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  1. Your system is similar to mine except my tanks are on the ground and they drain into sump along with GB's. I then pump from my sump into the Ft and GB's. This system has a name but can't remember it.
  2. JT79

    Sizing my system

    I am trying to figure out how many gallons of water my system needs. I have 210 sf of grow bed and was going to round it up to 250 sf for expansion. I have an 80 gal sump and a 40 gal radial filter. Need help figuring what size my fish tank should be. I used a basic formula from another source and was surprised to see it factored out to 1250 gal. Do you think this is right??
  3. JT79

    Growbed liner

    I just ordered poly liner for my growbeds and I'm second guessing my decision to get the 12mil thickness instead of the 20mil. Did I make a mistake?
  4. Here are some pics of what I pulled out of the beds. Top inch or two was OK, then the rest just broke up into pieces. Freezing is the only thing I can think of that would cause this. There were no small pieces like this when I put it in the beds, all the small stuff was washed out when I cleaned it.
  5. Things are finally thawing out here in Ohio so I started on my new system today. First step was to empty my old beds which I left out all winter. I guess it was a big mistake not covering them with plastic to keep the water out. I have one bed with the clay and another with the shale and they both looked fine on the surface but as I started to dig them out I was shocked to see that all my media below the surface basically turn to sand. I guess the wet media froze and busted into little pieces. Well that was money down the drain. I never would have guessed that would have been an issue. I was wondering what to do with the busted media and was thinking about mixing it in with the dirt for my new wicking beds. Do you think this would be a good idea or dumb?
  6. JT79

    Depth of Grow Bed

    Do you add aeration to the grow bed?
  7. JT79

    Depth of Grow Bed

    This was good reading thanks. While reading this there was talk of media beds with continuous flow vs. FD. I haven't read much about CF in media beds, I think I would much rather do that than mess with the bell siphons. If you had a bed around 8 inches deep of media what should the depth of water be in a CF system? Is it a wise move to switch from the FD?
  8. JT79

    Depth of Grow Bed

    Yes, talking media beds. Thanks for the help!!
  9. JT79

    Depth of Grow Bed

    Building a new system and was wondering how important the depth is on the grow beds. I have found some nice looking cattle feeders that are 10 feet long and 2 feet wide but they are not 12 inches deep. I have read that the beds should be that deep, any thoughts??
  10. Here is a little update on my system. Been doing a fishless cycle for the last 4 weeks and everything looks good. Been adding some ammonia and putting some maxicrop on the plants and the plants are doing quite well. I have some peppers that are ready to pick, tomatoes are coming out, and my cucs look like they are going to have a big crop, lots of little ones started. So I decided to put fish in today and wanted to clean out any solids that were in the tank and while in the process one of the little Bluegills goes darting across the front of the tank, couldn't believe my eyes. This guy has been in there for 4 weeks with me dumping ammonia in, air stones were off and no food. What a tough little guy. lol I put 5 more bluegills in that are 4-5 inches long and I am going to roll with that for a while. Here is a pic of my system.
  11. I was talking about my AP system with co-workers today and got asked a question about if the food would ever be unsafe to eat in an AP system. I wasn't sure what to say other than I have never heard of it being unsafe, and that all I've read is it is one of the more safer ways of growing food. Any thoughts?? Could a system get out of balance and produce unhealthy food to eat?
  12. That sounds cool. I don't see the links though.
  13. Sam, That is how I am approaching my situation. What was the determining factor for you as to when you put your fish back in? Like you my plants are growing like crazy without the fish. I have got to get my tomatoes supported or they are going to start falling over.
  14. I was talking to my brother tonight about my AP system and telling him about all the different things that need to be monitored to keep the system healthy and how things could go wrong if they get out of balance. Now his hobby is being a techy computer geek, so he wants to set up a system to monitor all these things with sensors and have it tied into a server that would give me access to this info at any time through the internet. Anyone ever done anything like this? Sounded kind of neat from what I could understand. lol I told him to go for it, at least it would be something we could do together.
  15. I guess I am confused. I watched the ammonia get to .25 and was probably higher at some point as my fish died, then dropped to 0. Nitrites did not get quite to .2 but then fell to 0. Nitrates seem to be at a good level. So I am still not cycled? Sorry to be a pain, but I am just missing something. I never added ammonia myself as I started with the fish and the system seem to have plenty, hence my fish died. Should I still be adding ammonia? My situation seems to be an unusual cycle because I failed at the first attempt with the fish and now trying to recover with a fishless cycle. Thanks for the help.
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