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  1. NP Ed, Life has a way of doing that sometimes. Hope all is good. Best, Clint
  2. I did purchase it as a kit, it is only a bunch of hoops and some hardware, very basic. Try Conleys.com, good prices quality products. If you have BWI companies in your are they are also a good source for most growing and greenhouse supplies, I think they carry Conley's greenhouses as well.
  3. Hi Spin, Be careful when you mention "commercial" we have gone through a huge amount of discussion about what is a commercial ap operation and while mine in the picture was 2000 sq of dwc it was far from "commerical", that would be in the 10,000 sq ft and greater, imho. The dwc bed design was fairly simple, with 2x4's, hardi plank siding, concrete stakes, duraskrim liner, 1" pvc air line and 3" bulkheads at each end with connecting 3" pvc pipe. I don't have a diy website or video that I can point you to, not sure if you have checked out google and searched for such but maybe somethin
  4. So back to the "is commercial aquaponics viable discussion". Bad management? I followed these guys from their inception, State backing, Veteran employment, links with Cornell, near a huge market....what went wrong?
  5. Beer and crawfish sound good! I got my tank from Red Ewald, good stuff. Be interested to hear your business plan and design. Have a good look a Paul's (earthan group) dual loop system, one of the best out there, imho. Clint
  6. Hi Rob, Tough going finding properties, I helped a group out with their high tunnel the other day and they took a couple years to find a piece of land as well. I am in Katy back at my old sales job and doing ap and greenhouse stuff on the side. Building back yard systems and checking out new ideas/proposals as they come about. Just started working with a group from South Texas that has some good ideas for personal and school systems, will see how it develops. Clint
  7. Spin, Thanks for the praise. What sort of info do you want about the long raft beds? Clint
  8. I was going to build something like them for myself, I moved from the farm to a place in Katy, TX, but am only renting so I want something non permanent. How much do you sell them for? They look really good. Do you sell them at the San Antonio Farmer's markets?
  9. Nice, thanks. I like the bucket with the float value to auto water.
  10. Nice stuff, what are the brown things on pics 1 and 2? Any pictures of these in use?
  11. Ed, How did your system develop? I am more interested on if you used the felt pots as wicking pots and how that worked. I am in the process putting together a little wicking system and was going to use 18 gal plastic totes and instead of putting a weed barrier and filling up with compost I figured it would be easier to use the felt pots you mentioned and a soiless/compost enhanced mix. I can set them right on top of the expanded shale and let them go at it. Makes for ease of moving things around and changing up the mix as the seasons change. Thoughts?
  12. Thanks and good thoughts. I am watching the water mixing that will be happening with the water flow in and the aeration to keep that issue in check. Thanks for mentioning it. Clint
  13. Thanks Gary. I also built them 2 outdoor wicking beds and they should have year round clean fresh food
  14. Not a fish guy, but am in the Houston area and could show you how to build a radial flow filter in a couple hours and less than $100. All need is a plastic barrel, 20-30 gallon, a 5 gallon pail, a few pvc fittings and some uniseals. Message me with your number and we can talk it though.
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