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  1. Awesome thanks for getting back to me. Can I snag your personal contact info to set up a tour?

  2. thank you all. The only problem I have is my water goes down fast and can't seem to find out what is doing it. I really thank that I have alot of animals going in my dome at night to have a drink. The two cats I have out side love the water it goes without saying other must like it too. anyways thank you all for the support. I know I have not been on, but I got a new job and have been working 12 hour days for the last 8 weeks.
  3. they run about $30 in any pet store in the U.S. API Master Freshwater Test Kit is the one I got work well
  4. This is my readings gb3 gb3 gb1 plant in dome in pots fish tank with 20 bluegill out side in pot my garden
  5. Sorry I have been off for 6 weeks or so just started a new job. You are more then welcome to come over and look. I just got on to update my system. I live in concord real close to jackson

  6. Hey Paul,

    My name is Nathan and I live near Jackson. I recently got interested in AP earlier this year and am looking for people that might let a newbie poke around their system for inspiration. Shoot me a message if you could help.


  7. I do see that most of the heirlooms are tomatos is there another name for the other types of seeds?
  8. So hybrid seed can produce any type of that stran. and heirlooms only have a 1 to 10% chance of doing the same. I liked this web page. http://www.sonicgrowth.com/growing-organic-vegetables/seeds-sounds-nutrients/ I am looking for seed that will produce the same year ofter year without having to buy more from the same seed compony. The more I find out about heirlooms the more I want to use them but they are hard to get.
  9. you should add one, it will help a lot. but every thing else look great.
  10. ok so my water is at 68 F not bad without the heater.
  11. I thank they are, I feed them twice a day, The plants are growing fast. the temp I will have to check tomorrow after work. There is no metal in the water at all.
  12. Hi all, My first GB is a flood and drain. My second one don't have the bell siphon in so the GB is always draining back to tank. My third bed is not plumbed in yet. I need some help. My pH is at 7.5 Ammonia = 0 Nitrite = 0 Nitrate =0 I have 20 gold fish and 15 bluegill fish that I got over the last week. I thought I would see one of them to go up but nothing. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? I am also worried about the bluegill eating my gold fish. any help would be nice. thank you in advance. I also came up with the problem of how to fill and drain 3 GB at the same time if any one has any idea's let me know. I don't want to overfill the tank and I don't want to pull to much water out of the fish tank at the same time.
  13. HI. Welcome to APHQ. I am from Con concord Michigan. Good to see another from Michigan
  14. I work in a heat treating company. If will not take long before the 55 gal barrel will crack from the heat and put out CO2(carbon dioxide). it would have to be stainless steel to withstand the heat that much heat. Even with the new furnaces in homes they have went to stainless steel, because of the heat exchanger cracking.
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