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  1. Hello everyone Just wondering if anyone else has these little bugs on their chives? There on my chives in both my AP and dirt gardens I have been trying tomato leaf tea (i read somewhere) worked alright for first couple days but now i think it helps them with their breeding program. Any idea on what and how to treat? Any help much appreciated like always Cheers Bubba
  2. Cheers Shane Will be keeping an eye out for some.
  3. Hey Shane great lookin veggies. Love the look of those chilli's mate as im still in the first crop of plants in my AP what type of chilli's are they because idd love to try and grow some myself. And if u dont mind me asking what are u stuffing them with to put on the bbq because it sounds YUM. Cheers mate
  4. Have u still got FT or GB for sale scott?
  5. Cheers thanks guys. Im using river pebbles a little heavy but cheap $34 filled two ibc grow beds 300mm deep
  6. Has anyone seen Affnan's new loop siphon system because i wont to add another GB to my ibc system it is one ibc with the top cut off and turned over into a GB? Has anyone seen or tried this? How far can u go with grow bed before it will effect the level in FT? Any advice much appreciated
  7. Think i stuffed up hang on i know i stuffed Just setup first AP system IBC with top cut of and flipped over. Put 20mm gravel in grow bed cycled water for few days to make sure everything keeps working right here's where everything went down hill. Sunday went out brought some seedlings and planted them then put about 100mm to 150mm concentrated seasol in without diluting it first. Water went real dark 48hrs later i dumped 75% of water and topped up. Now three days later plants doing real well but should i start adding diluted seasol again or wait? And wont to add a few perch this weekend from the pet shop see how i go before i buy to many? Cheers
  8. After first question what pump size would u run with 25mm pipe on bell siphon system on ibc tank with 30mm GB?
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