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    I am from the states, educated in forest engineering and practiced in landscape level intensive forest management. I spend a lot of time pondering how aquaponics/high density food production may better achieve land use management...
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  1. Where are your pumps located and what sort of filtration method are you planning to implement into these combined sumps? Screens?
  2. I do not know of an online source that is available... it is in Timmon's and Ebeling's Recirculating Aquaculture as Cecil recommends- worth the purchase price in my opinion, very well structured text on recirculating aquaculture, although mostly intended for commercial application.
  3. Have you heard of a mixed cell raceway? It is an attempt to combine the best effects of both space efficiency in raceways with the "self cleaning" mechanisms available to circular tanks. The principles works with a series of inflow water valves that work to form circular water passage by dynamic interaction and opposition between these "cells" which are usually as wide as they are long. Just imagine a series of circular flows, that are in sequence, and act so by alternating their rotation, clockwise, counter clockwise, clockwise.... etc A mixed cell raceway might be 100' feet long, 10' wide would be divided into 10 cells, and the currents of each cell resists the flow of the other, so they mostly act consistently... bottom drains or cornell type dual drain design will encourage solids removal.
  4. Hmmm... the friendlies got certified back in 2008? In Hawaii http://www.friendlyaquaponics.com/organic-certification/ I don't keep up with that stuff, whether that's a lost cert or anything else... I am sure you know more about them than I do, really, rup. Seems you have information that is contrary to what the friendlies are promoting... hmm. Or do we have a difference in product, where plant produce may be certed organic, but fish not available? Otherwise, I am not sure what happened in the process, but I heard the state of California was reviewing the qualifications or viability of organic certification for aquaponics. My guess is no movement.. based on the above posts
  5. Looking for experience here- Has there been any discussion in here, or other commercial hot climate hydroponic production of the integration of water chillers to control root zone temperature? With greenhouse temperatures being so hot, it would be quite expensive to chill water consistently. Perhaps in this application, it is not economical to chill water- and that the addition of oxygen gas to DWC growing components are enough benefit to offset the absence of cooler water, which carriers more oxygen?
  6. There are a number of great reasons to go aquaponic for growing medium... the trick is making the energy worth the effort. I think at the smallest and cheapest scale can reward some of the highest yields however, not to deter a backyard grower. Aquaponics can be the easiest way to grow. What I have enjoyed about my backyard hobby gold fish system was that I could leave the place unattended with a friend to swing by every other day or so to feed my fish. Water is always running, biology is good and the greenhouse is rocking. Often I go a few days without entering the greenhouse, when I come back things have improved and my stuff looks bigger! Soil growing, I just don't have the same success...
  7. Great... I'll take 20 more of this guy please! Love the mountain man exposing just how insane our processing facilities have become.
  8. Hello, Thank you again for the response, that's a great post. I didn't explain my reasoning well for point (2) we were talking about... my concern being the de-nitrification that will occur in an MBBR. The longer a constant volume of water is left to recirculate in an aquaculture system integrated with an MBBR, the larger the total quantity of de-nitrification in the period. Of course... if scaled properly, the system will gain total nitrogen availability even with the de-nitrification. It is ideal to make all of the available total nitrogen to be removed in hydroponics rather than bio-filtration... no? It's only my thought I wanted to clarify there for discussion, not intended for argument. It reasons out well enough for me that a proper dual loop will be more effective in providing productive environments for fish and plants considering the single recirculating alternative. I intended nothing of disrespect.
  9. How is this system operating without any women telling these young fellas what to do? I think we found your problem with bringing in helpful labor!
  10. You can tell a lot about an aquaponic system from the pH readings easily collectible in droplet formulation... If you have a goal to keep as few inputs to check water chemistry as possible, I'd still suggest having the capability to test water pH... For your purposes... if pH is at a desirable metric and you have good vegetation growth... things are doing just fine. These test kits are relatively cheap and travel easily...
  11. This is correct. The best thing to use these collectible solids for is go straight for the final source: the human body. Are we trying to make money, or are we body building? If you're body building, like me... collect enough of those solids yourself, scoop em up into a big blender... crack 3 eggs and 2 spoons of peanut butter... blend that baby up with either some brown sugar, chocolate and cinnamon... You need enough to kill all the undesirable taste... so usually I find in the morning a few shots of bourbon helps this shake go down. Now that's real protein, that's how you gain some real mass. Properly size your system so you can collect 3 of these shakes each day. Nothing should go to "waste" here, now go lift some weights!
  12. I meant to site exactly your point to Paul in the previous post! That nature regularly establishes systems are for all intents and purposes "perfectly balanced." Then I followed by saying that statement wasn't true! We've destroyed so much of the earth's ability to regulate systems perfectly... certainly I was not referring to my own greenhouse.
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