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  1. Hi, I just wanted to provide an update on my sieve filter. I replaced the 200mesh (74 micron) screen on my filter basket with 80mesh (177 micron) because I was having clogging problems and the basket would overflow into the filter container if I didn't clean it 1-2 times a day. It now works perfectly. I think I could probably leave it for a week or more without it clogging up now and it still does an excellent job of catching debris. I still clean it everyday just because I like to keep things neat - and also because it is in the basement and I don't want to get in trouble with the wife over any odor issues This sieve is by far the best part of my system. Combined with the aerated bottom drain and a circular water flow in the tank the system is spotless and there is almost no maintenance. The water quality is great 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 7.5pH ,nitrates are slightly high but I have plans to tackle that with a growbed. I would definitely recommend making a sieve filter for any system. I have insulated covers on all my filters and sump and I built a simple cover for the FT out of pvc and clear plastic to keep heat and moisture in and to keep the fish from jumping ship. I have had the system running for a month now and I haven't added any water to it so evaporation is minimal. My fish are still too young to breed for another month or so but I think I have kinda sorta got the pink ones separated from the blue ones. We will see. Sometimes I think there aren't any females in the bunch because at times they all seem to act territorial. I guess time will tell. All in all I am really pleased with things so far and am enjoying this project.
  2. Thanks guys. The approach to my system was largely a result of information I got from this site and advice from more experienced members so I would have to give most of the credit there. I did a lot of reading and asked a lot of questions before I started the build and I always found good advice and a helpful attitude from everyone here. I hope some of the things I am doing or will do can contribute to somebody else's success. I sure am having a blast working on this stuff.
  3. Thanks! Wow I just wanted to say that seeding the system worked better than I thought. I went from totally fresh dechlorinated tap water to fully cycled system in 1 week. I didn't think it would be that fast. I keep adding a gallon of media to my MBBR every day or so (I only started with about 4 gallons) and it seems to be incorporating it at that pace. I have to say that I am also very happy with my sieve filter. I am totally impressed with how much debris it removes. The only problem is it is almost too good - I have to clean it every day or it overflows the basket. I used 75 micron screen and now realize I should have gone with a bigger size. I am going to order a piece of 150 micron screen and build another basket to compare. I love how easy it is to clean. I'm in the process of selecting fish for breeders now with some great advice from Kellen on what to look for and how to go about it. After that I will set up another grow out tank and should be set to produce some food I think I am also going to set up a grow bed and experiment with growing some lettuce and other greens.
  4. Well that's about it. I am not sure what the best way to cycle it would be. I have cycled MBBR media in my aquarium wet/dry filter and I also have 4 cycled sponge filters in my aquairum so I am thinking about trying to seed the new system with some bacteria from that. Anyone have any thoughts on that? I was thinking of moving a couple sponge filters over to the big tank till it got started cycling and then trowing some of the cycled MBBR media in the MBBR with the new stuff.
  5. Fish tank. 150 gal. I left room for another one beside it and a tee to plumb the drain into so it should be a snap to add a tank when I want.
  6. The clarifier - I used deer fencing (thanks Cecil!)
  7. Here are some pics of the sieve filter I built.
  8. Well I finally got my basement grow out system finished today. All the components seem to function so far. The next step is to get it cycled and move some fish from the aquariums into it - they are getting big (4-5 inches) since I got them 2 months ago. Here are some pics of what I came up with.
  9. Cool! Thanks. I'm trying to learn more about aeration methods. I am going to keep this 5 gal. RFF in mind - like you said it looks like it has possiblities for several useful applications.
  10. Hi Swede, I know this is off topic for this thread but when I was watching one of your vids you had an aeration device coming from above hooked up to your tanks. Could you explain how that works and how you have that set up?
  11. Thanks ande! Great info as usual
  12. Hi all, Does anyone know how much media (K1/MB3 type) it takes to fill a 55 gal blue drum used as a MBBR? I'm not asking about how much I need to deal with the bio load from a certain stocking density/feed rate. What I mean is how many cubic feet maximum will comfortably fit in with the water so that one would get a good tumbling action and the drum would be full? And would it have to be added in stages as film builds up? I am imagining dumping it in all at once would cause a problem as it would be too bouyant. Thanks for any help.
  13. Those are some healthy looking plants. I have approximately 1500 sq. ft. in my basement so I have plenty of room. I was originally planning on having quite a few grow beds in the basement as well but after considering some of the issues like lighting cost and pollination etc. I am now mainly focusing on fish in the basement and maybe a couple smaller growbeds. I also have about a half acre of property and room for a greenhouse so I think eventually I will build one and put an aquaponics system in that for veggies. This way at least I can have fish going in the winter when it is too cold for fish outside. I have been looking into using passive solar to be able to have a greenhouse that will produce at least greens year round and keep a few fish from freezing. I'm not exactly sure where all this will lead yet but it is a lot of fun so far.
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