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  1. Thanks Gary, I might get the residential unit & see how I go. The commercial unit has no lid or stand & might be a bit more of a pain to get up & running. I tipped about 25kg of food scraps in my open compost bin two days ago & today witnessed two mature BSF crawling around on the scraps. They seemed to be busy looking for somewhere to lay & I like the idea of the egg laying disc on the residential unit. If I can keep the mature BSF larvae for a week or two without any dramas, that would work for me to get numbers up for sale. Brian
  2. Hi Gary, I do have neighbours on both sides of me so i will have to take that into consideration. The commercial BioPod does not come with a lid or a stand so some DIY mods will be required. I am situated approximately half way between Ballina & Coffs Harbour, NSW, right on the coast & probably have similar temps as you. I guess I am a little concerned about asking shops to purchase larvae & finding out I cant keep up with what they want. Thats the primary reason I am looking at the bigger unit. In ideal conditions, what would you estimate your collection of larvae would be for a week in KG/ Gms, cups etc. roughly. I am looking at getting rid of 6kg a week & thats only the start really. If I get too many, I will simply seed my yard or keep quite a few in a rearing bucket for them to reach the fly stage. I really would like to boost the population around here, although I see a few wild ones occasionally hanging around. Brian
  3. Thanks for the info Gary. Due to having a limitless supply of fruit & vege scraps, in excess of 200 kg a week, if need be, I was toying with the idea of the bigger unit as a few people with the residential unit have noted crawl off can be a little poor at times. I am looking at selling quite a few larvae to some pet stores & could probably get rid of around 6kg of larvae weekly. Thats 60 x 100gm containers. The residential unit wouldnt give me those numbers or would it? I have a pretty good spot for the big unit & can get one cheaper than the residential unit, so need to think fast & make up my mind. Any additional thoughts. Brian
  4. Anybody know anybody that has a commercial sized BioPod? Brian
  5. Hi all, I am looking at getting a BioPod shortly & am after some advice regarding which unit to get. I can actually get myself a brand new 4 foot commercial BioPod for $250.00 + freight which is cheaper than the residential unit. I have access to a limitless supply of fruit & vege waste so can handle the required feeding rate for the the big boy. I only have 6 chooks & I may get too much of a good thing. I have also approached a few pet stores who sell reptiles & they are very interested in getting some 100g containers of BSF larvae from me. If anybody is using a commercial size unit for home use, can you please post some pics or contact me via PM as I am keen to know which way to go. regards, Brian
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