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  1. ande- Wow! Now I am totally psyched! Those are some awesome Hops!!! Sorry for all of the exclamation points but I am genuinely excited! (One more, what the hell). Thank you so much for finding and posting. It can be done- yes! Although they are in a hoop house. Still...
  2. My earlier response to Jc Well you may be right. I suppose I could augment with side lighting but that may prove too expensive. Initially, I was considering trying to grow horizontally, which has many benefits, but felt I would be battling nature and gravity. I may give that a shot though. It is an experiment. I spoke with several craft brewers here in MI. They were enthusiastic about sustainable organic wet hops throughout the year. The fresh hops beers I've sampled have been extraordinary. Sent from my iPhone so please excuse random errors.
  3. To your last question: yes, there is a market. My first task was to determine that. The question remains: can it be done? It will be indoors. Phillips is doing some good things with red/blue spectrum LEDs. I knew the root structure would be big but 15 FT. ? I sure hope they could be confined to something smaller. I not sure how long I'd need to work with individual rootstock, but you bring up an intriguing point. I was thinking more like 3' by 3' laundry basket type structure in narrow lanes, conventional ebb and flow since I know hops won't tolerate submerged roots. Thank you for your reply, by the way. Have you ever grown something like this? Sounds like you may have. : )
  4. I don't have much experience with this, but keep thinking this might be viable. To you, my much more enlightened and experienced friends: what do you think? Is there a way to grow a difficult, high climbing perennial, which requires vernalization? Theoretically, I think it might be accomplished in media bed troughs. I'd cut down the bines after harvest and cold store them until ready to begin again. I'm a cold climate, so this would be indoor warehouse type situation. where I could attach these 18 ft monsters. I am grateful for any opinions as I am over my head on this. Peace--G
  5. Hello friends, Newbie to this site, interesting topic. What about this commercial enterprise? http://farmedhere.com/2013/farmedhere-nations-largest-indoor-vertical-farm-opens-in-chicago-area They seem to be profitable at a very large scale.
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