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  1. Started a bunch of seeds (peas, lettuces, chilies, herbs). Put fish in. Ammonia is 0ppm, nitrites 0ppm. Ph is very slowly climbing, it's at 7.2 - from the comments on this thread I was expecting it to drop not climb. Other than that all looks good.
  2. Why is it so important to add plants right away? I'm guessing to eat up the nitrate, but is nitrate harmful to the fish? I don't have any plants ready, any way I can toss the fish in first, or do the plants have to go in first? Many many thanks for your help, and patience with my questions Alim.
  3. I am? How can you tell, if I may ask for my own learning...
  4. I've got to start new ones. I went away for a week and left the lights off while I was away, didn't want any problems. When I came back they were all dead, I guess they don't like a week with no light
  5. I added some saved fish water yesterday. Today ammonia 0.5ppm, nitrites 0.5ppm, nitrates test is a gorgeous cranberry juice red, I would say around 100ppm.
  6. Ammonia is now at 0 ppm. I don't understand how that could be, but I've checked for several days in a row, and it's consistently yellow, and I haven't changed my testing method or anything like that. Ph is still nice 7.0. I didn't expect it to cycle that quickly... I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that the pots in the wicking bed are filled with home-made compost? Perhaps there's loads of nitrifying bacteria in the system and they were just waiting for the right conditions.
  7. How about plain old aquarium ph-up?
  8. Ok, diluted again. Now at 4ppm, ph 7.0. I think I might have been reading the test wrong before, possible reading the number above the colour panel instead of reading the number below the colour panel.
  9. To dilute I drained off a little over half the tank (into a bucket) and then topped up with tap water that I de-chlorinated by boiling and then letting it cool. I did this about four times in order to get it down to 8ppm ammonia. The main aeration is by the sprayers, you can see them in the second pic up top, do you think that's enough? They spray like mad, I have to keep a loose cover on the filter or there's water everywhere. What do I do when the ph starts dropping, add some ph-up? I'll do another dilution if that will help... Thanks!!
  10. Ok, I've diluted the heck out of this thing, finally got it down to 8ppm ammonia. Ph is around 6.6 or 6.8. Now do I just let it run and monitor the ph and ammonia levels every so often?
  11. Ph is 6.4, but the ammonia even after 2.5:2.5 dilution is still off the chart! It's an API test kit.
  12. D'oh! In my enthusiasm to add the water, I forgot to test the ph. So now what, should I test the ammonia every week and watch for it to drop? or ... ?
  13. Awesome. I've got a huge pot boiled, i'll let it cool overnight. I'll take the ph readings before I dump the new water in tomorrow. Thanks!
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