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  1. Science and engineering, combined, working on central themes - biodiversity, global warming, food security. Have a look at the ongoing excellent investigations at Jena Experiments in Leipzig University, Germany. Other agricultural universities are 40 to 100 years behind.
  2. We created this video today. Please give it a look and feedback. Appreciate it.
  3. Vijayakumar Narayanan is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Topic: IAS Light Farming Date: October 7, 2020. Time: 06:00 to 06:45 PM IST Join Zoom Meeting https://zoom.us/j/94634166396... Meeting ID: 946 3416 6396 Passcode: YouCanGrow You are welcome!
  4. Q: What is the best growing system/s? My one word answer: IAS. Also, please go over the video I have just posted now at my new thread. Questions welcome.
  5. Here is a short intro video we made recently for our audience. I hope this covers a bit more. FYI. Feedback and questions, most welcome.
  6. Ande, I am adding a video next hoping that would answer your question.
  7. There was a typo. IAS = Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) + Hydroponics + Organic Agriculture
  8. Q: How to feed 1000 people year round? Here is a typical Integrated Aquaponics System (IAS) project suitable for 200 families or to feed approx 1000 people year round. We have done similar projects. This vision would need a total build area of one to two acres. This is what we are currently working on.
  9. It does not really matter how you want to grow more food. Think beyond sand beds. Our children and grand children do not want greenhouse-gas emissions, poverty, and biodiversity loss. Let us do our bit whatever we can. Do something awesome! IAS = Aquaponics + Hydroponics + Organic Agriculture You can grow microgreens, greens, herbs, vegetables, fruits, fowls and small livestock using IAS methods.
  10. Dear friends, Greetings! I hope you are staying healthy. Long story short, so much has changed in what have been doing. IAVS has been substantially modified and improved. We call it IAS now, Integrated Aquaponics System! IAS - the art and science of growing more food organically, with much less water and energy. You can grow fish, microgreens, greens, herbs, vegetables, fruits, fowls and small livestock using IAS methods. Here is a very brief video for you to have a look. Based on your response, I will elaborate. Kind regards, vkn
  11. Each one of us will do things a bit differently than other people. Prevention is always better/easier than cure. In addition to what is discussed, quick changes in temperature during transfer could be another reason for these fish kills. I now suspect parasitic infection that spreads fast but I could be wrong. Stressed fish are more susceptible to parasites. Improper transportation and/or unhygienic handling at nursery may at times lead to 100% mortalities. For parasitic infections, there are several chemicals that are applied by aquaculturists by bath, such as salt, formalin, H2O2 and KMnO4. If possible, first see if you can get the fish tested at a lab.
  12. It’s all good advice above and it's all true in a fish-focused aquacultural systems. However, I wouldn't do salt bath during start-up phase for several important reasons nor I would suggest water changes while your system maturation. The secret is in the microbes. We are working with a living system that regulates by itself. Microbes evolve along with the plants they sustain/interact with, meaning they too benefit from chemical levels, pH, temperature and other conditions to keep its life going. I would have started with small fish numbers or much smaller healthy fish for starters. Your starter fish looks much bigger to me. What about your plants?
  13. Hi Tam, Fish kills are a tragedy.. seen similar fish deaths in many new systems. Do not necessarily mean it is due to SiO2.. it could be the weak and stressed ones dying out. What temperature are you at? Do you have more turbidity due to the Silica dust? If it is not a lot, once essential microbes are established, the fish deaths rarely happen. What have you done to jump start the nitrification process?
  14. The youth are the future of a food-secure world. Yet around the world, few young people see a future for themselves in agriculture or rural areas. Urban and rural youth face many hurdles in trying to earn a sustainable livelihood. Attracting and retaining youth in agriculture has been a key challenge for several decades. I can now confidently assert that aquaponics sand culture (iAVs) is a concrete solution to these issues by both rural and urban adoptions. I was with these young people now taking care of the TNJFU Aquaponics Research Complex, Madavaram, Chennai. They are into doing several things under the excellent direct leadership of the VC of TNJFU and the guidance of the Dean and Professors of Dr. MGR Fisheries College & Research Institute, Ponneri; adding the second batch of fish next week, new plants coming up nicely, battling some pest issues, and most importantly gathering so much data from their direct field experience. Data + Aquaponics - what a novel concept! Hope Mark would say WOW again..
  15. We are nearing the climax of papaya yield trials in aquaponics sand culture.. here is a picture for you.
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