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    Our family has been growing aquaponically for a number of years. In 2012 we open Urban Food Forest, Inc. to assist schools and backyard enthusiast alike to get involved with aquaponics. We design, build, install and maintain aquaponic systems in Florida.
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    Everything aquaponics

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  1. I just chalked it up to my extremely poor dirt gardening success.
  2. We grew a ton of it in our flood n drain beds inside a greenhouse in Lutz, FL area. We actually ended up transplanting it all out side as it grew so well it was taking over the entire system. Unfortunately when we put it in the ground it all died over a period of about a year. I never could grow anything in the ground anyway so this was just par for the course. All said, if you have the room it does great in aquaponics.
  3. www.theurbanfoodforest.com is our home on the web. We have multiple aquaponic systems installed throughout Florida in schools and residences and enjoy teaching anyone that will listen about aquaponics. Great thing is that so many folks out there want to learn more.
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