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  1. Hi Gary appreciate the work you are doing. Just wanted to find out if the overnight ammonia will not affect the fishes when the biofiltration stops? Thank you 

  2. I guess what I'm saying is that, given what sand cand do, we need to get a different perspective on it. It should be more expensive that gravel, lava rock and clay pebbles. Sand can do many things that they can't...so I'd argue that comparing them is futile. I respectfully suggest that your plan ignores how plants grow in soil. There is no question that you could filter the water for a recirculating aquacualture system using sand filters...some of the biggest and most valuable fish collections in the world are protected by sand filters...eg the EPCOT centre...but iAVs is not just about filtering the water....but rather the creation of a mycorrizhae that interacts with the plants to produce the results of which iAVs is capable. There really is only one way to know if your plan is successful. You build a stock standard iAVs...and then you build your planned deviation....and then you measure the performance of both units. Your "need" is predicated on a false perception of the value of sand. If you take a more informed view of sand, that "need" may change.
  3. The price of iAVs-suitable sand ranges from nothing to whatever washed and graded filter sand cost in your area. How much you pay for sand ultimately comes down to what sort of effort you are prepared to put into finding it. If you live in parts of Africa, for example, you will find it...in huge quantities...on the lee-side of sand dunes...for nothing more than the effort of moving it. Sand is like any other substance in a market...the more value that it added to it, the more it costs. Clean, sand - of the correct particle size range is valuable for what it has been demonstrated it can do when used in an iAVsf context. It has to be measured fairly against the alternatives...but that's a problem because when it comes to solid media there's nothing that can come close to doing what sand can do. When it comes to measuring it against DWC or NFT, you have to take account of the cost of the added infrastructure required by those methods...and you still haven't drawn level with iAVs in terms of productivity, resilience and sustainability.
  4. You don't do anything by halves do you, Brian. I've had fish kills before but nothing as painful as you've suffered. Discussion forums have declined...certainly all of the aquaponics ones...and the proclivities of Facebook users are probably to blame. There is nothing about Facebook that is better than the discussion forum...except perhaps the 24/7 availability of users...and I'm far from certain that's actually an advantage. The truth is that many of those that you encounter on Facebook are people that you would rather never deal with. There is no regard for facts or evidence. You can watch page after page of absolute garbage get trotted out and the person who asked the question is left none the wiser. Facebook sites are a pig to retrieve information from...the Search capabilities being close to useless. Contrary to the trend, I opened up another forum...www.havemoreforless.com...but, while I've put a lot of work into it, I'm uncertain about what to do with it. One thing I do know is that I'm not interested in replicating what I did here at APN. I had thought of a private club sort of space...where I host discussions for a handful of friends and collaborators...but it's still unresolved. The question of how to deal with content is a difficult one...and I can empathise with your dilemma about what to do with your stories. Regardless of what happens, I wish you better luck than you experienced this week.
  5. Hi Ande...how are you, old friend? Still doing the quail? Gary
  6. Hi Farbulous...great to hear from you again. 1. Since iAVS uses a sand bed as a biofilter, do folks using this type of system, (ideally if you're using it indoors,) find that there is much odor from the decomposing fish waste? There's little information on indoor iAVs's, so it's hard to give a definitive answer. When you talk about 'indoors'...how indoors do you mean? 2. Do people use worms in their sand beds to help break down the fish waste? What are your thoughts about having worms in the sand bed? No. There's no need. iAVs relies on a decomposing detritus layer on the surface of the sand...in the furrows. Worms would only drag the decomposing fish wastes into the sand - not what we want. 3. Can the design of the system be modified to incorporate other modules such as NFT troughs, DWC rafts, (non-sand) media beds? I would assume that any of these would be placed after the sand bed for the purpose of filtration. If one or more of these modules were part of the overall design, would that necessitate a sump tank? If you had a Ferrari, would you want to put Nissan badges on it? In any case, you would only know the extent to which the hybrid works if you had a standard iAVs against which to measure it. Start off with an iAVs and then experiment from there. I see you've registered over on my HMFL forum. If you want the latest information on iAVs...go HERE. Gary
  7. GaryD

    Hello All!

    Hi Kellen...thanks for the heads up. I've hit the "Follow" button...so I'l keep an eye on it. Ande and Aufin are doing a great job. I'm also happy to respond to any questions.
  8. Hi Ravnis...the number of people who are achieving success with iAVs is growing steadily. While some of them are little demo systems like yours, the majority seem to be small commercial units. They all confirm the method's efficacy...notwithstanding the occasional deviation from the 'ideal' prescription provided by Mark. They also confirm the essentials ....that the sand be inert, free of silt and clay and able to drain effectively. Gary
  9. Hi, When I go to a thread, the first post that I encounter is the oldest one. How do I reverse the order to view the most recent post at the top?
  10. Hi VKN, "Data + Aquaponics - what a novel concept!" It's novel concept indeed...and one that Mark would welcome it in particular. I can promise you, of all of the things that Mark might say, WOW is not one them. *Moderator Edited Post - Toga*
  11. Hi Ravnis...can you tell me the price and size of the quikcrete pool filter sand, please? Does your source have quantity discounts on the filter sand? Does the bag contain any technical information that might be useful?
  12. GaryD

    Donations Please.

    Hi BD....Mark's attention is understandably elsewhere so I'll respond on his behalf. He has very little other than the set of clothes he's standing in. Everything that is needed to live from day to day is now on his wishlist. The best way to assist him is to send money to his PayPal account... paypal.me/MMcMurtry123. He can access the money immediately...and begin to put his life back together (for as much as that's possible) in the shortest possible time.
  13. GaryD

    Donations Please.

    Hi VKN, As the principal beneficiary of Mark's work, can we rely on you to not only respond with the same generosity that Mark showed to you...but also to spread the word across your Indian network. They need to know that the man who is most responsible for giving them iAVs needs their help...urgently! Gary
  14. Four days ago, in the latest episode of a life of adversity, a forest fire on Horseshoe Mountain left Mark with nothing more than his dogs, a laptop computer, his old Chevy truck and the clothes in which he stood. You can find more details...including Mark's email to me...HERE. A GoFundMe to help Mark pick up the tattered remains of his life is underway. If you know who Mark is, I urge you to support this assistance campain. If you don't, I urge you to learn about him and the central role that he's played in aquaponics...and then to donate according to your means. https://www.gofundme.com/horseshoe-hills-fire-victom
  15. Dr Mark R McMurtry...to whom we all owe a debt of gratitude for making iAVs available to the world...was forced to flee a forest fire that has left his mountaintop retreat in ashes. He managed to escape with his life, his beloved dogs, a computer and his old Chevy truck...and the clothes that he stood in. More details available...HERE. He needs our help...NOW! https://www.gofundme.com/horseshoe-hills-fire-victom
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