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  1. I can say that aquaponics is the most profitable part of the farm, by far. The real downside of aquaponics revenue is that it's unstable. We can count on people buying milk and cheese, and we can count on CSA customers, but it's hard to calculate all of the possible things that can go wrong in aquaponics and how they will affect harvest. The only thing we do that has a better ROI is re-selling goods from other producers - the widget business. There is a better margin on aquaponics when it is working correctly. It's easy and predictable to say that if I buy x goods for y dollars and sell them f
  2. I'm going to bump this thread because I'm new to the forums and commercial aquaponics is what I do. In the couple of years that has passed since this forum opened up there are more and more aquaponic farms, aquaponics receives more and more press, and there are more and more training courses to take. I will say this about the Friendly model: it works for us. We are operating 3 aquaponics hoop houses and a fourth using the fish water to feed tomatoes, peppers, herbs, and a few fruit trees. Exactly how much we make off them is a matter of confidentiality but I will tell you in no uncertain terms
  3. Thanks All, and thanks Kellen for the pointer to the commercial thread. I'll take a look at it and see if I can add my two cents. The Friendly model is the one I'll talk about most often because it's the one I use and am most familiar with. One thing I can say about it: the Friendly model works for commercial production but only if you follow it and don't try to innovate too much. But for those who are experts - engineers, biologists, and so on - innovate with caution. I would say that the main reason that there have been some spectacular failures using any particular model is the temptation t
  4. My name is Martin and I would like to introduce myself and tell Aquaponics Nation members about the upcoming Texas Commercial Aquaponics and Solar Greenhouse Training Course from January 13 to January 17 at Sand Creek Farm and Dairy in Cameron, Texas. Sand Creek Farm has three commercial aquaponics systems along with a raw milk dairy, farmstead cheese house and a vegetable CSA that provide food to over 225 families in central Texas. For more information about the course, check out [REMOVED]. Our setup is based on the Friendly system and our tanks stock bluegill and tilapia. We produce ma
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