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  1. Hello all, Well my system was down for about a year due to my filters springing leaks and not having time to get it repaired. But it is up and running again. Figured I would share some photos with ya'll. no real issues with the system as it is now. I will like to increase flow rate but not sure if it is necessary as it the pump cycles about 3 times and hours for about 30 sec. Each cycle is about 25 gallons.
  2. Any suggestions on pipe sizes for a chop system, that has a level water level except for the sump. Or will this never be achieved due to the FT level not being higher than the grow beds?
  3. Thanks Cecil. I found some food grades with lids for 15 a piece on Craigslist. Those should work perfectly.
  4. Hello all, I haven't been on here in a while. I am looking to change some stuff up on my system. What I have first. IBC FT gravity flow SOL to a 13 gallon Trash Can radial flow filter. From there it feeds to a 13 gallon trash can media bio filter. That flows to 4 continuous flow grow beds and those drain into another 13 gallon trash can sump that houses the pump. The pump adds water to my NFT tubes and the FT. The grow beds and filters are all level with FT water level, do if pump fails everything just levels out, and the NFT is above the FT water level. Now on to the issues. 1. Plastic trash cans have failed several times they can't stand the weight of water. I need to find another suitable container for Filters and sumps. Any ideas on the cheap side. 2. Flow to filters and continuous flow bed is slow. I think larger diameter pipes would be better or maybe lowering the grow beds. I would rather increase flow than change the height. 3. SLO does not have enough suction to keep the bottom clean. Maybe adding a Air stone to the SLO to create a Air Lift SLO. Just a thought. Maybe number 2 will fix the SLO problems? Let me know what y'all think I should do. I would like to get going on this before planting season. Ben
  5. Thanks for all the input. I will do a few small water changes over the next week to remove some tannins. My RFF is due for cleaning anyway.
  6. I read a bit on tannins on the old google tube. I think that my system is heathy. But is there's to much tint? I like to see the fishes. Lol
  7. Here are some photos of the water with no flash and taken just above the surface. It don't seem as bad as I thought without the glare on the water. Actually looks pretty clear. Although the free floating solids seem high.
  8. It's hard to compare the tanks, due to the depths. I will try to get a few pics this evening without glare. A flashlight will shine to the bottom.
  9. Hello All, Just wanted to get some thoughts on this. My water clarity is very Brown/Amber. I can not see the bottom, 6-8 inches is the depth I can see. In my greenhouse, I have a 1000L FT, RFF, Media Bio Filter, GBs, Sump and PVC NFT tubes, and that makes up my system. All is well in my System. Water conditions: Temp-860 F, KH-4, PH-6.8, AM-.25, NO2- 0ppm, and NO3-60-80ppm. Plant growth is amazing, fruiting of everything is great. I anticipated some of my Channel Cats not making it, I have yet to see a floater. I am probably over stocked, I have 75 fish, but my numbers So I am very happy with system function, just wondering if it should be clearer. I understand this is natures way of saying all is happy in the water, but I would like to see the bottom, to verify my SLO is working and I have no Solid deposits on the FT Floor. I also know that painting my IBC black lowered my visibility in the Tank, but I have also not gotten a algae bloom this year. I thought about a Underwater Light just for FT maintenance. What is the consensus on water clarity?, How dark should it be? Would a simple 30-40 % Water change clear it up a bit?
  10. Feeding time trim.C0088D2A-F963-46DF-B978-8EEB8DBA550B.MOV
  11. I used a terra cotta spray paint for plastics just on the outside. Thanks on the complementa on my system. I will try to upload a video of my catfish. I had issues last night. I love comparing growth from my dirt garden to my system. Well it's not really comparing. Aquaponics has a tremendously faster growth and fruit and vegetables production.
  12. Made this post to follow my system. I am in Virginia, USA. Feel free to ask about the system.
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