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    I am a 59 year old retired male that loves the outside. Living in S.E. Georgia is the perfect place to live.
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    7 Grandkids, Fishing, Gardening Flowers and Vegetables

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  1. Hi, The is my first post as I have just found the forum. I am hoping someone will give me some design ideas to get my Aquaponics System started in the right direction. Here is what I have: I have a 20 x 40 Cement Pond (aka Swimming Pool). It has had goldfish for the past 20 years or so. I do not filter or circulate the water and the goldfish have grown and also have raised 100's of baby goldfish so I have many different sizes. I plan on using the water for several different plant systems. Will I need more than one pump? How large of pump? And also pumps to pump the water back to cement pond. I hope I have given enough information for someone to guide me in the right direction so as not to have to be changing systems setup. Have a great day, Vic
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