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    Grew up on an equestrian centre, we had a commerical sized worm farm to deal with horse manure and have dabbled in the vegie garden space on/off. More recently have gotten into AP and have a micro indoor system and a 1000L out door system running trout at this stage.
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    Motorcycle racing (2014 Pro Twins Champion) - Aprilia RSV4

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  1. Jarrad

    The Speed of Life

    While I agree with the notion of time speeding up as you get older I've always thought of it like a remote control. Bear with me... When you're young, you're always waiting. Waiting to turn 18, waiting to get your drivers licene and so forth. Big milestones for someone that age. You're on 'normal speed'. Then you might meet a girl and get married - hit fast forward on remote x2 Then you buy a house, a dog and everyone around you is also getting married. Fast forward speed is now x4 Have kids.... Now x 16 All your friends have kids, or start getting divorced lol.... Working your backside off to provide for said family etc etc now x32 and there is never enough time to get everything done. That's my take on it, very unscientific compared to the video!
  2. I sort of know the answer to this one however to chime into the thread possible knowledge for myself or someone else - when adding lime to adjust pH, how long after you've added it should you test it again? What I noticed (which I have assumed is normal thus the question) - if I test the pH very soon (like 10-15mins) after adding the lime the pH has swung wildly and testing the following day the pH has risen only a little from its 'maximum' low reading. Add a little more lime, test again straight away and it's high until the following day. It took me a little while to get it back up to 6.2-6.8 but I always wondered if those swings in pH directly after adding the lime was a problem or not. That was awhile ago now, I keep a much closer eye on it now but did find it interesting that it swung so much, immediately after adding the lime only for it to settle down again if only a little higher than the previous reading. When it did happen I just assumed that was normal
  3. Haha yes the Beeraponics has really taken off hey. The 'plants' do quite well and the produce is often hailed as cure all - unfortunately the fish don't like the hangovers. As it stands we have learnt some lessons along the way and mistakes never come cheap. Nothing to lose any sleep over and I hope the information allows google land to make an informed decision if nothing else. Onwards and upwards as they say as there's almost always a silver lining to any problem to overcome. The Mrs is a gem no doubt about that. It's her supportive and generous nature that saw her take a leap into AP while I was still researching (and once she told me what she had ordered the price put me off a little) I doubt I'd have started so soon if it wasn't for her. Luckily (?) for her there's 'only' 6 males in the house and we run a tight boat for the 5 youngster. We have a female Rotti to try and help even out the testosterone The kids are enjoying learning about AP and vegies in general, we often have them picking their own plants planting seeds, weeding in the soil and of course harvesting time. Some of them have gone from not enjoying their greens/barely touching them, to eating them straight from the garden. I think the ownership and pride they feel in successfully raising their own food helps them enjoy it more than (not to mention the quality difference) when it's just bought from the shops. We have had some plant failures, the look on my 7 yr olds face when everyone's seeds had germinated and taken off but his beans hadn't sprouted was heartbreaking. At the very same time outweighed by the triumphant look from my 5 yr old, who after choosing corn to plant, had the biggest plants of all (for 5 young boys, everything is a competition as you know!). Lessons in that for kids and parents alike. Oh and how they love telling us how much we saved each day as we harvest each nights dinner items vs if we'd bought from the shops - all of which makes us very happy parents! Chooks are on the cards as well as fruit trees. Once the AP system is 'finished' or at least finished for now I'll know how much to reduce the soil vegie patch by to try and fit everything in. There's a shade house to fix in there too..... All while trying to fit family and work in. After growing up on a property with as much space as required for anything you wanted to do I am finding the suburban block sizes..... Challenging. AP has certainly made that a little easier. The area I was using for the soil patch is so much bigger and produced so much less not counting the fish we also ate. Just an amazingly awesome way to grow food really! If only I had the room for an orchard, some bee hives, chooks, bigger worm farm, a few lambs and the biggest Beeraponics system in the southern hemisphere - we'd be set!
  4. Hahaha thanks Rupe - yes - yes it is a great looking system Reasonably happy - being so new to this AP venture I can't help but feel I overlook things - or perhaps more importantly how best to set everything up. Thank god for FreshByNature and giving us some directions and help! Thanks Rav - certainly has come along way since day 1 of the kit Hi Gary, I've barely scratched on the details of my experience with the previous 'vendor' (to take the higher path so to speak I have really held back over the past 18 months) but yes it's plain to see (even to me now) that it's not right. What annoyed me the most was the pictures of the system on the vendors online shop showed many differences compared to what was sent to us. Then after that all emails/requests fell on deaf ears. The vendor has his side of the story and brushes these concerns away with some pretty funny statements 'no matter what I say you won't be happy' kind of tact - when all we really wanted was to support any business in AP - even more so the vendor we had started with. Now that we've been set straight by a few APN/BYAP and other forum members - and have had help from Rupe we are far happier with the result. The fish are happier The plants are happier..... I'm still left with a rectangle fish tank that requires 2 pumps AND a powerhead to try and direct solids out of the tank but will live with it for time being. Rupe is also helping with some plans for a new system to include the 2 fish tanks. Perhaps I have requested the wrong thing I'm not so sure but thought of having 2 separate 'loops' while still being able to direct water flow through RFFs for each loop as well as being able to direct water to the grow beds. Seems to my novice brain to be a mix of RAS and AP pending on which loop is directed through the grow beds and which is turned off and directed through filtration The idea being that the silvers take much longer to grow and won't provide much in the way of waste in the winter (in Canberra I had water temps as low as 7degrees last winter) so being able to turn off a valve and run it as a RAS while then switching on the 'trout' loop I thought might help - and obviously provide more waste/nutrients in winter for the plants..... So from what my basic head says in warmer months the silver perch is AP and the trout tank will be RAS (up until water temps hit 22-23) Then in cooler months, silver perch tank becomes RAS and the trout tank is run through the grow beds.... I could be looking at it all wrong - and obviously there's no 'set' ways of doing these things so am largely relying on the knowledge and experience of others. Not opposed to only having the one fish tank of course - wicking beds will be all new to me so trying to wrap my head around all these things. Perhaps in a few years I might be able to make the call myself but at this stage I'm willing to take the good advice and just get the plants/fish going as best we can - to feed our family of SEVEN! 5 boys between ages 5-10 means we go through SO much food it's crazy!!
  5. Been while since I updated this one.......... Things have moved along quite a way's from the pics above. Firstly I have to thank Mr ROZ for all his help/support. What we had was terribly small and pretty useless really. The Hallam "KIT" grow bed was way too deep (600mm - only half filled to 300mm). The rectangle fish tank was/is hopeless. I have added a powerhead as well as utilising an old pump - and only with these 2 additions do I get some kind of rotational water flow to help take the solids away. Before I added the extra pumps it was WOEFUL - solids mess everywhere and the pump just didn't seem to pick up 90% of it. I was using a piece of wool filter under the grow bed inlet - it would take about 2 weeks to get dirty all the while the fish tank water was full of crud. As soon as I added the powerhead + extra pump I was having to replace the filter piece daily. What a difference! Anyways, that's all old history now and as they say - once bitten, twice shy. Where we are up to........... Well as of 31 December we had a hand to expand our system for approx EIGHT times the amount of grow space we had. The list of plants we now have growing to feed our small army of kids is impressive or at least I think so! Soon we will be adding a largeish 2000-3000L round tank to run 2 different species to help with our climatic conditions (or at least those for the fish/plants) Last pic of the Hallam Kit......am glad to be rid of it that's for sure - we will re-use some bits after buying it all First pic of expanded grow space Some of the plants from the original grow bed transplanted - they bounced back but being so large they didn't like being moved (esp the grape tomato) I've also taken out large portions of the hedge to the left of this bed to let in more light (western sun though) and have also added many clear panels to the roof. Day 1 after finishing setup Approx a week later I added some more - in this one grow bed there's approx 12 Celery, 50 lettuces and 2 Rhubarb Another few days later A week on Another week Sh1t is outta control! haha - why did I not get this kinda growth with the original kit?! I'll concede I may have planted a little too heavily but no plants seem unhappy or aren't growing well - in fact the growth has just been incredible. I will keep using the rectangle tank for now - for Silver perch (currently 50 added a few weeks back - thanks Rupe ) With the additional tank maybe another 50 rainbows come April? The current plant list seems pretty good to me......we've just planted a bunch more seeds of our Autumn crops but we have quite advanced: Tomatoes x 3 Rosemary x 1 Lemongrass x 1 Spring onions x at least 20 Strawberry x only 1 - not sure we'll keep it in the AP TBH Pumpkins various species x 6 Various Basil x 12 Chilli's x 3 Marigold x 10 Capsicum x 2 Bush beans x 6 Garlic chives - LOTS~ Celery x 12 Lettuce x 50 (all Cos variety) Spinach (25 baby + 25 rainbow chard) Rhubarb x 2 1 corn for shts and giggles Red cabbage x 6 Passion fruit x 1 (doesn't look very happy mind you) More updates once the extra tank is added! Most of all - can't recommend our own Rupe from FreshByNature enough - he really has been terrific and has left the others in his wake with his customer service. His help and knowledge certainly helped soothe us after our experiences elsewhere and we now have a system to be proud of!
  6. Lots of coverage there Murray as I suspected would be the response. Defensive and excuses rather than actually addressing the issues which you could have chosen to do (as you claim you support your customers) any time in the past 12 months. We have heard nothing from you.. Simply ignoring requests flies in the face of your claims in this thread. Honestly, if that was your BEST effort as you claim…..crikey. Thanks for letting me know that as I feel reassured for making different decisions since dealing with Practical Aquaponics (PAP) and the infamous Murray Hallam (thanks Google bots) All good – I haven’t lost any sleep. Come to think of it I should be thanking you! As a result of your support efforts (bahahaha) I learnt more than if I’d been one of your so called thousands of happy customers. I wonder why you treated our family different if you are true to your claims!? Anyway thanks again Murray Hallam and Practical Aquaponics! Thanks for putting me in touch with people from APN, BYAP and various other groups. Without them (and one particularly special guy) we wouldn’t have the system we own today. I’m not disputing you may have sold thousands of systems. I am disputing your claims of being such a supportive person and business. This is not how I 'feel' - this is fact. Another fact is I've run many tours of my system - want to guess how many times I recommended you and your business? Want to guess how many of my friends are now building systems who will never be one of your customers? So thanks Murray Hallam! You really are an enigma!
  7. My experience with PAP, and with our 'Black Beauty' system - is that you removed the product from your catalogue as soon as I raised some questions regarding what PAP advertised and what we received. Ohhh.....you wanted to expand the system?! Oh go somewhere else you told me. PAP then failed to follow up on several requests for assistance. What I found amusing was you could've quite easily made ALOT more from us than you did had you followed the feedback I provided to you directly which failed to get a response. I'm sure you'll have some kind of @rse coverage up your sleeve and that's just fine Murray. As they say, once bitten twice shy. I've since seen the light, I have received some excellent assistance from others who we didn't spend the best part of $3000 with. I have since ditched the 'black ugly' system in favour of something that suits our requirements - requirements you did not bother asking my partner who was trying to surprise me - as such she relied on you to make an informed decision. At the end of the day I WANTED to support PAP - in fact I want to support ANY business/forum or individual that has anything to do with Aquaponics. I have run several tours of my system now that I've expanded it - funnily enough PAP does not get a mention. Not only have you lost my business but ANYONE I talk to will be directed elsewhere. If you had only provided the service and support your sprouting on about above you'd have kept us has happy and loyal customers. You'd have received glowing recommendations. I certainly was left with the impression that as soon as you'd charged us for our system you didn't want to know anymore about us. That's just my experience > I'm sure not everyone feels the same Murray but I had to respond after reading "PAP has always been there to help clients, students." it's just a shame you didn't bother helping or supporting us whatsoever.
  8. Jarrad


    This video bl0ws - cause it's just me 'doodling' with some of my gear. I was interested in finding some gopro angles for my guitar. Guitar: Yamaha SA2200 deluxe Amp - Marshall stack (tranny not tube) POD HD500 FX Boss RC loop station At some point between racing bikes, work, gardening, kids/family etc etc I'll get something better up one of these days! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_IZ1UZzgC8
  9. hi Strider, thanks mate. I'm using old stockings on the water outlet to grow bed as well as the return to the fishtank. Also using some wool laying in the grow bed directly under the outlet for growbed..working quite well, the wool turns black after 1 week. I understand we're you're going with the extra pump etc but I honestly think the rectangle tank is just a waste of time really. I'm using the small indoor setup + larger outdoor one to gain some experience and once we move house I'll likely move to a round tank and a different setup so I don't have to deal with extra pumps etc just to get a circular water motion which I'm never really going to get working properly in the wrong shaped tank. Why this guy sells systems like this is beyond me but hey to stop me going nuts about it I'll take it as a learning experience and move on. I'll just be happy to get this first lot of fish/plants under my belt, take the lessons learnt for my next system........but thanks for the advice nonetheless it's been helpful no doubt! Thanks Rupe - fairly minor problems at this stage I guess...aphids are my biggest headache atm.
  10. Quick update to my thread - new trout 'installed' in April doing very well. Growing a bit slow but I guess that's what you get with sub zero temps. Had a neighbours cat get into my grow bed and destroy a bunch of plants as it was digging about > I haven't found any cat poop but am dubious and a little concerned. Nasty little buggers I can't express my disdain for cats enough, more so the ones that are allowed to roam around unsupervised! I've bought some cat traps and have plans in that space. In the meantime, here's a progress pic on my plants. Down 5 snow pea plants due to said cat. Red cabbages totally destroyed. The broccoli that I thought was doing well - is not. Discovered an aphid infestation and they love the broccoli and red cabbage but have been leaving everything else alone. My home concoction of garlic/onion/chilli spray has not helped at all. Might have to buy some Dipel or something. Had planned on using some Neem oil but I see it's not at all good for fish. Left side looks a little bare after removing a bunch of Spinach and celery - going to have to remove the broccoli as the aphids have completely ruined it. sad. Main reason for getting into AP for me is the fish side of things though so am happy to report they're going well. Soil garden has loads of garlic, onions and radishs growing very well.
  11. Thanks to Fresh By Nature for delivering the trout over the weekend. Everyone seems happy enough so I gotta get my rear into action and add the air lifts, think I understand better now after re-reading the instructions lol....too many racing crashes haha Hopefully we won't have to live with the system for too long, once we move to the farm I'll look at a new system with a round tank instead.
  12. Hi Strider, that was one of the (many) rogue zucchinis we had from our soil patch. We had so many Zuc's from the one plant it wasn't funny... Was a bit sick of the sight of them hahaha We were picking quite a few smaller ones each day but then I'd miss one (or a few lol) and they just massive. I don't know that I'll try them in the AP. Thinking is to have the pumpkins/zucchini patch in the soil left to go nuts and I'll stick with other vegies for AP (at least for now). Yes the smaller ones are alot better for salads/stir fry's.... What we (wife) did with the big ones was cut in half down the length, scoop out all the middle/seeds then we added feta, bacon, spinach and things and baked the bejezus out of them.... Very tasty I must say. In saying that just one of those big ones cooked like that made enough snacks for our family of 7 so we ended up throwing some of the bigger ones out (or at least the ones we didn't use or give away).
  13. ........don't get me started on the 'maker'.....I love the Mrs for supporting me in this too, if it hadn't been for her I wouldn't have any AP systems yet I'd still be too busy reading, but then I may have come across some information to steer us in another direction. Unfortunately the Mrs (god bless her) saw the PAP dvd and just went ahead and ordered so I wasn't aware it'd happened until it was too late......anyways, live and learn I won't lose sleep over it. I don't have exact dimensions of the tank sorry, approx guess would be about 1800mm wide x 2600 long I guess....maybe 600-800 deep.... Pump is not in the middle of the tank either, the kit came with premade lengths of everything so I can't really move the pump around unless I change the pipes which I may look at doing. Thanks for the advice > all sounds plasuible so I'll give it a go. The air pump I have is a dual out let so I may be able to run the 4 lines from that.... I don't suppose you have a basic diagram or a video or something to show me? The bit I'm pondering is "with the horizontal outlet on the bend about half way out of the water" Obviously the water level goes up/down so just wondering how critical the placement is.... Apologies for asking for clarification, it's probably obvious to everyone else here but it takes me a little time to understand the concept sometimes lol
  14. I've cycled with fish on both my systems > but just cheapie goldfish...I should say I'm a complete beginner though. getting into AP was the first time I'd kept fish period. Small indoor system > 1 fish died within the first week. Large outdoor system > didn't lose any fish but did it a little differently to the indoor system. Pumped water around with Seasol for the first 2 weeks > noticed mozzie's wrecking havoc so put the 10 goldies in. Wasn't an ideal start as I didn't want to feed the fish straight away, also couldn't restrict how much they ate > boy did they do a number on the mozzies though. The water was so infested I couldn't believe it....within 2 days they were all gone and the fish were doing fine. I ran with the goldies until cycling had completed and then went with the 15 trout. I understand the concept behind fishless cycling and it does sound like the better option of the 2 as far as fish wellbeing goes....and I don't think I'd cycle a system with the fish (or perhaps load) I want to eventually run....and while I don't like killing any animal I also grew up on a farm and we had to put down a few dogs/horses in my time (and did my fair share of pest/rabbit control) so if I happen to lose a few fish *shrugs* again not ideal but not the end of the world either. Maybe I'm a heartless bar$tard lol The more I think about it, the more I think I'd rather have living creature/s of some kind for the ammonia source, perhaps as a bit of a test before the 'harvesting' fish are introduced....I mean...a bit like sending a bird into a mine to test for gases if ya follow me? In that if I lose a few goldies/yabbies or whatever, then I'm hardly going to introduce the trout/fish I want to eat - until things live in there for period......if I did fishless cycling I'd be a little concerned there was something else that could bring me unstuck....although the idea of killing a bunch of starter fish, even cheapies or goldies or whatev's is not appealing... Again take everything I've said with a grain of salt because I'm so new to AP I should probably say nothing...... /edit - just read the latest replies...I hadn't thought about introducing dieseases from pet store fish, although I did buy em from a reputable store locally, I guess their supplier may not be the best who knows....but that is a good point and something I failed to consider. Thankfully I think I escaped without issue but sounds like others have come unstuck....but then I've read ppl coming unstuck fishless cycling too...
  15. Thanks everyone, I had wondered myself actually, there is an excess flow pipe (or at least that's what I'd call it) that directs water straight back into the FT but the flow isn't strong enough for such a large tank. I could get a much stronger pump I guess but I suspect a powerhead as mentioned by Ravnis above may be a better option but still....rectanglur tank isn't helping.... I did think about the pool cleaner idea but yeah shame they don't make em smaller! I really think I'm wasting my time making an RFF without changing something else....(powerhead, stronger pump and even then I wonder how efficient it will be).....I may just be better off using the vacum we bought and dealing with that every few days. I really just wanted to have the best water possible for the trout, with some automation (and so I don't accidently suck the yabbies up with the vacum lol) but hey I can think of worst ways to spend time in the 'garden'..... Thanks all, I appreciate the input.
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