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  1. @vkn Do you know how I could obtain some seed from some of those tomato cultivars that produce in your climate? I wonder if this is even possible with import/export rules....
  2. wxfreqs, The fact that we're posting in this thread will most likely send an email notification to him. Assuming that the email address still works, and he choose to reply....
  3. craig1267


    Hello Kwest. Welcome to the forum! Be sure to make the search feature your friend. Just for an example, this link will take you to a search of all post forum content with the keyword "tilapia". This is probably too broad, but I just want to give you an idea. There is lots of useful information on here, and it's sometimes hard to dig up. We also have a specific aquaculture forum area with topics specific to fish rearing, which can be found by clicking on the Forums main menu at the top of the site, then scrolling down to Aquaculture Systems. Please also feel free to start a topic with
  4. Neat! I think we often overlook what kind of things we can do with all of the food that we grow. We seem to focus on the engineering, build and growing....but not the eating! I can assure you, the things that I do in my yard is so that I can eat! On another note, I did not think of "cider" when I looked at that glass of yellow water and foam
  5. Gary, You should see some of the things she's built. I found an old table in the trash that she painted and redid the top using cedar planks from a closet that we dismantled. She built our entertainment center, custom shelving in one of the rooms, etc... I can build things that stay together, but I don't guarantee that they look good. I also don't guarantee they are level They work though.....usually.
  6. Hello everyone, I have a new video showing what we've been up to lately. If you've read my past few posts here, lots of supporting infrastructure has been going on: patio, fence, pergola, fixing a drainage problem. The video shows a walk through of how everything looks currently.
  7. VKN, This is of interest to me. Tomatoes here would never produce in 42C. When temps hit the 30s they pretty much stop producing. They flower, but nothing happens. Also high humidity. I'd really like to to know how you get yours to keep setting fruit. I shade everything, but I don't control for humidity since I only have shade covers, not any kind of greenhouse or humidity control. Perhaps you have tomato cultivars that strive in high temps (nighttime temp) and humidity?
  8. Wx, that sounds like an awesome project. I've experimented some what software defined radio, decoding AIS packets from ships, POCSAG pager data, and doing some UHF and VHF listening. I'm a software engineer, both professionally and as a hobby since I like it. I also, like you and all of us here, into some form of aquaponics or hydroponics. Have you been a gardener or small farmer before getting into aquaponics?
  9. Hello wx. Welcome. I'm not in MS, but I'm pretty close to you in New Orleans. I've seen 1 or 2 people introduce themselves from around your area, but they seem to have dropped off. Glad to have you here. What does your name mean, btw? Reminds me of something to do with weather.
  10. Greetings. I dug up a thread about a poster's DIY rotating drum filter. /forums/topic/9706-had-a-go-at-building-a-rdf-filter/?hl=%2Bdrum+%2Bfilter
  11. VKN, I see pictures on your Facebook posts that often show things like Banana trees and tomatoes. Do you have some cultivar of tomatoes that actually produce in summer heat? We get summers where temps will reach 35C on a daily basis, and night time temps that sometimes don't dip below 23-28C. I find tomatoes just drop blossoms then. Am I seeing only a tiny bit of the big picture, or do you all have access to different cultivars of tomatoes?
  12. Greetings MrPrrr. It seems that the publication you are reading might contain some North American English terminology (American/Canadian). The term "2x4" or "two by four" is a common way of describing a piece of lumber used for structures that is 4 inches wide by 2 inches high with various lengths. I'm sure that you have a similar kind of cut of lumber in your country. To make life a little confusing, the measurement refers to the dimension of the lumber when it is first cut. When it is dried, it shrinks and is usually about a half inch smaller in height and width. https://en.wikipe
  13. Reading this thread made me have a light bulb moment. I went to the hardware store and bought two cheap plastic bins and set them under the wire on the quail cage. I have maybe 15 quail in there now, so I want to see what happens as their droppings automatically fall into the bins. I had started a colony earlier in the month in an unused bucket, so I transferred that colony into one of the bins. I constructed a makeshift ramp out of PVC pipe which I cut in half long ways and sprayed with truck bed liner for traction. This way as the bin fills up, it won't bury the entrance of the pvc pi
  14. A very cheap way to build a self harvesting BSF collector. I had never considered keeping the self-harvesting box inside the container. I think it would work as long as it doesn't get wet. If the container that holds the self harvested larvae gets wet, the bugs can crawl right out.
  15. Greetings DanJerome. We have similar downpours here. We're probably even in the same zone. I'm 9B. What are you? I live in New Orleans, and I can attest to a city with a rat population. The only way I keep them at bay is to put rat poison inside one of those bait boxes that allow rats and mice in, but keep out other animals. I use the serious stuff that is supposed to kill them with one bite. This will take care of the problem for possibly 6 months or so after it kills them for a city block radius or something. I hate to have to do that, but I already tried traps. Another issue I
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