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  1. Journeyman


    My Belkin modem/router stubbornly insists the date is 1/1/1970 - even with NTP enabled.Also, on the website I'm setting up, my user account has been active for 44 years. (I was a prodigy, OK? Wait till you see how long I've been active on the net when it flips... )
  2. Journeyman


    Isn't 2038 the Unix bug? IIRC in computer circles it was talked about as being more serious than the PC version (Y2K) simply because far more critical systems are on Unix. It's to do with the number of seconds since 1970 I think.- 2^31 being 68+ years so 2038 is when the sign changes and it's suddenly 1970 - 68+ years (i.e some time in 1901. Potentially far more serious than Y2K simply because all kinds of critical systems will be affected. You can imagine how much the banksters will squeal about having to employ programmers etc - they won't want to be spending 0.0000001% of their expected profits (per week by the time 2038 comes around) and so we will all have to pay more. Don't tell Mr Rabbit - he'll start taxing us now so the banksters aren't out of pocket.
  3. The conjecture comes about because of the uncharacteristic reticence of the US in this. They have sat back and provided almost nothing to help the search apart from sending over their black box detector - where are the reports from Diego Garcia? How about satellite data? Both from the tracking of flights and later scans of areas under search? The Chinese on the other hand have been as helpful as they can be and have probably compromised their secrecy of military and technology assets in the efforts they have put into helping. It certainly could be the Chinese, but their recent history (unlike the US) suggests not. They are the rising power around the world. They have markets and allies now they wouldn't have dreamed of even a decade ago. On the other hand we have the USA - known for running false flag ops, a country that fills all the definitions of rogue state, complete with terrorist training schools, black ops around the world, ruthless in suborning democratic govts in any country they think might benefit them, radical religious policies and programming of its citizens, fascist policies removing freedoms and rights... should I go on? And considering possibilities is not, per se, a Conspiracy Theory, although labelling what someone says as Conspiracy Theory is a good way to ridicule thoughts people don't want to contemplate. I call it the Conspiracy Theory conspiracy - way back when, groups like Bluebook and even MKUltra trotted out clearly crazy types to claim all kinds of ridiculous things - now all they have to do to get the sheep to look away is to mention 'Conspiracy Theory' and they can get away with anything. 9/11 is a perfect case in point - the sheep believe the official accounts rather than basic physics. If you can get them to ignore the blatant physical impossibilities of something caught so well on camera, what chance is there they might catch on to far more subtle things? As I said, I knew your post was just baiting, but I write because others might read and stop to think a moment or two. I do note you haven't addressed any of the issues, nor even suggested what you think might be possible. Surely if you're sure enough of your position to go baiting others for your amusement, you should be able to post at least which official story you think is best? It's not at all difficult to see the USA administration/Intel/Military as the foremost evildoers on the planet - they have the track record for it. On a regular basis the USA deposes leaders, overturns freedom, invades countries and commits war crimes and atrocities that haven't been seen since WW2 or Pol Pot. So when a plane goes missing mysteriously and we see the one country who could easily locate and recover the plane hanging back on the fringes and spouting all sorts of ridiculous ideas about what might have happened, and that country is the USA, it is a natural thing, once one breaks the programming of the media, to wonder just what the USA might have had to do with it.
  4. THAT'S what you got from what I wrote? Ah well, I knew it was baiting anyway... So be it. If the programming for 12 years+ didn't work most of the time they'd have some other way of keeping the masses quiet. Personally I prefer to keep my eyes open and to double-check things when people with a history of lying AND a reason to lie to me tell me things. And note I did not, (except for Rambo ) suggest what happened. I pointed out the holes in the public story and posited a few things to keep in mind.
  5. Hah! You may very well think so; I couldn't possibly comment... OK... I guess I can... Just for the edumacation of the innocent minded... I don't know what is going on Gary, but I do know scenarios many people would CALL conspiracy are being reported by Reuters - hardly fringe media. The suicide idea - doesn't hold water because we have to posit the pilot not only somehow disregarded all his years of stable behaviour but also smuggled on board the needed weapon to kill the cockpit crew at the least PLUS somehow decided the best way to end his misery was to vanish into the depths of the Southern Ocean. Also why would he turn off the transponders and tracking? If he killed the co-pilot, what possible reason would he have to try to make the aircraft 'vanish' hours before the end? Plus there is a HUGE difference between suicide and being willing to kill 239 people. Something caused the pilots to black out and the plane flew until the fuel ran out? There are no scenarios that would allow the crew to pass out AND turn off the tracking, then execute a turn and drop in altitude. And if the altitude change was done with unconscious pilots, the plane would have crashed either on or very close to the Peninsula. Catastrophic failure? Nope, the tracking was TURNED OFF, but the satellite ping kept on going. Human action turned off the tracking, not accident. Anything capable of turning off the trackers would by itself be enough to bring the plane down and the pings would not have continued. Terrorists? Despite Israel's efforts, there is zero evidence for terrorists. The stolen passports belonged to Asylum seekers, not agents of terror. (interesting, doncha think, they would prefer to seek refuge in China than in a 'free' country like Australia? Abbot is killing our reputation as a good place with his paranoia and vicious treatment of refugees) There are more ideas as to what happened but the most interesting fact to me has been the US - almost no participation, no data provided until very recently, and no technology brought to bear to find the craft. One might almost think the US is hanging back to see how good other countries are. You can add to that idea the total lack of anything from, or mention of, the US base on Diego Garcia - the aircraft HAD to fly well within detection range of the base but nothing has been forthcoming. Right from the start I have queried the lack of data from the US. I mention satellites and friends tell me how big the world is. But there are something like 440 ACKNOWLEDGED satellites in Geosync, and that by definition puts them around the equator. Add in the polar orbit ones and those on oblique angles and even if only 1 in 10 satellites have sensors and/or cameras and that is still something like 300+ satellites that should have seen something. Something smells in Denmark and it ain't the fish. Anyone recall the plane that got blown up in Korean air space because the US was using it to shield a spy plane? I'd be leery of casting aspersions against the Malaysian Govt until we know just why the US and other countries who might be expected to be able to provide relevant data simply failed to do so. To me the lack of the US flexing muscle shows a distinct possibility they know FAR more about all this than they are willing to tell. With the problems the US has right now on the world stage, the chance to show off should far outweigh any putative gains they might make in observing how minor S.E. Asian countries perform and even the capabilities of China. That they haven't done so suggests an involvement or even culpability on behalf of the US. There are some mutterings online about the plane having been weaponised and perhaps turned back - I doubt this because the tracking was turned off AND the plane continued to ping the satellites for hours after. I can't imagine a scenario that would have it better to focus the world on this plane rather than having it quietly return to base to have the weapons offloaded. (or rather, I CAN, but it gets into James Bond scenarios) Something to remember in all this - 777's are worth 200 million+ on the market. There are a lot of organisations around the world, including the CIA (or especially ) who would think nothing of killing 239 people to get a black asset worth that amount. I'd think a 777 could fly a lot of heroin out of S.E. Asia. :Disclaimer: By US I mean the Intel/Military establishment, with or without Govt involvement. Any group like them willing to kill 2800 people by flying planes into their own buildings would find destroying someone else's lives and property an easy choice. But hey, maybe Rambo was heading up country to bring back some more Vietnam MIA's.
  6. Hey thanks BD. Like/Share (and maybe asking friends to do the same) is all it takes to reach lotsa people. She writes good stuff - the genre is not my 1st choice but I had issues doing proofing on her books due to just wanti9ng to read them... and her youngest fan is about 10 I think.
  7. I hope this is OK to post... My wife writes books. She has been published in Chicken Soup for the Soul a couple of times, had a column in a number of Peninsula papers near Melb, (unpaid) has had a number of short stories in anthologies and even had one produced as a short film for a TAFE class, and has just completed her 3rd novel set in Echo Falls. We used Pozible (an Australian Crowdfunding website) for the 2nd novel, Fading Echoes, to help pay for publishing costs such as professional cover art and printing costs, and she has a new Pozible project just started. Due to my unemployed status, the production costs are beyond us right now. The series is suitable for almost all age groups, with complexity of plot as well as a high level of readability. Jaime has a fan in the States about 10 years old eagerly awaiting her next book and many adult fans as well. The books are/will be available in print and ebook form and make excellent presents. For anyone with a facebook, twitter or linkedin account, I'd like to ask that you visit Dark Echoes - Pozible Project and Like/Share the page. The wider the project is seen, the better chance she has to achieve the goal and be able to publish Dark Echoes. It would be very much appreciated, and if anyone can donate, there are rewards available as well. Thanks Mark
  8. Journeyman

    Allan Savory

    Like Gary I guess, I'd like to see independent backup of his claims, as before and after photos of small areas could be for many reasons - the re-greening might be in spite of him running increased herds. But if he's right...? Wow, we get results by imitating Nature... who'd a'thunk it? Mind you, I'm a bit surprised he survived long enough to get to the meat of his speech - admitting he was responsible for slaughtering 40,000 elephants unnecessarily might have had the audience rushing the stage to tear him limb-from-limb. As a corollary we have the High Plains where the Greenies want the cattle gone from the mountains. Those cattle have been roaming that area for upwards of 150 years and the land has been just fine - in fact the fuel levels are kept within reasonable levels by the cattle. What's worse? A few hooves doing what Savory thinks is a good thing or hot burns that wipe out wildlife in droves and sterilise the ground down to 20cm or more?
  9. I've written training courses based on Govt specs for a variety of industry applications, ranging from roadworks through to mine operations and emergency services. A Cert 4 at TAFE would normally cost circa $2500 - $3000. A cert 3 should cost less as the requirements for control, supervision, responsibility and depth of knowledge are correspondingly less. I'd be interested in seeing the criteria on which it is decided to make this a Cert 3 - the Govt makes available all criteria for constructing courses at the various levels and all courses must meet those criteria to gain certification. In fact, training organisations use those criteria to construct the courses and failing to comply with those criteria results in certification problems. i.e. the courses are BUILT from the criteria and those criteria are published publicly. To have someone trying to keep the criteria secret would seem to invalidate the Govt requirements. While the completed course curriculum, materials and content might be sold for much more to an RTO, at present it is likely very few such organisations would have qualified course instructors, so the chances of getting $30,000 per RTO would seem slim at best. Without a cert 1, 2 or 4 to evaluate this against, let alone a basic content list, I find it puzzling that training.gov.au would actually publish it even in the limited way they have. When I get my real computer back tomorrow I will take time to check my training sites to see if anything has changed.
  10. Nice... know where I can learn to teach our 2 to do things like that?
  11. Thanks for everything you have done Gary. (and welcome to Kellen) APHQ gave me a different view of AP as compared to that offered at BYAP - I loved the willingness to look at external filtering and to look at possible extensions to AP - your 'Microponics' idea. I hope all goes well in the new location and the downsized housing; I'd love to be able to emulate it but it might take considerable working on the missus as well as some frantic saving to find/buy the right block. Don't be no stranger now, y'hear?
  12. Internal Replacement Specialist? Hi, I'm an IRS... why are you screaming and running away?
  13. Ha... how long do old habits take to die? Came to look at the comment and realised I welcomed the OP to a site no longer here... APHQ.
  14. Hi and welcome to APHQ. - How to i Select a pump? Work out your FT size and figure on pumping the entire amount at least once an hour. Then double that to account for head (height you pump to) and losses due to friction, bends and joins. That's your minimum - I'd add another 50% or more to ensure the pump isn't overworking and so lasts longer. - Heating? could i run a copper pipe from my hot water heater? A pipe from the HWS? I don't see why not - depends on what your hot water costs you - there may be cheaper options. But I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want copper contacting my fish water. - what crops should i grow? Pick one, any one. Or 10, any 10. Almost everything will grow and grow well in a GB. Note root crops like carrots tend to be stumpy as they can't push most grow media aside - look at wicking beds (WB) for them. - how do i run pluming? (so tempted to say, find a pretty bird... ) But design your plumbing to minimise bends. If you're lifting water try to do a straight lift so you aren't adding horizontal losses to the head. Design your systems (filters, GB's ST's etc so there is a natural flow to things but keep in mind sometimes you might deliberately go against that to create effects. e.g. normally you'd think take the water into the tank on the uphill side and out on the downhill side, but what if you want solids to settle out in the downhill corner for extraction? Then you might have both inlet and outlet on the uphill side so the water has to 'turn around' to leave, and so dropping the sediment it carries. The other questions? Can't answer as I am nowhere near you - many Americans go for Tilapia of various types but what the laws are where you are? Quién sabe?
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