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  1. http://gardenpool.org/beneficial-ins...chicken-feeder just had a look at this thanks to ande- probably the best and simplest DIY i've seen so far -most seem ridiculously complex-. I like this one for its size -my biopod can't really keep up with the amount of bio-mass stuff our large-ish family produce. and i could use any amount of BSF larvae my biggest issue is how to rat proof them while allowing the flys access and make it still easy enough to add scraps. -i was wondering what minimum size wire netting that would not discourage BSF getting in?
  2. pretty slick gary- a few bugs i was having with navigating from the bottom of the page and posting replies are gone -faster too this has been the best experience of being part of a forum relocating
  3. i concur gary last summer something went wrong and the biopod failed miserably so i have neglected my biopod this winter expecting nothing, some of my kids have been putting scraps in it (because they take a while to cope with different instructions) and to my surprise the thing has been ticking along nicely as you describe. i wonder if your observation that it doesn't like to be disturbed has something to do with it? in my current time of life with young kids and busy work i really appreciate the sort of thing that thrives on neglect!!
  4. thanks gary be interested in the genetics of the jumbo'ness' and if these birds have unique/different needs and expectations?
  5. http://matildaspurebredchickens.webs.com/forsale.htm is this for real?
  6. my bioPod lid has been chewed out by rats who now enjoy feasting in it- circle 3 seem to not selling them anymore ? anyone got any ideas? morrie
  7. Hi Gary i am asuming you are using it as a pre-filter for Grow beds
  8. $50 the lot anyone? just the bottles - $20 -maybe i'll turn the drum into a filter????
  9. FS - home brew drum bench capper and bottles i have whats left of a home brew kit havn't used for a few years 30 litre drum with a few accessories and bench capper -$40 23 old style heavy glass crown seal 750 ml XXXX bottles - $30 pick up only at moorooka brisbane QLD be interested in lesser offers for the lot cheers ian
  10. we had a trio of muscovies for a while - they ended up too messy and big for a small back yard - i agree they are quieter than other popular breeds, more meat and lay better. i understand you need a drake or your ducks will eventually leave in search of a mate - i wish there was a bantum variety of muscovies (call ducks while the right size are very noisy) we got what was sold to us as a 'wild type' that were smaller than your modern breeds - still big but! either way delifghtfull animals . cheers ian
  11. thanks floridaguy has there been any discussion amongst the herp people about how much can feed them? some sites list them as a staple. they rave about how good a Ca:P ratio they have. have you had any issues with impaction or at the other extreeme -obessity?? cheers ian
  12. hi you read a lot of good things about BSF larvae - i was wondering about their use as reptile food - (ie lizards) i grow speckled cockroaches and meal worms but most reptile people say meal worms are prone to causing impaction because of their indigestable skin BSF larvae seem to have an equally hard skin ? any wisdom cheers ian
  13. bugger!!! the new one looks a heaps better! anyway i'm sure the old version will suit just fine -picking it up tomorrow the frogs have spawned already so the BSF should be far off now
  14. i duno? i had a couple of ducks a couple of times in a small back yard. i sure if you thought about it a bit you could intergrate them into a system very well great for pest control you can breed them in the city (the males don't crow) very gentle spiritual things - ala Lunig the fact that they poo and eat in the water means the fertilising capactity must be huge if you could settle out the solids before using the water in a uni directional system you could grow some serious greens!!! just some thoughts cheers ian
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