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    My name is Loc and recently moved to Glen Burnie MD. I've kept aquarium fishes for as long as I can remember. I would like to transform my fishes waste and produce a sustainable vegetable garden in my basement, at the same time cut down on the number of water change I have to do in order to enjoy my free time. I am currently in the researching phase and is oversea on a military deployment. I would like to reach out to any Aquaponics subject matter experts in the Baltimore or surrounding area to share ideas on what works locally.
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    raising aquarium fish, prawns, and asian vegies in my basement (aquaponics)

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    Baltimore, MD
  1. Thank you for the feedback. You guys are great!
  2. I just took the picture of these guys. I hope you can see them, they are very small and jump pretty good.
  3. Hi, I don't think it is root maggots. They look more like ticks and fleas but smaller. I didn't see any grub looking creators. I'll try to take a picture tonight. Thanks
  4. Hi, My aquaponics system was running for about eight months and it was doing great. Every seeds I planted in my media bed would sprout within days. Until about a month ago - I noticed there are some sort of mites or bugs living in my media bed. They would eat all of potatoes, seeds, and roots down to a nub. I put in ton of salt down but that doesn't seem to work. I have not been able to germinate any seeds since these bugs started to appear. I looked online but couldn't find any remedy - since I have no idea what these bugs are called. I have since moved all my fishes outside and sta
  5. I would rather have a greenhouse but a basement is more suited for all year growing in Baltimore...
  6. Hi Everyone, Thank you for the great info and discussion on this forum. With the info you guys posted, I was able to set up my system in Baltimore, MD. It has been running for about 3 months now and so far it is doing okay. I grew my leafy greens from seeds in my media bed about a month ago and then transferred them to my floating raft on 17 October when they were 1-2in tall. I took the pictures below last night and they are doing well. I have both adult and juvenile tilapias but because it is about 69F in my basement, they won't breed. In addition, I found out a few days ago that so
  7. Cecil, I saw the first link but not the second one. Thanks
  8. Hi, I just finished my AP system a month ago and have been buying tilapias from some of the folks on Baltimore's Craigslist. I have Blue Tilapia fingerlings and some larger tilapias from a different guy, which I think are Nile tilapias. I'm ordered some red tilapia fry from ebay. My AP system is in the basement and maintained a temperature of 70F since it got cold outside. I've been looking for comparative research or articles on different type of tilapias and what they look like but no joy. Just wondering if anyone on here has a link that describe each type of tilapias with picture
  9. Thanks for sharing. Great article! AP still seem like a better solution to me.
  10. So I've been changing my system around and finally bought 8 packs of the 3 foot zip grow towers because it was too expensive to find the medium to put inside all the towers. What I'm running into is lighting or lack of inexpensive lighting. I'm growing mostly green leafy and herbs so I've decided to use the T5 HO fluorescent light but it run at about $130 for a 4 foot 4 bulbs set and I need six. Does anyone know where I can order inexpensive lighting that will last? Thanks Loc
  11. Hi everyone, I've just created a kickstarter project to design an aquaponics app to help introduce and assist newbies with starting their own system. My intention is to have the AP app available for free after all the bugs are worked out and after I have paid my backers for their investments. Please take a look and give me your input of what you think the app should have, the good and the bad. All critiques are welcome. You can back the project if you like it. the starter seeds and tilapia frys can only be shipped within the lower 48 states. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1380044911
  12. Thank you for all the input - I really don't mind if this thread lead to something else - I am still a novice and would like to built a system that I don't have to make weekly upgrade.
  13. Thanks for the suggestion - not certain if I will use the horizontal PVC pipes as I like the idea of a grow bed, floating raft, and vertical towers but the overall price will have some determination on what I will be able to do. I've been gathering fish tanks, pumps, and researching the type of fishes and prawns I want. I'll start my drawing in the next few weeks. I know this is not part of the main topic but I've been looking for Australian red claws crayfish to substitute for the prawns but haven't been able to find them in the states. There are a couple sites that sell them but are always
  14. Hi All, Never thought about gutter downspouts... Thank you . Loc
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