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  1. So I planted a medjool date and all this foliage has grown and it looks more like a squash plant everyday. I think an acorn squash seed from the worm bin made it in the soil. Opinions?
  2. I left town for a week and I think the system really kicked in. My plants got huge. One of my goldfish disappeared, I think he must have died and the other 2 ate him. Right? I combed the tank looking for ol' #3 but to no avail. I found another dead fish this morning. My water is testing clean though, pH-7, ammonia is 0, nitrites are 0, Nitrates are about 60ppm. I've got tons of oxygen, the water temp stays around 70. I did use feeder fish from Petsmart, at ¢0.26 a fish, so maybe they're just sickly. anyway I was excited to see all the growth and have some opinions about dead fish. that radish was delicious. i've got some that are growing all funny because of the hydroton.
  3. It seems to me that there is a lot of moving water that could be used to create electricity. I've watched some youtube videos on homemade hydro power and it seems doable. Has anyone explored this at all?
  4. I got my levels to a much better place. I added about 6 gallons of water (3 from the hose and 3 deionized). 6 teaspoons of aquarium salt and a maybe an 1/8 teaspoon of hi cal lime. I added about 3 mL of aqueon water conditioner. It says not for human consumption on it. I have goldfish so I'm not eating them and hopefully it won't hurt the plants. I've been using it since I got the tank. It's got that sodium thiosulfate I mentioned earlier. So... My levels are now: pH-6.4 ammonia-.25ppm nitrite-0 nitrate-60ppm The fish look happy, I guess. I think they're swimming around a bit more. I'm not sure how much of this change is due to the water conditioner and how much is due to adding 6 gallons of water
  5. I bought some 5 in 1 test strips from API and my water is very hard. 180ppm. I realized I have something called Hi-Cal Ag Lime that I bought for my soil last season. Is this the right thing to add? I also bought some aquarium salt but I'm worried about salt build-up hurting the plants. I looked at a product called Proper pH 7.0. It's sodium thiosulfate. I decided not to risk that. I appreciate the help and I'm having a really hard time with the search. I either come up with nothing or results that seem to have little to no relevance.
  6. I don't have a way of testing water hardness right now or a way to tell I've got 3ppm of salt in there. I did test the water hardness a while ago but that was when I was using tap water with some of the dechlorinator from the pet store. I've just been using RO water from Whole foods.
  7. Right now, I've got a striped roman tomato some carrots, parsley, basil, tulsi basil, beets, radishes, black seeded simpson, endive. I think that's it. I'm a vegetarian that's struggling to learn to eat fish. It's so gross, the stringy texture and all. I like sushi though... Go figure. So I'll probably stick with goldfish, although just like everyone else I want to do a bigger system and I like the idea of the pacu. The vegetarian piranha that apparently swim to the edge of the tank and like to be pet like a dog or something. Anyway, awesome! I'm glad to hear about other aquaponics folks in the area. I'm from chapel hill so raleigh still seems like right around the corner.
  8. I have started seeds in my beds with those little compressed peat starter plugs. But I'm not sure if they affect your pH or anything. Maybe that's why my pH is low... Anyway, it works pretty well and I've also just tossed seeds in and they seem to be coming up here and there. We'll see how many actually come up.
  9. OK. No food. Last time I fed I noticed they eat as much as they can and then if I sit and watch them they'll burp out 5-8 pellets of food and then they all start trying to eat them again. I only feed lightly, once a day. I've been adding reverse osmosis water from whole foods because of current inconveniences. I've seen some articles that I think are discussing RO water being acidic. My pH is 6.0 and I got a D in chemistry. Thoughts on water? Distilled, Deionized, RO, bubbled tap water, rain water? I've been having to top off 3 gallons a week. I'm not familiar with salting. It's an aquarium product? thanks
  10. I've had this for a few months now and I really jumped in way too deep at first so there's been a lot of back tracking. I was just so excited to start. I think I'm finally starting to see a healthier system. I just tested the water and I got: pH-6.0 Ammonia 1.0ppm Nitrite 5.0 Nitrate 100ppm is that too high? I'm not sure where these levels are supposed to be. I know I want the pH higher, like 6.8-7.2 but the others I'm not so sure about. It's a 20 gallon fish tank that I have underneath the grow bed which is a 63 liter plastic tote that was not a good choice. I don't think it's deep enough and it's getting all bulgy on the bottom. So there's a 396 gal/hour pump which is way over-kill and I couldn't get my siphon to kick off so I lowered the flow rate by piping the water into a 5 gallon tote with net pots in it. the water fills up the tote like a flood and drain and slows the filling of the main grow bed enough so that the siphon stops properly and I have more plant spaces.
  11. I have aphids in asheville too! and fungus gnats. anyone ever release ladybugs in their house?
  12. I've been playing with aquaponics for a few months now and it is the coolest! Unfortunately, I've killed about 20 fish but they were tetras. Maybe not the best for this. My new goldfish are holding up despite the water test results I've been seeing. But then again, I'm not sure what the best levels are. I'm sure I'll find it here! Noah
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