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    Born on a farm in New Zealand, studied general agriculture and animal husbandry, traveled to USA on a fishing boat, worked in landscape industry then Apple Inc. Retired and built Victory Aquaponics with my son Gavin.
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  1. We had fun at the NH Farm and forest expo. We set up a mini Aquaponics system with some Goldfish and this shot ended up in the local paper.
  2. Hi there, We are over to your right in Londonderry NH. Our system is also heated with a wood boiler and our lp gas doesn't turn on until the temp dips to 31F. We would love to share info. What temp do you keep your water? We have found 70F to be about right if we let it go much below the Tilapia don't eat much and we need them eating. We are using mostly DWC and rafts so the air temp is not so important. https://www.facebook.com/victoryaquaponics
  3. Hi Vermont, how are the plans working out. You must travel down 93 past Manchester NH sometimes. Call in and see us if you do we are only 5mins of the highway in Londonderry and would love to swap ideas.
  4. Here in New Hampshire USA we are finally getting a break with day time temps up to 6C and -1C at night won't last though predicting 2C day and -8C nights in a few days.
  5. I'm going to take a look at at the flexible haas line. This is what I used and I can tell you it is very efficient at heat transfer. The pump that pumps the water through this tube is the Grundfos set at .75 amp pictured in an earlier post. This is from DudaDiesel Biodiesel supplies. If you can get better pricing please don't hold back. They also have all the fittings and connectors. 3/4" Corrugated Flexible Stainless Steel Tubing [sST075] | DudaDiesel Biodiesel Supplies 3/4" Corrugated Flexible Stainless Steel Tubing • 1 Foot per Quantity, cut per order, 3/4" ID • Makes solar installations cost effective and quick to install • Get fittings pre-installed to your hose by purchasing fittings with installation QTY $Ea. 1+ 3.99 10+ 3.49 50+ 2.99 164+ 2.49 328+ 2.25 The 8 gallons per minute is the rate that I pump water through my DWC raft tanks. I also pump about 2gallons per minute through an 8' X 12' NFT area and 4 Zip Towers. The Zip Tower work great although I am getting some drip of the lettuce leaves which is wasting water.
  6. Mh I have a Froling wood boiler which heats two 400 gallon storage tanks. I have a temperature sensor in the filter tank set to turn on at 69F and off at 70F. When the sensor calls for heat 120F water is pumped through 3/4 pex to my sump tanks where it passes through a 30ft coil of 3/4 inch ribbed stainless tube. During spring and fall it takes about 1hr to raise the temp 1 degree. During this cold weather it is running almost non stop to maintain 69F. I am currently heating about 3,000 gals in my non heated but insulated basement which houses fish tanks, filter and sump tanks and another 12,000 gallons in the greenhouse which for the past few weeks has been at freezing at night. I am currently circulating about 8 gallons a minute through my upper tanks and the same going directly to the fish tanks. I also loose a lot of heat to the greenhouse through the NFT and Zip towers. Any question just ask
  7. Thanks Gary, My wife was concerned about the amount I had invested in my little retirement venture and did some research on the net and found a site that said one could return a Million per acre per year with Aquaponics and given that we had 4 acres she was quite relieved. I did tell her that it was possible that this person had not actually built any Aquaponic system nor made any money selling any greens. It is very true that more money is being made selling plans for unproven systems and the components to put them together than on selling any produce. We are not under any allusion that this will be easy or that there will ever be any huge profits, fortunately I enjoy the life style and have not borrowed money for the initial investment. We are learning a lot and will share what we learn with you. We also know we have a lot more to learn and are not to proud to admit it. We will be asking for help and may not always completely take the advise but we will be learning from it. Ross
  8. Gary and others, Our setup is based on the UVI system allowing for the fact that New Hampshire climate is a lot cooler than the University of the Virgin Islands. We have also added the NFT, Vertical Zip Towers, and Flood and Drain area because we hope to use our facility as an introduction to Aquaponics location for local schools.
  9. Thank you, -11C today that's 12F for those in the US. Burning a little more Propane than I would like.
  10. Hi, My son and I have been experimenting with Aquaponics for the past 4 years and last year built a commercial facility in Londonderry New Hampshire. We are currently only at about 30% capacity plant wise as we cycle the system with four of the twelve 650 gallon fish tanks and two of the three 8' x 75' deep water beds in use. We also have an 8' x 12' NFT area and are experimenting with a few Zip towers. One of our problems was the importation of Tilapia into NH. It took us a while to obtain the licenses and find a breeder the meet the requirements of the NH Fish and Game. As a result we can tell you that tri tail Goldfish will grow as fast or faster from fry than Tilapia in 70 degree water in the same tank eating the same food. We are keeping the water warm with a high efficiency wood boiler that heats the curculating water through a heat exchanger in the sump tank. Because we are in NH and experience cold winters we built the fish and sump tanks in an insulated basement under the 96' X 34" greenhouse. We have a propane modine heater in the greenhouse set at 34 degrees to prevent the plants freezing during the current cold snaps. We are producing Kale, Swiss chard, Lettuce, Arugula and Mustard and have started selling a local farmers markets. If you would like to learn more go to https://www.facebook.com/victoryaquaponics and wish us luck, we may need it. Thanks Ross
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