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  1. Hi Paul, Congrats on this system, it looks great, nice growth. I appreciate you letting us see it come to completion. I hope that you will be able to share the lessons learned as this system matures. Regards, Jack
  2. Ande - thanks for the link, He has a very nice system and I'm sure it help regulate temperatures since his greenhouse is partially buried. Gary - I like the lean-to greenhouse design, but no masonry walls are avaialible. Ed - I have been doing the same debating (costs vs. effect on growing season vs. aesthetics). I generally don't have the "anaylsis paralysis" problem at work, but I'm having a hard time pulling the trigger on a system design. Caca - I agree, I'm concerned since I live in CT and we don't seen to get a lot of sunny day strung toghther in the winter here. I have looked at supplemental heating and I'm concerned about the costs. There is a guy in CT that has a geodesic greenhouse and uses a rocket mass heater of maintain temperatures in his greenhouse. Ideally I would like to have a full passive solar greenhouse, but the high installtion costs don't make sense for a home installation. I'm leaning toward the hoop house as a season extender and shutting down plant production for a couple of months during the winter. I could do this if my RAS was in the basment of my houe and I piped a seperate loop to the greenhouse in the back yard from the sump. Regards, Jack
  3. Since I live in New England building a greenhouse has been on my mind for a while. This soalr greenhouse has been built and operated for a while. It looks liek something I coudl build. Solar Heated Greenhouse Also this Poly pipe hoop house looks intersting: Hoop house description Hoop house plans Hoop house door end plans Construction Plans Regards, Jack
  4. Thanks! that link helped, I will pickup Paul Stamets book Mycelium Running. Since I'm planning on having my system in the basment, this could work out really well for me. Reagrds, Jack
  5. Luke, The Mycofilter you used sounds very interesting, can you help me with some links to information on how they are made and what mushrooms can be used with them? Regards, Jack
  6. Cecil, By burying the tanks you are going to add the thermal mass of the surrounding ground to buffer your tank water temperature. Are you going to bury insulation around the outside of the pole building to isolate the ground/foundation from the surrounding area? If you look at a passive solar house, there is insulation surrounding the basement/foundation/slab is goes a below the lowest part. The idea is to increase the thermal mass and isolate it from the outside environment. take a look at this site, http://www.builditsolar.com/ Regards, Jack
  7. With a 60 watt mag drive pump how often are you turning over the volume of your tank? Are you adding air in your raft tanks? I was planning on add it. Are you adding air to your fish tank? I was going to try a venturi to start with and check the DO. If needed I would add some air to the fish tank/pool.
  8. Oops RSF - should be RFS Radial Flow Settler. What I meant by shutdown was that I would would shut down the plant loop in the winter, not the fish. I'm looking at starting with yellow perch (still need to find a fingerling supplier), so I plan on having the pool/tank in my basement which I will maintain at ~70F. I would really like to get the fish system started and gain some experience running it before I would add a plant loop. I assumed that I could replace enough water to control the nitrate level, but I would like to minimize my water replacement since I'm on city water. I need to do some more research to see what options I have.
  9. I'm looking at the 10 foot intex pool. I have been checking out the Koi boards to see which center drain would work best with the bottom of the pool raised by high density foam board. I would like to follow the Cornell dual drain type of culture tank design. I'm just wondering if I neeed to make 2 RSF's, one for the center drain and one for the side drain and then combine the flows into a media bed. Anyways, to answer your question I'm planning on using a RSF with a static media bed (K1 or M3) and then a MBBR (K1 or M3) to finish. I need to figure out what I want to use to remove the excess nitrates. I would like to install a greenhouse that I could have a couple of DWC troughs in, but I would have ot shut it down in the winter.
  10. Cecil - I'm planning on starting a RAS in my basement and I'm looking at using an Intex pool. I would prefer to use a dual drain system (bottom and side). I'm thinging that uing insultaion and plywood to raise the pool enough to get a bottom drain attached. What is your plan? Jack
  11. Kellenw, Thanks for the excellent idea. I have a 16 x 32 deck that I could enclose into a "sun room". I'm thinking that I will start the fish in the basement and then plumb to the the deck for the summer. I need to look at pricing out enclosing the deck and then using it as a greenhouse/sunroom. Jack
  12. Do you have your system indoors or in a greenhouse? I will have to start mine indoors becuase of zoning requirements forbid greenhouses in my housing area
  13. Hello, I've had a bit of a roundabout way here. I started looking at Aquaponics a couple of years ago at a Austrailian aquaponics site and eventually found my way here. I'm planning to build a aquaculture setup like this SRAC simple system. Once I get a good handle on the water quality issues I will add some NFT to it for the summer. Jack
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