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  1. I didn't know what was meant by "Fodder Factory" so I Googled it .... what a great idea!
  2. Hi Gary, I was hoping my son would be able to give you that drawing while he was visiting, but he never got to it .... then I forgot (early onset of 'old-timer's disease' lol), but you've gone way past that point so it doesn't make any diff now I'm learning a lot on this forum, although I just mostly skulk and don't take the time to log in to ask questions because eventually they are answered by the great people on this forum .... Grats to you all!
  3. I'm not that computer savvy! :D LOL
  4. This a great thread ..... very interesting!! You guys have really thought this through ...... I have one observation/question about the biofilter/swirl filter. What would happen if you were to put a lid on the 5 gallon bucket, cut a hole in the middle, and put a longer center pipe that comes up in the middle (with the holes drilled in it, but only so far as they would not go past the top of the bucket) That way, you could eliminate the 1/2" pipe that holds the bucket steady; the bucket, as it clogs, would go up the center pipe and wouldn't overflow, but it could still be lifted off the pipe for cleaning. Would that help, rather than going to the expense of having a special screen made?
  5. Just spent the past hour looking at RBCs. They're used primarily for human sewage/waste in large applications, however, our usage of them would be for processing fish sewage, so that fits well, right? I am thinking I might be able to make use of this technology for my indoor ponds, just on a smaller scale
  6. I love that RBC .... I've got to do some more research on it, but it looks to me that it has one huge advantage over gravel and other stationary media biofilters, etc. by being in constant movement, it would discourage the tank turning septic, as my gravel ones are wont to do! If you have any links to more info, I'd appreciate them This would be a great experiment for my new 250 Gallon kiddie pool.
  7. We've got an old 'Little Cheif' smoker that we use to smoke Turkey, chicken, deer, beef jerky, etc. so I'm looking forward to smoking some Tilapia as soon as I get some Blues of my own. We don't have mango here, but we can buy hickory, alder, and mesquite chips from the Sporting goods store. Thanks dave
  8. I've made wine by following some recipes, and most of it turned out pretty good ..... not ready for a gold medal yet, but not too bad either. My complaint is with those who are too intelligent to actually read instructions or follow recipes ..... that was my Father-in-Law. He just assumed that he had a God-given talent for making wine! Have you ever had a stiff belt of Apricot vinegar or a nice tasty shot of Rhubarb flavored Yeast extract? Never once, did I ever have a nice sip of wine that he had made, yet he, his wife, and his adult son constantly raved about his latest 'wines.' My wife and I usually headed home to the coast (200 miles away) with several bottles of his latest jungle juice, and as soon as we got about 50 miles away, we pulled over to the side of the road and killed the grass with his 'wine.' He's gone now, so I won't make any further comments about some of the goofy things he did The moral of this post is ..... If you can't take the time to read the instructions and follow recipes, don't offer me a drink of your home made wine :p
  9. I'm wondering if BSF will eat hay ..... around here, there's always lots of bales that are 2,3, 5 years old that can't be fed to the livestock, so I was thinking of getting a bale in the spring and turn some BSFL loose on it. These bales are the huge round ones that weigh about a ton or so. I'd have to wrap it in screen material, of course to keep the adult flies from going away ..... the only way I can get them here in Montana is to buy some live "Phoenix Worms" via the Internet. Then I'd have to figure out how to overwinter some of them ...... none of the LFS's in Billings sell live worms .... but they sell reptiles ..... sad ...... they don't even know what BSFL or "Phoenix Worms" are ........ :confused:
  10. No, it's in my home ..... I live in Montana, and it could snow any time We had three days of freezing just about two weeks ago, they predicted snow, but we didn't get any here .... I think they got some in Billings (100 miles South of us in the Banana Belt lol) I've got an old fan, I'll try that .... Thanks
  11. The only thing I could find out about hand pollinating tomatoes was that you need to shake the plant two or three times a day as if a bumblebee were buzzing it ..... I'll have to do some more searching ..... thanks Duff
  12. In another thread, Hand Pollinating I wrote about an oxygen generator that I had come across that I'm using under two tomatoes in my grow-beds .... This has been working great for growth, we run it for about 6 to 8 hours a day ..... after research, I have found that these machines put out anywhere between 50% to 95% pure oxygen, depending on the brand of the machine. My only problem with this is that the tomato plants have grown to 6 ft high, are flowering like crazy, but are not bearing fruit, they just keep growing taller and taller :? My wife says that maybe I need to cut the tops out of them ...... does anyone have any opinions on this? The flowers die off and go away, but no fruit has shown itself ....... What am I doing wrong? This is the same way my squash acted ....... all flowers and no fruit! Any ideas?
  13. Well, I hand pollinated the one, and now it's disappeared :? It definitely looked like it had a fruit (small cuke/watermelon) but now i can't find it anywhere ........ the squash/cuke/watermelons have been a bust for me ..... no female flowers in sight, but the tomatoes are 4 feet tall and still flowering ....... no fruit yet, but lots of flowers, and from what I read, all you have to do for tomatoes is shake them twice a day and that's it (I hope that's it, because there's nothing that looks like a fruit under the flower like a squash or cuke is supposed to have). I've just been given the word by the war dept that I won't be allowed to my aquaponics setup into the mobile home for the winter, so I'm wondering how to sneak a few 10 gallon tanks of guppies into the house to provide a few fresh veggies during the winter :p I think I've come up with a pretty neat idea for a biofilter ....... I'll post it when I get the dough-ray-me to put it together, and then ask for input and advice as to whether you all think it's a good idea .
  14. Uhhhhhh that was a female flower ..... sorry for the FFE, sure wish you could edit a post here lol
  15. Have you got a link to the "hoop type double plastic (inflated) greenhouse" that you use? I'd like to see how they're made .....I always thought that an inflated building (like they put over tennis courts at rich people's athletic clubs) would make a heckuva greenhouse. We get those same high winds, coming out of the North .... maybe we're sending them down your way :D
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