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  1. Hi there, random question here. I read a post by you concerning some mineralization tank nuances. I was wondering if you ever find out the reason for the pH and phosphate spike after agitating the mineralization tank?  Also, you said you tested it the next day. Could the rise in pH have happened within 30 mins or so?

  2. Nice updates on your progress.
  3. Do you have any more details of these systems and water distribution?
  4. LOL...It has been a rough summer indeed. My system has been worked on very slowly and the heat of the summer has not allowed me to do anything. Now the nights are starting to cool off so it should drop water temps to reasonable levels. Then all I need is shade cloth and a cover for the raft and I will be off and going.. MT is kicking butt though. Ready to go
  5. lol.. its all good. those bag filters and sieve combo is a pain.. I thought i had mentioned that to you strider.. maybe it was someone else.. its all good though. your build is producing which is more than I can say about mine its talking too long for me to get it going
  6. Where did he say this and in what context? 1% may be a generalization of how much the fish will eat through its lifecycle. But this number is usally higher depending on the fish tilapia 1.2% or so.
  7. How big was your fish tank again? 200L and 100 jade perch? Hmmm.... What's your plan as they grow?
  8. I tried heating the water and humidity became a big problem so I quit in a hurry. Now I have two water heaters that aren't being used at all. Maybuse them in my MT in next winter. Also since I have sensors feeders etc in my fishbox keeping humidity under control is important. But I see your point for your system.
  9. I am using the outlet vent from my house into the fish box. And currently a window AC to cool if necessary during summer months here. I have no number on the heating Bill but I used a $15 heater from convenience store to heat it all through winter here in Alabama. Didn't increase my Bill by much at all. My garage system and it's heat pump has been killing though on power bill. Next year I will keep better records of power usage for the whole system. (decoupled AP losely based on Pauls system)
  10. There is a Swedish system that has operated for 15 years based on the sperano system. They are building a commercial size based on that system currently. Just saying
  11. Have you done any test comparing heating water vs heating airspace where fish tanks are located Matt? I have gone strictly to heating the air where fish tanks are and a small ventilation fan to keep humidity at bay. Anyway, good questions above. (y)
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