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  1. so in may, i had my air pumps come unplugged and i lost all the catfish and bluegill i had left... which was around 600 lbs of fish.. you know.. over a quarter ton of fish growing in a suburban back yard ,, about 70 catfish from 4-7lbs and 300ish bluegill and red eared sunfish averaging 1 lb (.75-1.3 lbs) so 600 lbs is honestly a conservative estimate, I am not gonna dig up my raw pictures to repost but if you scroll through this multipost instagram post you can see all the death and destruction and the mound i built to hot compost the fish I think forums in genera
  2. i would not have a problem putting those species together. they are kinda of all forage fish and behave similarly. It may be difficult to get crappie to eat commercial feed/pellets unless you know they are already feed trained.
  3. cleaned more fish this weekend. 12 fish ranging from about 4lbs to 7.5 About 80 left in that 1000 gallon tank.. so i cant let up.. the fish load is too high we fried some last night with friends. and i sent about a lb of meat home with anyone that wanted it.. send about 3 lbs of meat with one guest that will cook it for his mom and family today.. and i am taking 7 lb to my moms for the extended family gathering there.
  4. Had a couple of coworkers and a friend over today and we fished out some fish for them to take home.. this is a little over 4 lbs. Of the 7 fish we fished out of the 1200 gallon catfish tank they ranged from 2-4 lbs.. From some underwater video footage i took last week i think the biggest in the tank will be in the 6+ lb area but it feels good to start reaping some benefits of the system after 2 years.
  5. We technically had our first frost back in late nov/early december which is when my peppers, tomatoes and sweet potatos died back to the ground... but today was really the first real frost that i am worried about damaging my more cold hardy warm weather plants like my cirtus and bananas. and tomorrow morning will be in the high 20's, then warm up to into the 40;s. so i am only needed to keep these plants above 32F for a few hours.. not days or weeks. The citrus is all potted and i brought it indoors.. for the bananas, last year they died back to the ground then grew back... But in hopes
  6. This past weekend i also cleaned up my soil beds and did some winter planting.. I broadcast the seeds so its not very organized... carrots, beets, radishes, turnips, several kinds of onions, kales, lettuce cabbage. I still need to go back and plant some garlic bulbs and brassicas
  7. I posted a few 1 minute underwater videos from each of the tanks on my youtube.. there;s no talking or context.. just the videos of fish swimming.. I am planning to harvest a few of the channel cats this weekend so i will get some weights and pictures of that. right now i estimate the channel cats to be about 3-4lb each on average. The crappie are 5-7" i estimate and the bluegill are around 3/4lb Channel Cats bluegill crappie
  8. I dunno about the OK truck.. it could have been a bad batch or it occurs to me most (all?) of their customers are ponds and people dont really see or documentt the mortality rate (since sometimes fish are terminal but still swimming when they are released) so they get away with it. As for the malone and sons.. i do try to get their crappie.. i just try really hard to get them as close to the time they were pulled from the pond as possible.. I just call and bother my pond stocking place on when they are planning their shipments.. the usually get their deliveries in the middle of th
  9. i have met malone and sons truck in shreveport, LA twice (its a 3+ hour drive each way).. the first time it was the healthiest fish i ever started with.. the second time they were unhealthy, emaciated had obv been sitting in holding tank for week+ and i lost all of them within a few days of transport. The only other place i get fish from now is a pond stocking reseller in north texas named pond king who gets their fish from wherever , but every time i have asked the crappie have been from malone and sons too. The only time i have gotten fish that i dont think originated f
  10. These are black crappie. They are eating optimal blue gill or bluegill jr or a mix i cant remember but i pretty much only use optimal now. Salt can be ok in aquaponics. People do salt when fish are stressed.. different plants have different tolerances to salt levels. But when i feed train its in a garage nuresery system which s only aquaculture so its not a problem for me. And now that i think i about it i am pretty sure i salted the day i got them. so i think i do all of the same things.. I still struggle to find healthy fish.. they all come from fish farms in arkansas swhich
  11. thats really awesome.. I will have to go back and reread your thread for ideas on how to improve my results. As of now i have 20 that made it to 5-7" and now i am going to see if i can breed them in my tanks and aquariums like i did with bluegill and res
  12. not really, i wouldnt have a problem with putting them in the same tank unless you are breeding and specifically dont want crosses.. and by reeding, i dont think you have to try, they just will. the fry are very small and will likely drain into the other tank tho. if its a relatively small tank most wont survive predation. just depends on what your goals are.
  13. this is a very old thread but i will go ahead and advise, i am pretty sure the Hawaiian golds are not a species , there are just Mozambique( O. mossambicus ) bread for their recessive color trait. blue (Oreochromis aureus) and nile (O. niloticus) are other species...That's not a comprehensive list by any means but they are the most common ones i see in the U.S. There is another popular strain which i call "hornorum" some people call it a "wami" which is Oreochromis urolepis hornorum . The other species of tilkapias (nile, blue, mozambique) tilapias have X and Y chromos
  14. I am still waiting for 2019 for the texas legislature to reconvene and hopefully finish passing that backyard chicken bill. But thankfully there has been some civil disobedience in my city which has resulted in the issue getting re-addressed by the city council. At first i thought it was going to get dumpstered and railroaded by ignorance (again) [cause, apparently this comes up every 10 years or so] but the lady that is appealing the rule got something around 1000 signature on her petition (the city is about 40k population) so i dont think city council is going to be able sweep it
  15. Hi,I bought a lot of MBBR media for my 5000 gallon system in 2015. I used most of it but i had one box left over that i thought i was going to use for a secondary project but i never did.The media is still in original packaging and never been used.Its allied aqua brand mbbr media.. ths link is exactly what i boughthttps://alliedaqua.com/equipment-and-su ... -feet-box/selling for $80 oboThe box and media has been stored indoors for the last 2-3 years. So no exposure to UV or temps that would degrade the quality in any way.
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