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  1. Aufin


    If you are planning on getting into beekeeping, this may be of interest. https://fungi.com/pages/bees
  2. Here's an idea for mineralization, sandgardening/iAVs. No need for a M tank and you might be able to do away with the sump, depending on how your system is set up.
  3. Methinks somebody forgot to add the link.
  4. Not much. Just hanging around watching the world go to $ hit. Enjoying my sandbeds, working just enough to keep mama happy and out of her way, and reading the forums wondering why anyone starting down the AP path would opt for any of the high maintenance systems when iAVs is so simple. I'm sure they have their reasons.
  5. I doubt the idea played out very well, or we would have seen by now. I talked with a guy trying to work with sandbeds and sand filtration. As we looked over his system and talked, he didn't want to hear that I thought his sand was too fine (playground sand he bought in bulk) and suggested where I got my sand. His system today is in a big pile in a back corner of his lot. Mine is going along just fine beginning its 4th year of operation.
  6. My sandbeds have been doing just fine for the past 3+ years. Would like to know how it has been improved. The video didnt tell me anything.
  7. Any updates to your "reinvention of the wheel"? What did you decide to do?
  8. Worms dont eat the solids. They eat the bacteria that breaks down the solids. Dont expect the worms to clear up your issue with the water flow. Seems you should be filtering the water before it goes in . To answer your question .... yes they'll work their way down, but if there is an anaerobic zone in your bed the worms wont survive.
  9. Interesting little information tidbit on mealworms. https://news.stanford.edu/2019/12/19/mealworms-provide-plastic-solution/
  10. Dont know what size range "playground sand" is. I used 5/20 sandblasting sand to fill my sandbeds for much less. Been working fine going on 3 years now. If your plan is to filter your pond AND grow vegs, then consider the beds an investment. Should give you good service for years with much less maintenance efforts than many other kinds of filters, and the plants' taking up the decayed/mineralized nutrients will help keep the water ph stabalized. I would expect you to be quite pleased with the pond/sandponics marriage once the system is stabalized. Load the beds with plants and
  11. Kinda hard to offer ideas since you didnt mention how much room you have to play with, or if it'll be totally dark. In my opinion keeping that many fish in a 55 gal drum is a bit inhumane, but that's another discussion. I think you're asking for trouble stacking that many fish in such a small place with only a small swirl filter and small biodigester and recirculating the water back to the fish-laden tank. I think you'll need a filter to remove the solids from the circulation and some way to deal with the ammonia buildup from so many fish. If you have a fair amount of room, look
  12. Ain't it just amazing what modern doctors can't/won't tell us about some of the holistic remedies. I don't know anything, yet, about ERW water, but I have spent quite a bit of time researching colloidal silver, oregano oil, and cannabis oils and tinctures to name a few. Doctors aren't very interested in suggesting something "home-brewed". Glad you found something that helps.
  13. Raining outside, nothing exciting to do, so, taking a spin down memory lane. Wondering how things are coming along in Sacramento.
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