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  1. Can we get the same treatment on the threads derailed where we started talking about sand beds? I need to find the video where he gives a life expectancy of tower media. It seems like a combo of plant roots and worm activity that eventually derail it.
  2. Then why do they all day 90 mills? Seriously, why do we need 50 units of varying degrees for length? America
  3. More reason for everyone to adopt the standard system. Listen, I know it's taking awhile, but Australia's application to become a state is almost through, just need to overcome this senate, but once things come together, yinz will be a state.
  4. I watch all the aussielanders online and they are always saying their "90 millimeter pipe" is messed up. Why not use .9 cm? Oh I remember, cuz then it's decimals. Inches, fractions of feet. Pounds
  5. Quality before quantity. Just because 5 billion dipshits do something doesn't make it right. America (Which is funny considering how I feel about most of America's standards, but I'll take "2 inches" over "well lad have the Pipey measure out 554 millimeters with his walking stick gday)
  6. One of the criteria for the choice of media was that worms could easily inhabit for online mineralization. There was never any inclination on the inventor's part towards offline minning. If I recall correctly, something like 60-70% of the total flow from the sump returns to the fish unfiltered. The only aeration used is jets at the top of the tank, no compressed air. Good thing he uses those mutant tilapia fish (groan).
  7. Dr nate (if I recall correctly) only uses the tower system as his solids filtration. This combined with a chip2 design means he has to run super low stock rates for good water quality. Just look at the few videos that feature fish and it shows. He advocates very low stock rates because, as is so often said, the plants are the important part, the fish are nothing but a battery.
  8. Gary, you're seriously spouting that a pipe makes it coupled? They make these things called valves. Would you rather me use buckets for everything? Even if I did use buckets, I would still have a line in the drawing. It's not meant to be a P&ID, but to help, just put a "NC" by the lines in question. Problem solved. Nobel prize please. I really take issue with the idea of unsustainable farming too. I've watched Greening the Desert just as I KNOW you have too, you're in his class. Everyone there farms under hoop houses, burn the fields, and let grazing animals destroy the landscape. You mean to say the aquaponics project is on the same scale? This may be an issue of defining "sustainable" but it's a poop ton better than what you've got now.
  9. Ugh. Thanks to dr sav for getting people exposed to aqp. Other than that I have very little good to say about him or his practices
  10. Treating waste water for return to the waterway. We also have a separate treatment facility for water used in the process but it's much simpler, just removing excess hardness etc.
  11. My background is in chemical engineering and I currently manage a large water treatment plant (industrial, not municipal)
  12. Because anaerobic digestion does not afford any benefits nutritionally and has many risks that are mitigated by the cost of aeration. Unless you're using the byproducts of such a reaction, you shouldn't be using it. Where did I suggest that any of these places SHOULD be using anaerobic digestion?
  13. That's not at all what I said. Stop skimming. The generally held dodo belief is that you have ANAEROBIC ZONES (GASP) that simply can't be prevented. In reality you just have bugs that live, but live much better in anoxic conditions.
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