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  1. Thank you guys for the replies. This post was mainly to get information for my wife as to why we should use a pool instead of building it. Ande the links were great!
  2. I want to use the 18' diameter ultra frame intex pool but was just curious about the rectangular tanks incase i just have to build one using wood and pond linera
  3. Just curious as to if it is possible to maintain a good system building a rectangular pond? I was thinking of using multiple bottom drains to help collect those solids that accumulate in the creases but I would like to know if anyone has done it before?
  4. Craig, I would love to come visit and see the setup when it is complete. I too want to create a RAS
  5. Lol I need to get my pieces together so I can build my RFF as well.
  6. For some reason when I switch to using a Samsung phones all my profile pics rotated in one direction or another
  7. Oh I don't plan to, I only feed once a day because I'm not in a huge rush and don't want to complicate the process. Plus I don't have any added filtration setup yet. Once I get the RFF set up I'll throw in some catfish and coopernose bluegill. I'll add a second tank in the spring for some tilapia, haven't received my permit yet!
  8. Really nice system you have there.
  9. Wow I hope to setup something similar this spring. I'm looking to grow out some tilapia and Monster bluegill myself
  10. You already know, hopefully, that this is one of if not the best and most informative forum out there
  11. This pic actually shows the sump a little. It's buried so I can keep my grow beds lower to the ground. I will also be adding a radial flow filter in between the FT and first GB
  12. I started this build last week and got a lot done but lost my build photos. I have one grow bed setup so far and 2 others will be done this weekend more then likely. It is the CHIFT PIST system that I plan to keep adding to as I go. My ultimate goal is 1 tank tilapia and 1 tank catfish/bluegill with about 8-12 grow beds. Here is a pic of what it looks like thus far
  13. Yea it's coming along. Got one grow bed, fish tank and sump tank running to start the process. Now it's just a waiting game. When I start getting reading I'll add plants. My goldfish seem to be doing just fine so far
  14. They look nice, might have to try them myself!
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