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  1. What would be the best way to reinforce it?
  2. I am designing a pond for a greenhouse system. I want the pond to take up the least amount of space possible so i am looking at burying the fish. If i were to dig a trench 3' deep, 3' wide, and 26' long could I lay a pond liner in it without any other support? Would the sides cave in or would the weight of the water be enough to hold back the surrounding dirt? Any input/criticism would be very appreciated.
  3. They have greyish black spots on some leaves and the leaves are dry and crumbling.
  4. So my tomatoes are growing like crazy, i have also added a MH light as i can not keep the system in the front window anymore. The leaves are turning a strange blackish color and drying out. Does anyone know what could be happening? Like the post says, i have no idea what i'm doing when it comes to plants.
  5. I am working on a small aesthetically pleasing indoor system with a friend. We need to be able to permanently mount the light at a height to be able to grow taller plants (tomatoes, vines) as well as smaller plants (lettuce). What is our best option for lighting that will be good for both the taller plants and shorter plants without having to move the light? Is this possible while still having healthy productive plants?
  6. It is a flood/drain system. My cat and daughter both like sticking their dirty paws in the water. The tank is clear so it would not keep much light out. I think i will be expanding the system very soon and will be using a different tank, just need to wait for the funds. Thanks for the tip!!!
  7. Here are some pictures of my first setup.
  8. I am tired of being the every day consumer. I stumbled upon aquaponics a few months ago and have been completely obsessed ever since. I have just got my first system up and running. I plan on starting a business with the knowledge i pick up on this journey.
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