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  1. Hey there....I'm in Southeast Texas too....Silsbee.

  2. Awesome, can't wait to see the progress!
  3. Thanks Fordy2110, I get a sense that this thread is now three pages of all talk and no system! lol I need to get the lead out... I've gone through so many revisions that it's hard to follow what I'm even wanting to do now. Just to clarify, I have 2 greenhouses that are currently sitting disassembled under the carport. The 20'x24' one is media based and will house the 6 botanicare beds that I currently have plus the seedling table for the big system. I've pretty much got that one worked out (will divulge info soon) but am having trouble designing my larger system. Currently the larg
  4. Very interesting Pugo. I remember reading somewhere that using the premolded honey comb in the Langstroth hive had something to do with the spreading of the Varroa destructor. The premade combs are larger than a natural cell foundation, If I remember correctly it's to allow the bee to fill more comb with honey while relieving it of it's job to make the comb cells. The larger comb structure also has a negative affect- it gives the varroa mites more room to lay eggs, and larger cell gives the bee an extended incubation period in the infested cell. The Kenyan top bar hive allows the bee to ma
  5. There's some good info in the edible plants section that you posted in. Also check what other members are growing in their system threads. This might help too... http://www.friendlyaquaponics.com/docs/Updated%20Planting%20Trials%204%204%2012.pdf
  6. Looking good, love the solar water heater!
  7. OK, we got 2 greenhouses, a 24'x36' and a 20'x24' one. The small greenhouse will house the 6 botanicare beds and will be media based w/ mechanical filtration before the growbeds. The larger greenhouse will house a dwc system w/ 2 troughs, a 8'x24'x1'8" and 8'x32'x1'8" one. From the fish tank it'll go to a settlement tank(Paul's DIY fresh flow filter), then to a brush filter, and finally to a k1 filled mbf. It can be setup as a RAS also, in case I need to separate the hydroponic component. So, regarding the larger system- Can I put a pump in the larger growbed to pump back to the FT
  8. Hi Gary, good call on weed suppression. The main reason I am doing the container garden is to get a little horticulture experience before I set up the AP system. It's going to be a descent scale (for my first system, anyway) and I want it to be successful. Incidentally, the greenhouses are arriving this week and the anticipation is killing me!
  9. Wow, gonna have to try that! Plants are growing, getting some peppers. Potatoes are doing well in the tires.
  10. Joey- your backyard food production system is rockin' like Dokken!!! That is our intention with the citrus trees btw, to be able to take them in the greenhouse when/if it ever gets cold here. Gary- will do...
  11. greenfish-good job, can't wait to see what it looks like in a month or two I appreciate the construction pics.
  12. Awesome, thanks. Will find out and rework the sketchup design. Got more work to do... Oh, thanks for your system link!
  13. RS_-I tried looking through your 5000l system thread, and got a 403 forbidden message. Is it up or am I an idiot? btw, usually I'm an idiot
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