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    As of 2014, three AP systems running, planted a fruit and berry guild, have three beehives, and have written a book about Aquaponics called "Gotta Grow With Aquaponics" to help people build and use their own aquaponic systems with off the shelf parts.
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    Aquaponics, Container Gardening, Beekeeping, Woodworking

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  1. Such a woman does not exist, sad to say. Although I did get some new tools to build the hutches, I had to do the work myself. And I do like my new Ryobi 18v tool set. But dang it, I can't seem to keep up with the population explosion. Did I mention that she just bought six more buns to go with the ones we had already? Five females and one male. Why do rabbits have to look so cute? And their fur so soft? It goes right to the heart of a woman. So, I shall build some more hutches. Good thing I can get wooden pallets for free. They get taken apart to build other things. All I have to buy is the wire.
  2. Howdy All, That woman of mine went out and bought a Flemish Giant rabbit last year. And being the soft-hearted woman she is, the thing even lived in the house for a few months. After it grew to twice the size it was when it came to live with us, and started jumping on top of the shavings box, then started jumping over the top of the foldable cage panels, it was relegated to the outside hutch. Then she bought another doe. Then she bought a buck... and you know what happened next. So I finished the first hutch, built another hutch, and started the third. Now the first one was a simple three foot by two foot deal built from scrap wood and new rabbit wire for the bottom. The second one was six feet long by three feet wide, built on legs with a 30 degree slant on the poop board underneath. The third is eight feet by three feet. I've come across some PVC pipe, thin walled, and about 12 inches in diameter. It was used for a catch pipe for a swamp cooler so there is already a wide slit in the pipe. I figure on screwing this pipe under the poop board so the manure falls into the pipe instead of onto the ground. Since I'm already a gardener, I'm quite happy with the manure that these little buggers produce. And it can go directly into the gardens and containers without having to wait for compost to mature. A couple of worm bins have been made with scrap roofing steel on the inside to make the turning easier, and outside to make it a bit easier on the eyes. Since we lost one or two litters from the cold weather, we used one of my hot rods to take the kits and their box into the house for the night. Mama took them back in the morning with no problem. Its been a learning process for sure. I do appreciate all the info I've gleaned from this forum and thank the contributors for sharing their experiences.
  3. These are some of the images that are in my book "Gotta Grow With Aquaponics" available at half.com
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