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    ESL teacher just returned home from 11 years in Brunei
    Have taught in Australia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong
    Married with 2 kids
    Love motorcycles (BMWR850RT) organic gardening, AP, music, books, learning, lots of stuff
    I own a 3 bedroom home on an acre on Macleay Island.
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    Aquaponics, Sustainable lifestyle, Politics (progressive left)

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    Macleay Island, Brisbane QLD.

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  1. Hi all. My name is Dave - (DaveOponic) and I've been an Aquaponicholic for over ten years now. I started AP in Brunei where I have been teaching since 2005. I've grown Tilapia mainly and some success with Barramundi. 1000 litre tanks, gravel grow beds, radial filters, occasional success with NFT. I've just returned to my home on Macleay Island in Brisbane's Moreton Bay where we own a nice home on an acre with a mini orchard and irrigated water supply, big tanks and a whole lot more. Ive been on and off AP forums including this one for a decade, so not really a newbie. Not an exp
  2. Hi Gary I've just had a quick look at the iAVS website. It looks interesting. It's probably oversimplifying to say it's Aquaponics using sand as the grow bed medium. I had thought of using sand many years ago in my grow beds after filling them up with gravel and giving myself an inguinal hernia in the process of lifting bags of road gravel into the back of my station wagon and onto a wheelbarrow. Are there any photographs of the actual grow beds or a video of a system in operation? What stopped me ever trying sand in the grow beds was the difficulties involved in keeping sand from
  3. Greetings from Borneo. I've been away from the forum for a while. Just too busy with backyard projects as well as that four letter word, WORK. This post caught my attention as I have followed the story of the Flow hive with interest and I hope to visit the inventor in December when I visit Byron Bay, or at least get to see one working and get an idea on price or whether I could make one DIY. I have an acre of fruit trees on Macleay Island, Qld. and will be busy in my retirement getting a permaculture setup that will provide me and my wife with fresh organic fruit, veggies and eggs. There
  4. The ALP win in Qld was no surprise. The LNP is a corrupt organisation. I don't think it can even be called a political party any more. They will sell public assets to the highest bidder and try to privatise everything including schools, hospitals and the welfare system. While I partly agree with Gary about political parties, without becoming involved, it's easy to stand back and complain. I think the role of social media is becoming a huge rallying point for people's frustrations with the present Abbott governement and I'm sure it had a big influence in the recent Qld. elections, especially am
  5. Hi Gary Good to hear the cyclone only brought rain and not wind to Macleay Island. My tanks should be full. They were full when we were home over Xmas. My fruit trees should have got a good soaking too. I'm home again in March - April for a couple of weeks. We had a busy time over December but hope to catch up with you in March. I'll be looking for a mulcher and maybe even a new ride on mower if the budget allows. Cheers Dave
  6. Hi Gary Hope the big storm yesterday didn't do too much damage on the island. We fly home next Monday and probably back on the island by Thursday or Friday. Should be home until 30 dec. Save some eggs for me please..... Dave
  7. That trampoline fence makes a nice chicken coop Gary. Can't wait to have free range eggs again one day. Our repatriation plan is that much closer as I have now been granted Qld. teacher registration after being away from Home since 1993. Now to find a job within commuting distance of the island.
  8. Hi Gary On leave in Sydney as my mum passed away last week. Will be flying up to Qld on Saturday arvo. I'll be home on the island this weekend so would like to call in if you are home. Look forward to meeting you in person after all these years. Best wishes, Dave
  9. That looks like the swimming enclosure and Pat's Park. We enjoyed a swim there when we were home at Xmas. Very nice at high tide. Our place is only 200 metres from the water but the access is difficult as the track is overgrown. When I am living on the island I'll probably take my ride on down there and clear a track again as when we first bought the house, the beach was accesible. There's also a B & B adjacent and they have quite a nice little sandy beach and offer kayaks etc to guests. Our guests just get free fruit from the trees. Good to see you are exploring the island Gary. I bought
  10. Good news Gary. We are hoping to sell our Sunshine Coast property one day too and be relieved of all the maintenance, lawn mowing, tree lopping, tenancy and property agent issues. Oh, and being debt free would be nice too! Good luck with the sale. dave
  11. No popcorn I'm afraid Gary but I do have a Guinea chestnut tree and a couple of Macadamia trees at my place. You are welcome to drop by and help yourself! Dave
  12. The "fundamentalist school of aquaponics thought..." Yes, a good description Gary. Haven't visited BYAP for quite a long time. I think the forums are a good way for people to learn more about Aquaponics. A pity some of them seem to be run by business types more interested in expanding their influence and selling their product than they are in fish or plants. PA also seemed to attract a lot of right wing loonies encouraged by Murray and his gang of sycophants. He seems to be a magnet for gun lobbyists, climate change deniers, knife loving survivalists, peeheads and racists. Doesn't pay to spe
  13. Hey BD, Yes, still doing AP after all these years in Brunei. Ready to return to my acre and grow veges, fish and harvest exotic fruit from my trees. Maybe the end of this year I will give up the expat life. My radial filters are humming along nicely and require minimal cleaning and maintenance. Still using mainly gravel beds but systems are a few years old and pretty well balanced. Never have pH swings or catastrophes, clean water mostly, dead fish are a rare event. Looking forward to the more temperate of Brisbane to grow my own and live the good life. Oh, and my BMW now lives on
  14. Wow! Thanks for posting this Gary. Technical and scientific evidence is always better than hearsay or some self appointed "expert" opinion. While this was heavy reading, it backs up my own experience with radial filters and that previously stated by others in this thread. Over nearly ten years playing with AP systems I have always tried to adopt the low tech and low cost solutions where possible as my limited budget dictates. I also prefer to recycle materials where possible. The radial filter has certainly done the job in my AP systems. I am presently giving some thought to what type of set
  15. Buying into the discussion late here but I agree with Gary and Paul on the use of the radial filter. I made three radial filters a few years ago after seeing Paul's design and photos on his Earthan Group site. The filter design looked just too simple to be effective but now, years later, two of these filters are still working beautifully. One is pretty much outside my bedroom window on a hardwood stand and filters a concrete pond on the front verandah. The water is always crystal clear and I open the tap every two weeks or so for a few seconds to dump the sludge onto the lawn. Every few month
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