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  1. Hey Clint, Sorry about the delayed response - I've been "off grid" for a while. I had a crazy year and didn't get to play around too much with greenhouse ideas/concepts - so did not setup the wicking pots. I expect that this year will be better and I'll continue to fine tune efforts and report accordingly. I do like old prospectors pics and may just go with a multi bucket system.
  2. Hello all, Been a while since an update - went into hibernation mode with the awful winter that we just experienced in the NE US. Now everything's turning green and starting to bloom, so all is good and right with the world again. Anyway, here is a picture of my espaliered apples blooming. Also, feeling particularly blessed tonight. Someone stopped by just after dinner, who works for my former landscaper (before I had any interest in gardening) and asked me if I was interested in a tank. Turns out, he gave me an 800L 3' diameter tank that will work perfectly as a rain storage tank. I even have a concrete pad poured from last year measuring 3'x3.5' where I was planning to setup some kind of rain catchment. Just beautiful when things work out so perfectly. Sorry about the pix orientation, don't know why they are rotated.
  3. LOL - I was wondering the same thing!
  4. Look forward to following your progress.
  5. Welcome Stephanie! I look forward to reading of your progress.
  6. Sorry to hear Ravnis - brings back nightmarish flashbacks of my battle with rats in the summer of 2013...
  7. The broccoli is tiny, just small plants that I started very early, more of an experiment to see what would make it through the winter. I'm still not sure if they will grow strong and healthy after being beat up with the frigid temps, but if they do, I may be harvesting very early in the season.
  8. Always forget about the high level of nasty's that you folk in Australia have. Wasps in my area are a slight nuisance at worst, and I can pretty much ignore them.
  9. Looks like the broccoli is going to make it, and hopefully this is it for the arctic blasts. Through 03/01, low had been -4F, and the GH low hit 15F. Since then, the low has been -1F and the GH low has been 26F. Probably just starting to reap the benefits of the longer daylight hours.
  10. Welcome Mallory. If you've done plenty of research already, I expect you'll be able to put together something perhaps modeled on one of the systems that Gary posted. You can then post plans and you should get plenty of feedback. As far as your question regarding plant starts, you can definitely start with seedlings. You just have to decide on your growing media, which will be influenced by what type of system you build. Simplest IMO is a DWC set atop an aquarium with a dedicated filter where you can grow herbs and greens. In that case, you could start your seedlings in net pot in a variety of materials (perlite, rock wool, plugs, etc.). I've had most success and ease of use with rapid rooters (plug) for this type of application. If you have any experience with raising fish, just start up the fish part and get that going as you would any normal aquarium. Search this forum for some very well written explanations on fish vs fish-less cycling and that will give you more to go on. Also get your seedlings going immediately, and transplant them as soon as they're ready.
  11. As far as I know, all wasps are predators, and therefor beneficial insects for the garden. Yet, if they're making you miserable, you might have to dispatch a few regardless.
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