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    Professional Welder/steel fabricator... building custom metal products/ machinery.... since 1984
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    hydroponics,aquaponics,soil gardening square foot method

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  1. any local hydro shop has the iron usually...have you noticed ant insects?...
  2. I wish ya the best of luck as you begin another chapter in your lives Gary...... hope you'll keep up your posts.... and my congratulations to Kellen.... cheers.
  3. you figure that one out, let me know.... probably the same reason why I have a dogwood out front instead of a fruit tree tho....
  4. Every time I review this project and consider the scale of it, I am impressed even more... Good job at chronicling this.
  5. thanks cecil... just went thru that video and a few more.... good info. I noted a few things I could do differently and possibly get better results.
  6. I have in the past tried many hydro systems... none are currently running now. My absolute favorite was an indoor aeroponic system.... it utilized a spray mist aimed at the roots... the best production rates, ... very simple... yet slightly prone to clogging... very fast growth.. the (4) 5 gal buckets done in dwc manner I did outdoors (garden area) for a side by side comparrison against soil grown jalepeno's.... was a total win..... probably 4-5 times harvest rates vs a premium soil blended compost.... both were healthy.... the dwc was overwelming in production tho... it was the overall rising cost of organic nutrients that led me to explore the use of fish.... and wellah! here I am. cheers.
  7. looks like I have some more tinkering to do then... the overall simplicity of an airlift is intrigueing.....
  8. I realize I am on a much smaller scale here... but I have never gotten an airlift to pump.... ft to, swirl filter gravity to gb, and gravity back to ft,... without considerable noise and splashing... indoors in a basement setup I chose not to go thru that.... wish I could tho...
  9. yes, good luck with your health sam... we too are going thru the weather cooling right now... nothing will grow outside here except the snowbanks til spring, unless you have a heated greenhouse.... but then you are not outside either at that point.... cheers.
  10. have you run test yet?... will the sump support all the beds draining at once?... just a thought.
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