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  1. Hi Gary and everyone else, I love the concept of bsf but I have two questions 1) can you build a successful DIY biopod? 2) if not who in australia sells them? Kind Regards WW
  2. That is exactly what we do. That Gobbler in the picture has become 3 meals for our family of six.
  3. Thought I would share this pic. This is our first home bred, home grown gobbler, the scales stopped at 10kg. This is the end result next to our 8 month old son.
  4. Hi Gary, Thanks for the thread I watched 'The Most Important Video You'll Ever See' I always wondered where the ceiling for exponential growth was and I found it last night. This is an awesome presentation and I encourge all to watch it. I appreciate the link.
  5. No worries, I am happy to help although I am yet to grow fish out and there are alot more experienced people on this forum. PM me anytime and I'll see if I can help. By the way that soil that has been dug out looks very rich, whats it like?
  6. Thanks. The koi will be replaced with silver perch and some trout in the winter. I plan on growing mainly edible leaf crops and other vegies suited to AP but will try all vegies over time. I also have a decent sized soil vegie garden and I am planning to use both for our food production.
  7. Thanks temyong, I am watching yours with interest to, though I would hate to be the poor bugger digging the ponds!!!!! LOL:biggrin:
  8. Hi All, After a year of research and hours upon hours of deliberation with my good mate the scruff, after 10 months of trawling through APHQ posts and countless emails and advice from Paul Van Der Werf (not to mention postal packages containing seals, taps, airstones etc.). Here is what I have landed up with...... The system consists of two halves sharing the same 1000L sump. Each half has its own filter bank of three 200L drums, the first drum is a Fresh Flow Settler as designed by Earthan Group, the second 200L drum is a brush filter using Blacknight 600mm brushes, and the third 200L dru
  9. Thanks Joe, I have just done that. At this stage I am planning shadecloth over the tanks.
  10. Hi All, I am a long time stalker of APHQ and a good friends of The Scruffs (at least I think so). After watching his successess I have decided to give mine a go. In a nut shell my system will be continuous flow, It consists of 1x1000 sump, 1x3500l fish tank, 3x1000l IBC 'Batch Tanks' ( I hope to stagger the fish harvest), growbeds will consist of cut down IBC's measuring 1040mmx1200mmx400mm per cell with six cells to a row and two rows to the system, the media will be bluemetal or similar material. The filtration at this stage consists of 3x200l blue drums the first one will be a FFF
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