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  1. I am against any new gun laws, and so are many others. I don't buy the poll you posted (ABC) poll, they can word those polls to get any results they want and ABC is very liberal. A neutral party poll might hold some weight, but even then this country is not bases on mob rule. Just because the majority of the people want something does not mean they get it. I will not have a government tell me how many guns I can have or how I will store them in my home. Even if they do I will not comply, all this will do is make more criminals. Everything in your last post goes against our rights to protect ourselves and carry arms. It is illegal in the U.S. for any government agency to collect lists of firearm owners. Any new gun laws could be the straw that broke the camels back so to speak. And lead to what no one wants to happen.
  2. Yes and they had that before they banned guns. And who cares how someone is killed? Really, you have to look at the total murder rate. The point is your gun ban has done nothing to lower murder. Nothing at all. It has been a total waste. Here you can see the ban has changed nothing. Most of the crime actually went up for a short period of time after the ban, but then it went right back to it's steady decline. Results of the '96 Australian Gun Laws (updated 2009) (GunsAndCrime.org) And here you can see ALL of our crime rates have been on a decline since 1991, even though gun ownership shot up by huge margins in this same time frame. The point is guns don't equal crime. It blows my mind how anyone could believe a gun causes someone to commit crime. United States Crime Rates 1960 - 2011 Anyone that believes guns cause people to commit crime should stay the hell away from guns.
  3. Wife just found a link where someone is claiming to have faked that video.
  4. Thanks this green house is just temporary. Hopefully my permanent one will be finished before next winter.
  5. I think with my greenhouse I can keep the tilapia alive all winter. If not I have 25 adult tilapia inside and they are having babies so I can replenish for summer.
  6. Right if a person above you tells you to do something that is illegal you have to ignore that order. If not you will be prosecuted. Yes I was in the Army for 6 years. I figured yall did. I hope every country has that right. It is pretty easy to defend yourself here and be protected by the law. Our castle doctrine law also protects us from civil law suits unless we are convicted of murder. If we have a justifiable shoot then we can not be sued in civil court. Here as long as you are not the aggressor you are pretty safe from prosecution.
  7. Thanks, that was the only reason I went with tilapia. Hoping to try some different breeds soon.
  8. Was testing to see if I could post.
  9. No one is asking for these people to turn in their guns. In fact these are the people most people agree should have guns. This kind of stuff happens quite often. SWAT team fires semi-automatic weapons at unarmed teenage girl — RT
  10. Wow, that could have been bad.
  11. I can't speak for all, but there are many reasons I feel strongly about this.#1 Once the population is unarmed they are no longer citizens, they are subjects. #2You can not completely control a armed population. #3 I really enjoy guns, I shoot almost ever day, reload my own ammo and it is the hobby that I like the most. #4 It is one of my rights as a person living in the U.S. and just like any of my other rights I will do what ever it takes to keep that right. #5 I refuse to be punished for the actions of others. #6 I know that restricting law abiding citizens from owning guns will do nothing to stop murders, and even if it did I still refuse to be punished for the actions of others. There are many more reasons, but I think this is enough. As far as what was mentioned about the military being to strong to fight. Maybe people who feel that way should look up the oath keepers. When you join the military you take an oath in that oath you swear to defend the constitution against ALL ENEMIES FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC. It is also illegal for you to follow an illegal order. And military attacking U.S. civilians on U.S. soil is illegal. Our military is to be used against foreign invaders not civilians. I have many many friends in the military and all of them will disobey an order to attack U.S. civilians, and will join the side of the uprising. Most military members hate our current president, and would not fight their friends and family for him.
  12. That must be a Dallas thing, because our school still spanks students. And Texas penal code allows for it through out the state. My son got spanked last month. He got it again when he got home.
  13. The private school my wife's uncle is the principal, her aunt is a teacher allows there teachers to carry concealed weapons and have been doing so for many years now. Almost every teacher carries every day, if it was closer and not a christian school I would send my kids there.
  14. I don't think most people will bring in their guns to have this put in. It would cost billions of dollars just to put it in guns. How about just arming teachers, or paying police to stay in the school. I just don't see any way to prevent this. Even the president who is the most guarded person on the planet is vulnerable to being killed. A person willing to die to kill is really impossible to stop before hand. Look they even get guns into prisons. My brother in law was a prison guard at Huntsville state prison and they find guns in there every now and then. How many check points did those guns go through? I really wish there was a solution, but I fear there isn't.
  15. Never asked for them to be up for negotiations. I said my piece no reason to go further.
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