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  1. Hi!

    someone mentioned that you are near the sacramento area and also performed some research on sand source. i am curious if you found a proper sand source? if you did would you point me to the source? That would help me alot since i have already checked several providers and they are no go. 

    thank you in advance!

  2. Hi Jeff, thanks for the nudge! I have a possible sand source but the build is currently on hold as I rip out the front lawn and plant plants in the ground If I don't get back to it after that's complete, it'll be on my to-do list for early 2017.
  3. Well, my truck access fell through. So I have the time (when I choose to make the 1.5 hour round trip) to go get some sand and test it out for myself. I was kind of hoping that a) it was a good gamble and b) I could therefore get sand before... October, which is the earliest I might be able to find a way to haul it. I would be hard pressed to use up that much sand if it didn't pan out though, so maybe this is for the best.
  4. Thanks Gary, I always appreciate your help. I doubt I've caught you before the end of your day but ... I have access to a truck (lessee, whaddya call 'em in Australia... ute?) but ONLY tomorrow. Here's the sand info I got from the place near me (45 min. drive): we have a product that we call a 8x16 the size range is 1.4mm-1.6mm. we have a lot in stock right now. we wash all our material very well. the SiO2 is at 90.27%. the Sodium Oxide is only .86%. Do I take my chances without having done a bucket test (hmmm, though I could try to head over there today and look at it) or do you recommend a test regardless of what the vendor says?
  5. At risk of making the experienced iAVsers re-hash the sand criteria yet again, I wonder if you might confirm for me which of the following is most accurate: From The Sand Selection Guide: Ideal: given: [Crystalline Quartz (with no salts, clays, carbonates or silt)], variable: Very Coarse (1-2mm in size) Less Ideal: given [Crystalline Quartz (with no salts, clays, carbonates or silt)], variable: Coarse (.5-1mm in size) vs. From Directory of Goods and Services: "...if I were to go to the effort of sifting my own biofilter sand, I think I’d pick the #25 mesh sieve size ... For extra fast drainage, consider the #20 mesh, but this will somewhat reduce total SSA. For ‘commercial’ quantities, any capable/responsible quarry will screen to specification." #20 mesh (<0.85 mm), medium course (sic) (as defined on that page) #25 mesh (<0.71 mm), medium course (sic) (as defined on that page) both of those options fall into the range of Coarse as defined in the Sand Selection Guide (and are less than ideal). why not recommend these sizes given that they correlate most closely with what is presented in the Sand Selection Guide?: #12 mesh (<1.7 mm) what remains is very course (sic) sand #14 mesh (<1.4 mm), what remains is course (sic) sand #16 mesh (<1.18 mm), course (sic) #18 mesh (<1.0 mm), course (sic) I am not anticipating screening my own sand BUT I've found a potential source who has asked what size I want. I'm inclined to say between 1-2mm as per the Sand Selection Guide. I don't want to get this wrong by following the smaller size outlined in the Directory of Goods and Services if in fact what I want is the coarser grain. A simple "Follow the Sand Selection Guide and ignore the Directory" will suffice (or vice versa if applicable). Thank you
  6. Aufin, thanks so much for these links. I've got a bite from SRI. They may have what I need!
  7. truly they must - I've only looked in my county and the one to the left and well, google didn't pull anything up that clearly said **try this in Sac!!**. Thanks for pointing out the obvious and giving me more terminology. I've been trying the landscape supply place end of things.
  8. Well, I've tried 4 places for ASTM-C33 Sand (aka Washed Builders' Sand, aka pure silica & no carbonates sand...) and nobody could help me. (ok, to be fair, I only asked for ASTM-C33 from 2 places, all four I asked for Washed Builders' Sand)... I guess this is old news (2014), that there's such a thing as peak sand (2016), but am I experiencing that or am I just not trying hard enough? In the end, I don't want to ship sand from god knows where, some massive number of miles just so I can grow "low impact" veggies. If I am going to return to my playground sand option - that did well on the tests I did correctly and then fizzled when I fizzled, should I re-test the old sand I still have (that's essentially washed) to determine pore space volume & conductivity? Or should I request a new sample? Make do with what I can find semi-locally? Or work harder to source the dang stuff from... somewhere...?
  9. An adhered-to policy that accepts and promotes civil discourse is within the rights of the owners of this forum. Censorship is something only governments can engage in, but a publisher or provider of a publishing medium can choose (ie. set whatever standards they want) to publish or not publish certain things. It's not censorship at that point (the forum owners are not making it impossible for you to say certain things, they're just setting limits to what they'll allow here. Go start your own if you want.). Having and adhering to terms of service that do not allow for flaming, baiting, or just generally being an ass and treating other members rudely would, in my opinion, improve the level of discussion here. I apologize for continuing the off-topic conversation in this thread, but really, sometimes the maturity level displayed here is mind bogglingly off-putting.
  10. ah, that's right! I'd forgotten I'd seen that spec - dang it all for not being in one place!!
  11. Struck out with another attempt to source sand - asked for "washed builders' sand" and sand with a high silica content, without carbonates... they didn't know what I wanted, doubted their "fine" or "coarse" sand was it. Their sand is sourced locally (so, sacramento valley, most likely making it crushed river rock). I've got some nicely sliced IBCs waiting for sand... now if I could only find the right thing. I may go back to more intensively looking at the playground sand (at least it didn't react with the vinegar, not sure if I can recreate the pore space test since I've already washed out whatever was clouding the water the first time around)
  12. sorry about your ankle - let it rest regardless of your notion of "ahead of" or "behind schedule" :-)
  13. We're having a week with highs in the 100s (just nearing 40 C) and lows in the 50s (mid teens C)... and it's only June! I hadn't thought about insulating the IBC tank and wonder if I should consider it (and then look for something that can slip between the plastic tank and the metal frame).
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