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  1. What's up with unfiltered fish water going directly into the sump and them some of it going right back to the fish tank? I know this is supposed to be about vertical designs but if you're not going to have a filter in your system (?) why wouldn't you at least run the fish tank overflow directly into your growbed?
  2. I know what you mean. With the seperate plant loop you can go dumping any nutes you want, spray neem oil, etc... A part of me feels that unless you really love raising fish why not just make it hydro and save yourself some cash? For no logical reason I would still stay with AP just because I enjoy the design aspect of it and conversations like this thread but a part of me knows I'm just making life harder... You can also experiment with dosing using organic hydro stuff for your system if you ever want to boost potassium or something but it could end up getting costly.
  3. Yes you're missing the point, it was a lighthearted comment. But to expand on your comment that anaerobic breakdown needs a minimum of 14 undisturbed days. Does that mean if I pump my solids from my rff every 2 days into a 110lt non-aerated barrel that eventually that 110lt barrel will be overflowing with solid waste because there has been no time for break down?
  4. You are missing my point. I was just saying an anaerobic 1st set up is nice and tidy. Poop goes to the tank, settles, more poop comes in, fairly clear water overflows to the aerobic section and so on. With an aerated 1st tank, poop is flying around in there and it makes it more difficult to keep solids from transferring down the line. I'm not saying it's correct, I'm just saying it's easier to manage with anaerobic 1st. Again, I'm not promoting anaerobic 1st, just saying it would make life easier.
  5. Well that's a downer. If I was going to do an MT I would do anaerobic 1st just because I would treat it as a settling tank. So when more water is added, fairly clean water moves into the aerobic tanks from the overflow. Now your making the whole engineering side of it more difficult! Have to come up with a baffle set up I guess...
  6. I believe when I wrote this we were talking about the RAS side of things and how much water is lost due to filter cleaning as that will probably dictate how big your plant loop can be (that's the new water being added to the plant loop). Rupe says that a professionaly designed RAS system has almost zero water loss due to solid removals. That means you need to intentionally design an inefficient RAS system which is fine if you design it to properly replenish the plant loop. So how much water is being transpired by the plants + evaporation and will replenishing that amount be enough to keep your nutrient levels correct? Also there was talk that due to dosing your plant loop water you may need to perform water changes due to salt build up like hydro. That water is not acceptable for the fish so it drains to waste. Maybe not a big deal but why not try to be as efficient as possible? I guess the question is how quickly will the plants use up the nutrients and what percent of water needs to be added daily/weekly/whatever to replenish those nutrients in the plant loop?
  7. It may not be popular here but to me this is a good reason to attend Chatterson's seminar if geographically/economically viable. He's got over a year's worth of data to share pertaining to this configuration and that's something hard to find. I don't think anyone can argue his results. He claims his system is zero waste so either his plants are sucking up the water at the correct rate for the fish water replenishment or he's returning water to the RAS system. It's one thing to have the basic idea of the setup but all the important details come with time and experience. Learning from someone like him or Paul can save you a few years of tinkering but I have no doubt additional tinkering will always be needed.
  8. thank you Gary. I chose the same name I use on the other forum as it's lots of usual suspects on these forums and this way people can at least see my history. The global AP community is pretty small.
  9. I guess you can figure out your sq mt of growing area, figure out your feed ratio for that area then that would tell you how many kg of fish you need to eat that food, calculate your stocking density and that can give you a rough idea of the size of your ras system needed. What we don't know is how quickly the plants will use the nutrients which means we don't know how often fish water needs to be replenished to the plant loop. I guess just replenish as the plant loop sump starts to get low...
  10. We live on planet Thailand. I say planet because although it's just another country it feels like another planet. Sourcing speciallized material is tough, the language barrier makes it hard to explain your needs and there are cultural barriers that on the surface people would write off to a lack of open mindedness among the locals but it's deeper than that. Expats make up a small % of the population and AP is a micro % of that. So it's pretty natrual to run into the same people in such a micro circle of something like AP in Thailand and why not share where we have found things to be sourced. On that post I was answering a specific question to a fellow AP'er in Thailand. The only reason I joined this forum today is that other thread was like Fox news, toxic and full of misinformation. There are a lot of smart people here (and some trolls) so thought this could be an informative thread to participate in. I don't know where your trust issues lie but you should stop being so suspicious of everyone. It comes off really annoying which I guess may be your goal in the end.
  11. haha, going the other way. I'm now shadowing my former self! I am my father's son
  12. A big selling point to me personally for AP was the water recirculation and water usage. If I wanted to design a drain to waste system I'd just go hydro probably. I love the concept of seperating the loops but would like to see it done with some water conservation in mind.
  13. That's me about 5 kilos ago! No relation to anyone in Thailand, just a hobbyist guy who likes to ponder AP things but I do know who you are reffering to.
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