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  1. I have a 50 gallon barrel with 2 cubic feet of MB3. I ran it on a 50 liter an hour pump with 4 large stones. It worked decent enough for the moving bed. It was somewhere between a simmer and gentle boil. I had my doubts that is was enough to slough off old and dead bacteria. I upgraded to an 83 liter air pump and it over powered the moving bed, which was good for the fish tank. The extra air was enough to run a ceramic air stone in the tank.
  2. I used play sand from a box store. I just timed the drain. Two minutes to drain. I am looking around for a couple of stands. I plan to build another bed over my fingerling tank. I am hoping to get a big jump on the tomato growing season this year.
  3. This is the bed that I added to my breeder tank today. It was seeded with Fordhook chard today.
  4. I am not running a constant flow. My attaction is the lower power consumption. Running the flow via two routes, one constant and one timed, sounds good. I do not think you would need a sump that is signifigantly larger since with the space consumed by the sand. In my breeder tank I have a 34 quart tote as a sand bed and I may lose 10 quarts from the FT while pumping The rise and fall in my 100 gallon sump is hardly noticable, but I am only running a 25 gallon grow bed.
  5. I converted my old media beds which were filled with lava rock and ran on gravity fill and drained via bell siphon to sand beds. The beds are fed from the bottom via bulkhead into beds. It is pre-filtered by a RFF and Net tank. It is a timed ebb and flow, running 30 mins of - 2 hours off. I started cabbage and lettuce from seed 4 weeks ago and I am getting pretty good growth. I do not channel the water, but I have an overflow cut at 1/2 inch above the surface of the sand. Today I built a sand bed above my breeder tank to use as a seed starter. I will be planting some seeds tomorrow, more as it goes. Media bed Fill and drain - water pumped from sump Overflow
  6. I am unable to gain access to the Mark Mcmurtry pdf's listed on the forums. Would you allow me access or email them to myrollins@gmail.com.. It would be much appreciated. Thank you

    1. kellenw


      Hi Michael - Your account status has been changed, so you should be able to access the documents now. Take Care! -Kellen

  7. Moving bed, synonym for fluidized bed. In the case of my filter, slightly positively buoyant media boiling in aerated water.
  8. I am still in the build mode, but I will be using a moving bed bio filter. I will be pumping from the sump to the moving bed, aeration will be provided by aspa jet venturi. The moving bed effluent will be overflowing to the FT and sump. I am going to regulate the effluent into the fish tank to get 400 gallons per hour flow rate. I am hoping to be operational by weeks end. I just replumbed my FT today to fix the mistakes that I made with the aquaponics build. I will be posting pics as it progresses.
  9. Here is a study on reconciling PH...I am still looking for other studies. This study doesnt show any big differences in cucumber yields between aquaculture, aquaponics and hydroponics. http://etd.fcla.edu/UF/UFE0019861/tyson_r.pdf I will post more when I locate them. I am a little busy plumbing my system today, rain permitting. If it does rain, I will find more. When I grew cukes, my soil cukes produced earlier, but once the cucumbers in the aquaponics system took off, they out performed the soil grown. I grew tomatoes in the soil most of the spring, summer and late into the fall. The only time my aquaponics system produced tomatoes was when the PH was below 7. For me bacteria was more important than tomatoes, which is another reason I left aquaponics and opted with aquaculture.
  10. Can anyone cite a study that supports the hype? The few that I have read do not seem to help aquaponics. I have read studies from UF that suggest that the veggie yields do not differ much from soil grown, some even suggest that there is a decline in early yields.
  11. This weekend I started transforming my old aquponics system into an aquaculture system. Below is a link to a short video showing the parts and how I plan to use them. Input and criticism will be greatly appreciated. http://youtu.be/Ip-b71HhelI
  12. Too bad AP doesnt have the ,money to lobby some politicians to fund that study, but then again if AP funded the study it would be skewed. There is no money in an independent study. I guess that we are stuck with speculation. lol
  13. Good stuff. We have a local outdoor BBQ stand that has the best fried green maters.
  14. I would say 90% is a good number. I know of 12 people locally (All backyard AP, not looking to get rich) who started about the same time as I did and none of us do it any more. While at work this week I stumbled across an abandoned backyard AP system. It appeared the owner/builder made quite an investment. They used an above ground pool and buried it to ground level. They surrounded the pool with well made raised wooden grow beds (Media and floating rafts) shaped into an octagon, All the beds were void of vegetation and not a drop of water was running in or out. The media bed wasn't even being used as a bio-filter. The owner wasn't home, and I drove by the residence a few times that day hoping to catch them at home and pick their brain as to what happened.
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