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  1. I am sorry you feel that way. We did our best and it did not work out for you. We are only human and we do not get it right every time. Over the past 10 years we have been in the AP business we have thousands of happy satisfied clients. Once again, sorry it did not work out better for you. No matter what I say you will disagree. Have a nice day.
  2. Hi Gary, BD and others. Came over here to find a link to Kellen's website for a member on my forum who has some specific questions about Tilapia. Had a look around and am interested in this particular topic. Yes, some FB pages are very poorly moderated and can become very toxic. The usual suspects turn up like bad pennies in all sorts of social media platforms. A comment on this old red herring of "free speech". I look at it this way, it is like having a Christmas party at your home; a guest becomes drunk and disorderly, he is asked to behave, he gets worse, so he is asked to leave and is promptly ejected. On his way out the door the obnoxious guest screams "free speech", or, "you don't like it when I disagree with you", or some other red herring. Surprise, surprise! No one likes captain obnoxious at the party.....Why should the other guests or the host have to put up with silly argumentative persons. I much rather a smaller forum that is populated by genuine students and practitioners. The argumentative are most welcome go somewhere else. The problem is not confined to AP forums. I am a member of a few other forums, particularly an aviation forum that is very strictly moderated, and I have to say it is a pleasure to go there and discuss/learn without the jabs and barbs of the obnoxious persons of the world. Personally, I don't care if Captain Obnoxious is clever enough to fly three jumbo jets at the same time, who wants to be anywhere near him. I believe there is still a place for Forums, and by and large, provide a much better platform for knowledge sharing than does FB. FB is easy. People are on it all the time so it is very easy for them to join a group and flick around. Not so easy to join a forum. One has to deliberately go and log in etc, but with FB, they are already there. The joining process for Forums is more difficult too. I guess that has come about in an effort to minimise spammers. FB overcomes this to a large degree by requiring people to use their real name. I have never been able to understand why someone will join a forum and wish to have some silly name...."superman" or the like. Why not just use your real name? Our forum has steadily declined in activity over the last year, but of late is on the upswing again. I notice new members that start off on FB and soon realise it is better to get long-term meaningful help on a forum. I have three FB pages, one has 23K friends/fans/members whatever you wish to call them, another has just on 2K and another just a few hundred. Each caters to distinctly different crowds. Obviously, there is some crossover as there is with forums. Trouble is, keeping up with all these different platforms makes me feel like a "one-armed wallpaper hanger" at times. Lots of work. I am sure you can relate to that feeling Gary PAP has always been there to help clients, students. It costs a lot to keep it going. With the combined input of knowledgeable members has proved to be a useful resource as I am sure AN is also. Each has it's own flavour and that is just fine. Keep up the good work. AP is still growing rapidly. I am always so pleased to meet so many fine people as I travel around the world who are interested in pure food, food security; in short, better food for their family.
  3. Hi Gary, It is up to the Gov department when they choose to add the other material. I guess like all things Gov it will happen in due course. Renee certainly knows all the numbers, she has been an RTO for a good while, she most likely did not wish to be specific. She is on holiday and you got her when she was mobile.
  4. Hi Everyone and Gary. Long time-no-see.....I am a bit shocked that I remembered my old log in. Just to make a couple of comments that might assist. The usual fees for a student to do this kind of course will be in the order of 4 to 6 thousand dollars. It will be a minimum of three weeks in length. This kind of course is also eligible for Gov subsidy for students. There are various programs like the "Farm Ready" subsidies for students. We are getting exact info on these possible student subsidies so we can publish them for the benefit of the prospective students. An RTO wishing to buy the course can expect to pay 30K + for the course. There are three elements to the course package and we have elected not to sell them separately as is the case with a lot of other courses where an RTO can buy just the scoping and elect to develop their own teaching notes/guides (content) and assessment criteria. That path may appear to be less expensive but requires further approvals and can get messy and expensive. Most RTO's will want to purchase the entire package ready to go. Thanks Ande for your thoughtful posts on the subject.
  5. Actually that is not really correct, it was very definitely set up as an Aquaponics Forum, info about Quail and chooks was added but the thrust was always Aquaponics until I handed over the running of this forum to you when you then added numerous other titles and adopted the term "Microponics"If what you claim were to be true , wouldn't it be helpful to everyone to undergo a name change ..perhaps to "Microponics" MPHQ You have a blog named "Microponics" perhaps you could shift the forum to there and run under that name. Just a suggestion.
  6. And anything you don't agree with or shows up your often irrational logic. 300mm deep grow beds are proven over many years to be the optimum depth for general use in home media based systems, and as many well experienced AP practitioners have stared many times, other depths will work too, but the optimum depth is undoubtedly 300mm. There is actually nothing to debate on this issue. Use whatever depth you feel good about, but best long term results will be obtained in a domestic situation by using 300mm deep (or deeper) grow beds.
  7. Forgot to mention, by the age of 14 I had built up my apiary to 22 hives. Robbed around 200 kg a year which I sold around the town. I started out with one hive which my father and I got out of a fallen gum tree. I only keep one hive at this time, It is three boxes high right now and need robbing. Does that count as an association with micro farming ?
  8. Well Gary, now you possess the power to tell people what they mean when they say something...very impressive. You should become a political commentator, or a fortune teller !!! Actually, my experience in food production goes back 63 years. I was born in Stanthorpe, the son of a small hold farmer. We kept chooks, goats, sheep and an extensive garden as well as the fruit orchard. (there were an assortment of ducks hanging around the place, but I think most of them belonged to the next door neighbour)In my youth I worked on neighbours orchard and small crop production of all the usual things, tomatos, cabbage and the like. Like most country boys, I worked week ends at 3 pounds a day, daylight till dark, Got a shiny new bike and a few other things from the pay as well as giving half of it to Mum to help with the family budget. My first full time job as an apprentice "Surgical Shoe Maker" was to a master tradesman who also had a 100 acre farm with an extensive orchard and around 100 Border Liecester sheep. I became a bit of an expert in building rams paddocks crutching and sheering as well as deknackering. Ugly job that..... He also had 3 sheep dogs that did not know how to round up sheep...very funny when bringing sheep down to the shearing shed. So, you see I have been associated with food production for 63 years now. I could go on about my time in PNG working on a Tilapia project for CDC at Milne Bay, and an earlier time when I came off my bike while trying to make a fast getaway with a case of cherries under my arm. (does that count as association with micro farming ?) I don't know anything abour Quail...you got me there !!! I know a lot about skinning roos and trapping rabbits to sell to the local "Rabbit Works" I have never worked in a sewerage treatment plant, but I did work as an assistant powder monkey on the sewerage treatment install at Stanthorpe, blowing up rocks......what fun that was. Did not seem like work at all !! The experience in using explosives was useful later when I cleared by hand 3 acres to small crop right here at North Maclean. Two years of growing trellis tomatoes didn't make me a million !!! Then there was the extensive veggie garden here at home for the 25 or more years when my kids were growing up, ceasing only when the drought dried up the back dam about 10 years ago. Then I discovered Aquaponics....Happy days...It is so easy compared to all that other stuff I can tell you !!!! ...Maybe the way you do it is not so easy, I am sure I can help you improve the way you do things. Fish kills, yes I have had a few. I actually own up to mine !!!! And veggies, I grow heaps of them, robust heavy crops. Not like the skinny little tomato bushes at your place. Now, there you go Gary, see what nonsense you can come back with from this post. With your ability to tell people what they really mean, I will not be surprised to discover from you that I was actually born in Toowoomba.. or Cunnamulla....
  9. Murray

    I need lower PH

    Adjusting pH down. The easiest and safest way is to use the juice of a lemon. It will depend on the total litres or gallons of water in your AP system as to how many lemons will be needed. In a system of 1000 ltrs (250 gallons) the juice of half a lemon would be added initially. Wait for 24 hours then measure the pH. If a small fall is observed then repeat the process until you have the system down to just below 7.0 in the ideal range. "Lemon Juice as a pH down adjuster." I have also used Lemon Juice concentrate. In my Patio Quad system there is a total of 1650 ltrs (425 gl approx) of water in the system. I added 250 ml of the lemon concentrate per day for 4 days. This reduced the pH from 7.5 on day one to a reading of 6.8 on day 5. The system has drifted up a little to 7.0 on day 6, but appears to be holding at 7.0 for now. As the system gets more age I expect to see the pH slowly come down further all by itself. In the early stages of an Aquaponics system the pH can sometimes be elevated and difficult to bring down. I have used very small amounts of Hydrochloric acid to adjust downwards. It can be purchased from hardware stores for under 10.00 for 1 ltr. BE VERY CAREFUL HANDLING ACID. One CAP full at a time. Wait 24 hours and add more carrying out pH readings all the while. Remember slowly and easy does it…..pH adjustments should be done slowly.
  10. I have a fix for that problem.
  11. You have too much water flow going into the grow bed. In short, If the siphon won't start there is not enough flow, If it will not stop there is too much. Auto siphons often take two or three attempts to stop in fairly close timimg. What you are describing is typical siphon behaviour that has too much water flow going into the bed Did you make the auto siphon yourself ?
  12. Maybe it is siphoning via the clear hose....what is the actual flow like. It is a bit odd that it starts before it gets to the top of the standpipe
  13. Good install BenY, Don't forget the Seasol A cap a day for the first few weeks to help the plants along and also to get the system cycled. Keep the photos coming.
  14. Hi FF, Yes you can....the name FF has not gone yet There is possibly a good number of people from Sunbury who might try and jump on that username:D
  15. Good one Castaway, you have let the secret out !!! Don't know yet Dale....It is all up in the air as yet.
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