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  1. “The Obama administration has done more to interfere with our elections than the Russians ever hoped to accomplish. Connect the DOTS. Clapper, Brennon, Comey, McCabe,Lorretta Lynch .Executive, Law, Intelligence, with the leaks to the press by Clapper. All to bring down TRUMP. COUP?” As more details come out it is clear there was an orchestrated gov attempt to discredit Trump. This is so e serious poop for which those under Obama need to answer. Why would Clapper, head of the CIA, leak the fake dossier to CNN? Bigdaddy, two very well know youtube videos that have made their rounds on Facebook and other social media. Both have some truth to them. But neither is the whole story. Can schools teach Christianity in schools? Yes. As a subject of our nation’s history and founding. Our Constitution is only great because we derive our individual rights from God. Our founding fathers were Christians, one of which said our Constitutional Republic only works for a moral nation rooted in the belief of God. The great thing about our nation are the 50 sovereign states, which can decide hiw they want to educate their students. Unfortunately much of their power to do so was taken when education was nationalized. The left fights to keep it that way. They are also the ones that use schools as indoctrination centers and sue to keep God out of schools but seem to turn a blind eye when Islam is taught. Go figure. There are no limits to free speech in America. But that does not mean you can yell fire in a crowded room and be held blameless for what may happen. Limiting speech as some EU nations and Australia have done is a very dangerous thing. It is a slipery slope to government abuse of individual rights. Yes, there are many democracies in the World, few enjoy the total freedoms the US does. Education. I hear all these claims that the US is behind in education. Yet, technical and industrial advancements come out of the US at record paces. Apple, Facebook, and some of the most advanced technology in fields across the board come out of the US. Not everyone can be a rocket scientist. But you know where education is depressed the most? In our liberal inner cities. Despite throwing billions at the ecucation system they still have major problems. And that is linked to the high crime in inner cities which is linked to the culture which is perpetuated by left wing policies. Yes, big money influences our politicians. Why do you think they paniced so much at the prospect of Trump winning? They cant control him. It sent the left and many on the right crazy and they did their best to stop him. We need to hold the politicians accountable. But that is easier said than done when the left uses promises of “gifts” and a strong if not unsustainable welfare system to buy votes. Dont get me started on the class warfare they perpetuate. Too much to comment on...to be continued.
  2. Some think there is no deep state in America. JFK warned of the deep state back in the 60s.
  3. “The Obama administration has done more to interfere with our elections than the Russians ever hoped to accomplish. Connect the DOTS. Clapper, Brennon, Comey, McCabe,Lorretta Lynch. Executive, Law, Intelligence, with the leaks to the press by Clapper. All to bring down TRUMP. COUP?” Chuck Woolery. As more details come out it is clear there was an orchestrated gov attempt to discredit Trump. This is so e serious poop for which those under Obama need to answer. Why would Clapper, head of the NDA, leak the fake dossier to CNN? And then get a CNN contract a few months later? Why aren’t these deep state criminals being charged? WTF?
  4. Yes, Un is not someone to trust, all we can do is hope. But I think the economic sanctions by China are hurting him. He feels the discontent at home and is looking to appease the people. Of course this is just conjecture on my part. But he has gone completely out of character lately and it is a good sign. Much will hinge on the meeting with Trump. I have heard Trump can be disarming with his charm. We will see. Cautiously optimistic.
  5. So I saw something I thought I would never live to see. A North Korean dictator walked across the North Korean Border into South Korea and shook the hand of the S. Korean leader! Strange things happen when Trump is president.
  6. The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated. Hello, some people think that Obama was a better president than Trump is turning out to be...will be.. Though it is early in his presidency we can compare them none the less at this point. Economy: 2008 collapse: Yeah, Obama got a bad economy. But he had 8 years and over 8 trillion dollars to fix it! He failed. Not only did he fail, he delayed what should have been a vibrant economy had he simply did what JFK or even Reagan did. But fiscal conservatives are becoming a dying breed. Trump has done some things right and some things wrong. His stimulus spending is not going to balance the budget or pay down the debt. Why he funded PP is beyond me, he should have vetoed the bill. But he really wanted a military increase and that was the trade he made. Said he would never sign another bill like that and warned Congress he would veto the next one. Good for him, we will see. DeRegulation: Trump has reversed and cut many Obama era regulations that kept the economy stagnant. Under Obama, corporations could not compete here in America, they were too busy paying high taxes to support the mammoth welfare state Obama approved. Welfare: Under Trump food stamp recipients have dropped dramatically with some states requiring work to collect and due to the better economy. I predict it will continue to drop and may see some type of Clinton type welfare reform passed. Jobs: Jobs in minority communities are up and Job increases rose sharply nation wide under Trump. in fairness, in the last years of Obama, jobs in certain sectors rose too, but minority jobs stayed stagnant. Wages, which on avg. actually dropped under Obama are rising under Trump's tax plan. GDP: Obama is the only President in history to not have a single year of 3% or higher annual GDP. His average was 1.48%. The annual GDP for his last year was 1.5%. The GDP for 2017, Trump's first year was 2.3%. Many are predicting 3% or more for 2018. Corporate return: Obama famously said Corporations that moved out of America would never return. He was wrong. Trumps corporate tax cuts to levels closer to the World norm have seen companies return and pledge to build more factories in America. Foreign companies are also investing and bringing more jobs to America. So even as some brick and mortar companies are closing doors due the inability to compete with the Amazons and on line shopping boom, the job growth in other areas is looking promising. Foreign Policy: Obama was weak in foreign policy. He constantly went on apology tours. He pulled US troops out of Iraq prematurely thus allowing ISIS to fill a power void. That is what happens when a President gets a Nobel Peace Prize for doing absolutely nothing. He starts to believe he can actually change the World with words alone. He released 1.5 billion dollars to Iran, the biggest sponsor of terror in the ME and the World. He signed a terrible Nuclear deal that we cannot verify. There are no spontaneous inspections allowed. He was weak in the face of NorKor who tested ever bigger A bombs and refined their ICBM missile tech to carry those bombs. His immigration policy violated our immigration laws and he unilaterally enacted DACA. something beyond his power as president. Trump dealt a severe blow to ISIS. He warned Syria about gas and bombed them when they used gas against their people. Remember Obama's red line comment? Trump has made huge improvements in the NorKor talks with Kim Jong-Un stating he has ceased his missile and nuclear testing. Trump is due to talk to him soon in person. To state this was not due to trump is just ridiculous. Why now, why did it not happen under Obama's presidency, under Clinton, under Bush? Trump has gotten no credit because the MSM and left in America refuse to acknowledge anything positive he does. Japan's Prime Minister has also credited Trump with NorKor's turn around. Trump has even gotten China to assist with NorKor. Although China is the last one to want to see one united Korea. Pretty impressive. Again, still early. But so far, Trump is having some pretty great success stories even if the MSM are not reporting them or downplaying them. Obstructionist tactics: No president has had to put up with such negative opposition as Trump. The MSM has reported 90% negative. President Carter said Trump has been wrongfully attacked and he never saw anything like it. Think there is no bias? If even a small amount of the things said about Trump were said about Obama the press would be shouting every ism in the book. Not a single democrat voted for the Tax cuts. Many democrat representatives have signed a petition to impeach Trump. Really? For what? Do they know how hard it is to impeach a President to the point of removal from office? Probably not. My own theory is they want him gone because as the corruption of the Obama admin and DNC comes slowly out they are really afraid they may go to prison. And to be honest, there are plenty politicians and administration officials, both democrat and republican, that belong in jail. Sure, the Republicans also push back when a Democrat is in power. But it has never been anything like it is now under Trump. The things being said are loony tunes. Thanks for hearing me. Got an opinion, great! Post away. Yet in October, after the third-quarter figures showed annualized growth of 3%, he wrote me to ask truculently: "Any retraction coming from your article in the spring about Trump 'dreaming if he thinks he can get 3% growth'?" Column If Trump thinks he can get more than 3% economic growth, he's dreaming May 19, 2017 | 2:20 PM Over the course of a subsequent email exchange, he added: "Every left wing economist was wrong on growth for 2017." And, "Yes, it is hazardous to read too much into 6 months of data, but wow is this economy sizzling." And, "I'm just surprised that as a 'business' reporter for the LA times you missed the biggest financial story of the last eight years: the Trump moon bounce in the financial markets and the real economy - which is sizzling hot right now after a decade of malaise. ‎But don't feel bad, most in the media and all the liberal economists who you cited missed the call as well." I asked Moore after Friday's fourth-quarter figure was published if he had any further..
  7. Strider


    I can respect that!
  8. Strider


    I can only recommend you read more. An FBI Director giving classified memos and documents to a friend to leak to hurt Trump is a deep state event. You cant believe there is a deep state or you don’t want to believe there is a deep state? Hillary made deals with Obama appointees that if she won the presidency their jobs were secure and they in turn did everything they could to help her. When the FBI learned of the Clinton/AG meeting at the airport they were not interested in what was discussed, they wanted to know who leaked it. Strange behavior indeed.
  9. Strider


    You are being disingenuous. You said what you said to insult Trump and most likely get a reaction from me.
  10. Strider


    Trump usually fires back, rarely initiates name calling. He gives better than he gets and the MSM and political insulated elitists are not used to that happening. They just did not know how to deal with someone like Trump. I had the biggest inauguration crowd ever! White lie. Who cares? Not me. Unorthadox yes. But hardley worthy of impeachment. Haha
  11. Strider


    To say he has poor leadership is to ignore his achievements to date. He has an unconventional leadership style that can be very confrontational. But it seems to get results. Be honest here yourself. To say he admires Putin and Erdogan is a simplification. He is president and has to keep his options open. He has also insulted Putin on more than one occasion. That is how he deals, his diplomacy. To say he would throw out the Constitution is more nonsense. The FBI brough discredit on themselves. Trump had nothing to do with that. I never mentioned Mueller. Not sure the relevance there. In answer to your Obama question, he did do much more than Trump has ever done to sidestep th Constitution. It was Obama himself who said he can’t make immigration law yet enacted DACA. It was an Obama appointed DOJ official that tried to hide info concerning the 84 million misuse of campaign contributions by Hillary. More to come on that. It was Obama that weaponized the IRS to target conservative supporters. And you just know he knew what the Hillary people and FBI/CIA were doing concerning the fake dossier. Spying on political opponents is not the American way. He had the most corrupt AG in Eric Holder who was found in contempt by Congress, a first, fot refusing to turn over docments concerning Fast and Furios. Yep, plenty of issues in the Obama years. Now tell me, how has Trump violated his oath to uphold the Constitution?
  12. Strider


    Well you hit every major left wing talking point. Haha First, Trumps personal life is just that, personal. It is none of my or your business. So most of your tyraid is irrelevent to Trump as the president. I never critisized Obama on a personal level, only his policy decisions as president. And Obama was a very weak president. He was lead purely by an ideology. An ideology that was anti American. His economic policys hurt this nation’s recovery. In fact his decisions prolonged our stagnent economy while doubling our national debt. Wages went down. Unemployment in minority communities got worse. The welfare rolls expanded drastically. He divided Americans, he ignored the rule of law, and he made law through executive order he was not authorized to make. In short, he will go down as one of the worst presidents since Jimmy Carter. I have not even touched on his disasterous foreign policy decisions which emboldened our enemies and saw the rise of ISIS, Strengthened Iran, and excellerated the NorKor rocket and nuclear program. So you don’t like Trump as a person, fair enough. But no one is asking you to go have a beer with him. You have to judge him on his policies as President and his results. That is only fair. But as you may have noticed, the press has been anything but fair concerning President Trump. They are out to destroy him, as were many in the Obama era justice department. FBI and CIA were in bed with democrats to destroy him. It was truly a deep state effort. Scarey that our nation acted so badly and tried to thwart the will of tbe people. As the emails are reluctantly released through FOIA law suits more and more facts are coming out about just how deep this conspiracy went. Senior FBI agents were fired or demoted over their roll. It should concern every American who loves our freedoms, nation, and supports our Constitution. You can have strong “personal” feelings about Trump, but who are you benefiting? Are we so selfish that we allow our personal feelings to block what is good for the nation? I put the nation ahead of my personal feelings and will always do so. Trump is no politician. He says what he thinks, sometimes getting him into trouble. But give me that reality any day before a lying smooth talking politician like Obama and the cabinet he choose to perpetuate his lies. Trump is a real person, a breath of fresh air who says what he thinks and tries to do what he says. No code, no deception. He is human, he makes mistakes, and most importantly he gets results.
  13. Strider


    Hi Ande. Yes, in many ways Obama and Trump are the same, in so far as lying is concerned, but with one major difference. Trump's lies, like are basically out of a self inflated ego. White lies not hurting the nation, mostly of a personal nature. Trump was clear as he campaigned and he is doing exactly what he said, or as much as he can given the anti Trump DNC and obstructionism. You know how rare that is? Obama only said Hope and Change. Hell, he ran a whole campaign on just those 3 words. But Obama's lies were huge. If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor...If you like your Insurance you can keep your insurance. Economy under Obama never took off. GDP never got at or above 3% in any qtr. In fact it averaged just 1.2% over 8 years. Military did not get a single pay raise out of Obama. He decimated the military. He doubled the debt. He ruined health care and his claim families would save an average of $2500 was just BS. Cost went up across the board in the health care industry. Jobs left our shores, Obama said they would never come back. Boy was he wrong, He just did not know how to get them back. ISIS emerged as Obama prematurely withdrew US troops form Iraq. Little rocket man is asking to meet. He suspended his nuclear and missile testing programs. (keep fingers crossed) I could go on and on listing the successes of President Trump. And he has only been in office just over a year. So, if one can get past their personal feelings about Trump, and see the good his actions are doing for not only America but much of the World, the duty is clear. I would never put my personal distaste for any President over his policies if those policies were good for America because non are perfect. My two cents...good talk.
  14. I imagine that only certain fish would survive in an IAVs system with intermittent airation. Maybe an airstone / pump would would be prudent.
  15. Hello from the Aloha State. When I was a teen one of my jobs was working at a nursery. One of my tasks was taking seedlings and transplanting them into greenhouse sand beds. After they grew a little they were potted and put outside. The sandbeds had sand and perlite. That is all. Anyway, I thought this was similar to what you were doing.... Maybe plant seedlings, wait, then add fish....? Any reason perlite cannot be added to tbe first 8"?
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