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  1. Going to up to piping to 1.5" fro .75". I believe this will do the trick. Here are some updated pictures of where I am at with my system and RGGS. Plants are still growing a lot slower then the soil grown plants. The Zucchinni plant that is blowing up in the middle is the only thing that has growing great right now. Everything else is slowly coming along. I am assuming it is just the system maturing. Was hoping to see some more growth and fruting before investing more time and money into building more beds.
  2. Hey guys, just wanted to share my build of my shade structure. Was pretty simple to build and relatively cheap. So far it's held up in the afternoon storms and wind. It's 50% shade cloth. Shade cloth 20x20 = $35 PVC 3/4" @ 24 pieces = $30 10 pieces of 4' rebar = $35
  3. Sorry, rushed to post this this morning. The problem is the water being pumped into the FT isn't draining out fast enough through the swirl filter and into the GB's fast enough. It overflows in the FT. I have even put a valve on the hosing coming from the Sump tank up to the FT to slow the flow. Another problem I am facing is the water is draining to slow into the GB's and isn't allowing the GB's to flood and drain properly, they are constantly full and just trickling out the same amount of water that is coming in.
  4. Hey guys, so I have been dragging my feet on getting my system upgraded but had two days this weekend to tend to my hobbies! Got a 10x20 shade structure built over my GB's and was able to rig up the new FT and filter. Unfortunately, I can't get the stupid thing to work properly! I am not sure if maybe I don't have enough slits in the stand pipe inside the FT or if the 3/4" plumbing isn't enough. Here are two pictures of my set up. What do you all think? Cut more holes or move up to 1.5" piping?
  5. Can I use manure compost directly as my soil in my grow bed or do I need to mix it 1/2 and 1/2 or some ratio? Was looking to get some fresh manure compost and start a raised garden as well.
  6. I like the stand pipe idea over the float valve! Thanks for the idea longt.
  7. Thanks for the insight guys. I will salt my system. At the rate of 10g/litre seems high. My system is 50 gallons = 189 litres which in turn is 1,890 grams = 4 pounds! That doesn't seem right... Can anyone confirm?
  8. That is what it looks like. Can I use METRONIDAZOLE in my tank? Is it going to disturb my cycled system? Kill plants?
  9. Sam - It's weird though, because rarely do I see them flying from flower to flower. They are seriously just interested in the rocks. They fly in, land on the GB rocks, and dig around in the rocks, and then fly off to the west, repeat... I do have a few zucchinis and eggplants that have fruited, finally! So I guess they are working when I am not looking, but it's odd to me they spend so much time on the rocks. I am assuming there is a ton of pollen collected there.
  10. Hey guys, So while observing my fish tank this weekend I noticed this little worm-like thing swimming around in my fish tank, chasing the fish. I thought I saw another one that was actually attached to one of the tilapia, but after trying to scoop them out I couldn't find it again. What is it? Can anyone confirm if this is something I should be worried about? Are there any actions I should take to try sanitizing the tank of them?
  11. Hey guys, was wondering if anyone has experienced this yet? I have swarms of bees showing up all day, every day. There are at least 20 swarming my beds at all times. They are finding something very tasty in the rocks.
  12. Sam - Couldn't agree more. I planted some tomato plants in containers with rabbit manure and it was like steroids for them! They exploded in just two weeks time to monsters, dwarfing the identical plants that were in my young AP system and others in plain organic soil w/ no rabbit manure.
  13. Sam - Could you clarify what a T post is? Also, can I just use normal screening for providing shade?
  14. I have looked at Pergola's. Trying not to spend to much money and build a permanent structure like that. I anticipate being at this house only for 2 more years. When I buy my house I am definitely building a pergola.
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