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  1. My sandbeds have been doing just fine for the past 3+ years. Would like to know how it has been improved. The video didnt tell me anything.
  2. Any updates to your "reinvention of the wheel"? What did you decide to do?
  3. Worms dont eat the solids. They eat the bacteria that breaks down the solids. Dont expect the worms to clear up your issue with the water flow. Seems you should be filtering the water before it goes in . To answer your question .... yes they'll work their way down, but if there is an anaerobic zone in your bed the worms wont survive.
  4. Interesting little information tidbit on mealworms. https://news.stanford.edu/2019/12/19/mealworms-provide-plastic-solution/
  5. Dont know what size range "playground sand" is. I used 5/20 sandblasting sand to fill my sandbeds for much less. Been working fine going on 3 years now. If your plan is to filter your pond AND grow vegs, then consider the beds an investment. Should give you good service for years with much less maintenance efforts than many other kinds of filters, and the plants' taking up the decayed/mineralized nutrients will help keep the water ph stabalized. I would expect you to be quite pleased with the pond/sandponics marriage once the system is stabalized. Load the beds with plants and see what the system will support.
  6. Kinda hard to offer ideas since you didnt mention how much room you have to play with, or if it'll be totally dark. In my opinion keeping that many fish in a 55 gal drum is a bit inhumane, but that's another discussion. I think you're asking for trouble stacking that many fish in such a small place with only a small swirl filter and small biodigester and recirculating the water back to the fish-laden tank. I think you'll need a filter to remove the solids from the circulation and some way to deal with the ammonia buildup from so many fish. If you have a fair amount of room, look into a small iAVs/sandponic setup. You will be filtering the water, growing a few plants and the plants will help with the ammonia situation and help keep the ph under control. You may need to add some plant friendly lighting, also.
  7. Ain't it just amazing what modern doctors can't/won't tell us about some of the holistic remedies. I don't know anything, yet, about ERW water, but I have spent quite a bit of time researching colloidal silver, oregano oil, and cannabis oils and tinctures to name a few. Doctors aren't very interested in suggesting something "home-brewed". Glad you found something that helps.
  8. Raining outside, nothing exciting to do, so, taking a spin down memory lane. Wondering how things are coming along in Sacramento.
  9. Any progress update on this project?
  10. Wondering how your AP setup is coming along. ...... if you're still going forward and what style AP you've decided to build.
  11. Aufin

    Hello All!

    I second Ande's suggestion to give iAVs consideration. Aquaponics seems, to me anyway, to be a balancing act that requires monitoring on a somewhat regular basis. You need to be aware of your fish load with regard to the size of your setup, you will need an outside filter/separator for the solids, you will need a mineralization tank to turn the filtered solids into minerals the plants can use, and you will need to monitor the water ph and monitor the minerals that may/may not be present to produce nice veggies. With iAVs all of the above is pretty much taken care of in the sandbeds. Cruise around these sites to learn more about iAVs. http://iavs.info/what-iavs-is/ https://m.facebook.com/groups/1318946951452383?id=1318946951452383&ref=content_filter&_rdr https://www.havemoreforless.com/forum/micro-farming-microponics/the-integrated-aqua-vegeculture-system-iavs There's more, but these should keep you busy for a while. If your goal is simplicity, flexability and forgiveness of rookie mistakes, I strongly recommend iAVs. And.......the iAVs sandbeds allow for growing a wider variety of vegetables than gravel and raft beds.
  12. If ease of operation, error forgiveness, and scalability are your goals, take a look at iAVs style. Once set up it runs pretty much on cruise control. No need to constantly monitor everything, and a nice long inground fishtank with the beds built above the level of, and over, the fishtank, no sump tank would be needed. Really simple to operate and a wide variety of things can be grown without having to employ different methods of AP. Won't take long to get cramped in a 10x12 GH.
  13. Interesting, and aggressive, concept. Something else to think about ...... since you seem open to combining different AP styles into one system, why not give sandbeds/iAVs style some consideration for your filtering needs. Get your water filtered and additional growing areas at the same time, and a lot less time wasted mucking around with whatever you have to do to clean the fish tanks. The iAVs method operates quite a bit different than most aquaponic methods and would require it's own dedicated pump, timer, supply and return drain lines, but looking at the scale of the operation you envision, and the filtering requirements, iAVs just might be something to consider.
  14. Always interesting to see what is possible in the sandbeds. Seems it's going to be a short list of what won't grow in the sandbeds. Keep up the good work .
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