (I am only guessing here) of say 15% AUD$81.00 Total is now AUD$727.80. Add a 25% profit margin of AUD$181.95. Total Sale Price is only AUD$909.75, way below the sale price as mentioned, needless to say compare with regular price. Wonder if I can get enough order to pool an order from UK.
  13. Hi! I am in the eastern suburb of Melbourne. I am going to order some fish feed from www.grobest.com.au. If anybody is interested to pool some orders together, we can save the delivery cost together. Have a look at their website and let me know what you want. Minimum order for a pallet delivery is 10 bags of 20kgs feed. From memory, delivery for 10 bags is about the same as delivery for 4 bags from Grobest to Melbourne. I can have the pallet delivered to a business in Springvale where they have a fork lift to unload the pallet and then you can either pick up from Springvale or close to where I live in Templestowe/Doncaster East. I am putting in my order in about 6 weeks (end of Nov).
  14. The larger silvers are 3 years. Some smaller ones are 1 year olds. In my backyard swimming pool. Feeding approx. 1 kg of food daily during summer months (when air temperature above 24 degrees C). See:
  15. Bob, I have tried BioWish before. Did not test it systematically but have the impression that it improves my pond water condition. See: http://www.biowishtechnologies.com/
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