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  1. Thanks for the reference. I’ve been doing substantial water changes and have been successful in reducing the nitrate levels to 40 ppm only for them to climb back up to 100 with a reduced feeding. I’m going to look at sourcing lower protein content feed. Plant growth is abundant and healthy but obviously the nitrate production is exceeding the uptake. This will be an even larger problem over winter.
  2. Good morning folks. I'm reaching out to see if anyone has a rule of thumb regarding how much time you would expect it to take for the Nitrates to go down if you were to stop feeding your fish. I have a cycled system with ample plants and appropriately size bio mass, etc. and I'm running into high nitrate levels even after having stopped feeding my fish. Water is clear, ammonia is trace, nitrites are 0, and all other perimeters are optimal. My thought is that maybe my grow beds have accumulated waist that is breaking down continually but I have a solids filter and it is cleaned regularly. Thanks
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    I use a bull frog pump and pump the solids without a filter or any trouble. The pump keeps all of the solids from settling in my sump.
  4. Hello all, I'm a new member introducing myself. I've been doing aquaponics now for about 1 1/2 years. I started with a greenhouse addition (you can read my blog here: http://www.lightspeaksphotography.com/aquaponic-greenhouse-journal/ ) I'm currently in the process of a major addition and am looking for ways to improve my system (IBC) including the addition of a solids removal system.
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