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  1. The old tractor was sold when we moved to Macleay Island...from where it had originally come - ironically. The tractor might be gone....but the interest in a mobile life support platform remains. It's in the 'nice to have' category of my project ideas...and it tweaks my interest in systems design. It's completely consistent with my self-reliance bent.
  2. Fast forward six years...and it's looking increasingly likely that the internal combustion is losing ground to the EV. I subscribe to Medium and I found this little series of articles that probably provides a more contemporary view of where cars are heading. https://mondaynote.com/the-car-reinvented-from-scratch-4486564c086e
  3. Hi Tariq...and welcome aboard. You've come to the right place. I can not only discuss aquaponics with you...but I can also show you an alternative that pumps for just two hours per day. You said you were "currently researching aquaponics"...as part of what normal course of study? Gary
  4. So that I can best answer your question, I've brought over the information you provided in your initial post: The advice that I will provide will be different to that of aquaponics enthusiasts. Take nothing that I say as a criticism of anything you have done. We all started in the same place...knowing nothing. We just happen to be at different points in our learning journey. What you had originally was a basic flood and drain aquaponics system...with an attached DWC unit. Suffice to say, this was a less than ideal introduction to food production. Your decision to cha
  5. Welcome aboard, Dugonit. I look forward to hearing more about your homesteading. It's been a lifelong passion for me. In the meantime, I've taken up your question on 'fishless aquaponics' on your other post. Gary
  6. From time to time, you'll hear me rattle on about sand being an asset. People often get confused about what an asset is. Sand is a true asset...a substance that is essential for living...and once purchased: can be value-added - washing and separating into particle size fractions costs nothing to own won't ever drop in value can be used to save/make money appreciates in value with each passing year is 100% recyclable ...all coupled with the fact that sand is arguably the most cost-effective growing medium on the planet...and when used accord
  7. Dan...autosyphons can be a pain in the backside at the best of times. They depend on the correct flow...neither too little nor too much...to function correctly. I haven't used them in aquaponics for years - for this reason. That, coupled with the fact that they aren't necessary at all. If you'd like to tell me what your goal is, I can probably help you sort some prospective issues. Tell me about what you want the system to do for you when it's finished. Gary
  8. Welcome aboard, Dan. Can you provide a photo that shows your grow beds - relative to your fish tank? I need to get a better sense of your water flowpath. Gary
  9. Hi Russell, Welcome aboard. You've joined at an interesting time in our history. The forum is just beginning to emerge from a long hibernation...and you've caught us in the middle of a renovation. So, don't be concerned that you're not overwhelmed by answers...we have no shortage of expertise when it comes to aquaculture or aquaponics. If you're looking for a means to cycle your system...or to get the nitrifying bacteria going....you don't have to use any product. While I normally endorse fishless cycling...and I have a range of options that I can use including pure ammonia,
  10. Hi, Aside from the name change, we've just about finished the renovation of the forum. Actually, the renovation is still in hand...so let's think of the changes as a 'refresh'...a tidy up in advance of our 're-awakening' and re-opening. By the way, when I talk about we, I mean the team of stalwarts who are responsible for the fact that we still exist at all. To our moderators...and pest control operators...Ande, bigdaddy and Toga....and Kellen who runs the back end of APN. We've been part of one another's lives for over a decade, I count them as friends and I seek their couns
  11. Good luck with your learning...and stay connected.
  12. Hi Alexander...welcome to APN. The best advice that I could give you would be to build an iAVs according to the method guidelines...and to operate it as I suggest...and you will grow more food for less water than with any other method. I suggest that you take a look at the iAVs Facebook Group for ideas and information...and that you familiarise yourself with the method by reading the various Q & A's in this thread. I'm happy to respond to any additional questions that you may have.
  13. Nello...welcome to Aquaponics Nation. Set up your own thread in the Welcome Wagon...and we'll talk more about what would be useful for growing in the tropics.
  14. Every bit of effort that you make to learn about iAVs-suitable sand, willl be a good use of your time. So, flush the death adders out of your pocket and get into the good stuff. Washed and graded filter sand is a good investment. Unlike almost everything else we own, sand is a true asset...one that grows in value over time.
  15. Working dogs are standard fixtures on every farm in Australia. Kelpies and border collies work with sheep...and the Australian blue heeler are the automatic choice for many who work with cattle. My micro-farm is tiny (just under a quarter of an acre) so I have a working dog to match. Meet Darci...my four-year old Maltese Terrier. She's our guardian dog...and the photo shows her keeping guard from the vantage point of my bed. If allowed, she would keep our place completely free of birds (for whom she has contempt) and she barks to alert us to the presence of people (whether
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