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  1. Hi BD - that fish was an original to the system in May 2009.
  2. Looking forward to an update bigdaddy. My Balcony Kit is still going strong! Regards - ColinW
  3. I'm still here!!! I check in every now and then. Nothing new happening... AP just rolling along!!! Snow Peas doing really well at the moment!!! Anyone wanna buy some Snow Peas??? Regards to all - ColinW
  4. Pictures Shane!!! You know we want pictures!!!! Regards - ColinW
  5. Gees Shane... I was getting worried about you!!! Glad to hear all is well!!! We ate one of our Silvers the other night... Steamed with Spring Onion and Ginger - served with Soy Sauce - here are some pics...
  6. I have Silvers and Catfish in one tank. Have harvested a number of Silvers. They are definitely slow growing over winter... but they do grow to an edible size.
  7. Well... you really do eat well Shane!!! In my case... I eat well too!!! BUT... I really must confess that all I do is CATCH the Fish... my lovely wife cleans... and cooks the Fish!!! When life is good... it is REALLY GOOD!!!
  8. Silver Perch... steamed with Spring Onion and Ginger... served with Soy Sauce... on Rice.
  9. Hi Shane - finished stage 2 today. No - covers not attached... just sitting in channel around the edge of the growbeds. Will strap them down with an elastic strap from side to side - under each end of the growbeds.
  10. Hi Shane - my wife was sick of plant attacks by possums... or rats. She came up with some novel solutions... Plant Covers "Hoot" Owl Sensor Light Trap
  11. Hi All - started with 2 plants from CERES in Brunswick. First year not much growth - no harvesting until this year. Probably should have put more distance between the new plants that came up (allow about 100mm) - they were very crowded when harvesting. I think if they were further apart - they may have grown bigger. Regards - Colin
  12. Hi Gary - simple to grow. I think our weather is not that good... but he... you never know if you don't give it a go. I'll see if I can get instructions up... Shane - Yes... Silver Perch and Stir Fried Water Chestnuts unbelievably "Noice"!!!
  13. Today we harvested our Water Chestnuts... and a Silver Perch. Both ended up on our dinner plates... in a Stir Fry...
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