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    Empty tank. Pending good weather.

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    Aquaponics noob: Currently running a 300 gallon system with 6 Bluegills and 3 beds.

    4 Different plant species: Pineapple Sage, Red Leaf Lettuce, Basil, and Cantaloupe.
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  1. @Cecil Ok so basically what you are saying is that I should start with less fish? Cool, thanks. I put so many in at once because I didn't want to make multiple trips to a different state, it's costly. @Ravnis A little salt? Whys that? When I go back out there I'll try to get plastic bags instead of putting them straight into the cooler. I asked for a bag but he said it was unnecessary. Crazy old man. @Bcotton Good point but I want to at least narrow it down as much as possible. Money is tight.
  2. They all tested zero all the way through. I don't doubt that it would have cycled at one point but I'm trying to figure out why they all died. Unless they spiked and vapidly diminished in between the 3 tests in less than 24 hours. It just doesn't seem very likely.
  3. @Cecil I don't really think it was cycling at this point. Like I said it was less than 24 hours. @RupertofOZ vege boxes? Yes they were Styrofoam.
  4. I tested nitrates when I put them in the system, this morning, this afternoon, and just now. It tested zero every time.
  5. I transported them home in 3 Styrofoam coolers.
  6. No, I don't know what the hatchery PH was. The ammonia in transport is the only thing I could think of.
  7. It should also be noted that last year I raised 10 Blue Gills in the same set up. Nothing has changed. I have some small veggies in the beds. Greens, Tomatoes, and strawberries.
  8. Yeah but this is a Hydroponics thread not Aquaponics
  9. Yesterday I purchased 40 3 1/2 inch Rainbow Trout. They had an hour long trip back home at which point I put them in my IBC based 400 gallon system. At this point they all seemed to be alive and happy. The tank has 4 air stones attached to an air pump. In less than 24 hours they were all dead. They died off as the day went on, a couple in the morning, more in the afternoon, and by night they were all dead. Water Parameters: Temp: Around 55-60 degrees (breeder kept them at 50). PH: 6.5 Nitrate: 0 Nitrite: 0 Ammonia: 0 Additional details: The tank did have a good deal of algae
  10. Yeah like I said it's not coated or painted or anything. Just metal wire. Thanks guys.
  11. Strawberries from last years grow didn't even die... Hand the system off all winter... wat...

  12. So where I live the Alkalinity in the water is very high. For the longest time I was pouring tons of PH down into the water spending tons of money unnecessarily. I finally ponyed up some money for a Reverse Osmosis filter. The only real downside (and if this is a real concern is up for debate) is you suck all the minerals out of the water but since you are adding your own this is not a problem. I have totally taken care of the alkalinity problem and I no longer have to muck around too much with PH. Enjoy!
  13. ABF


    If there is another thread on this please direct me to it but I was unable to find anything. First off does anyone here have experience with AP Trout? I am asking because I have never done trout and I am looking to overwinter this year. Couple questions... - Best subspecies? Please include temp ranges if you know off the top of your head. - Reliable Breeders? - Is size a problem? I am working with an IBC tank I believe 400 gallons with the top chopped off so probably 350. - What about water conditions other than temp? Are they picky or hardier? - Does trout taste good? I've heard some
  14. Yeah I'm in a greenhouse so that shouldn't be a problem.Maybe put some plastic tarp over the edge to redirect the water and keep the cassavas dry.
  15. Hey guys, So this might be a stupid question but I want to use metal braces in my beds to hold my plants up. The metal is exposed, there is no coating. Will this in anyway change the water quality/content? Thanks
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